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  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 788 posts

    @feldriar Thanks for providing that.

    This indeed is the workaround for the moment, we are working on getting the issue resolved, but this should provide it in the meantime.

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  • Lexhen.
    2 posts

    @feldriar Thank you so much it worked for me

  • stuntg0007
    7 posts

    Hi, I got the ultimate edition on my downstairs series X, my upstairs series X is on gameshare with the downstairs one. The addons aren’t showing up on my gameshare console in the “owned” part of the in game store. This is happening on the ultimate edition for watchdogs legion too, is this going to get sorted? I posted over a week ago about watchdogs and it’s still not fixed, please tell me assassins creed Valhalla isn’t going to be the same. All other assassins creed games and watchdogs I’ve had no problems with the extra content, seems to only be the just released games from Ubisoft, and I’m defo not paying another £100 each for them!


  • GeorgeMKane
    3 posts

    @stuntg0007 If you're talking about the dlc content, as in the missions they announced were coming out, a lot of them won't show up until release. The first season pass storyline for AC Valhalla releases in Spring 2021. This was the same for AC Origins, Odyssey, etc. btw.

  • stuntg0007
    7 posts

    @georgemkane no I’m talking about the free stuff you get with the ultimate, like the berserker pack etc

  • Balcree
    1 posts

    @stuntg0007 I'm having the same problem

  • stuntg0007
    7 posts


    so annoying, having the same problem with watchdogs too, finished that so doesn’t really matter now

  • Mortiferous89
    3 posts

    Just a follow up, it seems this morning around 830am AEST the beserker pack was added to my account.

  • c0r0nr
    1 posts

    I purchased the Ultimate edition directly from the UbiStore and am also missing these items: beserker pack, the gear, longship, settlement and runes

  • CValentino
    5 posts


    same here, missing all that is promised on the ultimate pack for ps4 ......

  • fireinthesoul
    18 posts

    None of the content for ultimate edition is showing in game. It's showing as installed in the library yet nothing in store....
    Advice please?


  • CapCheeks
    40 posts

    If you're talking about the Berserker gear, you'll get it when you reach the settlement in Norway. I got it when I needed to find the blacksmith there. The quests come in when you reach England.

  • fireinthesoul
    18 posts

    @capcheeks that's what I thought.... I've checked and it is not there..when I click on items on the store it tells me there is no content, it might not be for sale or might no longer be for sale.
    Not sure what's going on.

  • NonIncognito
    1 posts


    I am missing my Way of the Berserker DLC. I registered the code from my supplier on the Ubisoft website. Got an email from Ubisoft saying once the game releases I would be given further instructions.

    I’ve still not received anything. Should I have gotten an email?

    8 posts

    @cvalentino if you look in your add on section on the ps4 do you have any i have the gear and longship but not the settlement

  • EvilOdysseus
    1 posts

    I got a physical copy of Valhalla at the PS5 Launch here in Australia, which came with a DLC code to redeem on Ubisoft's site. Problem is, when I enter in the code, It asks me to select the platform to redeem the DLC on. Everything except the PS5 is listed, with a note on the top saying to wait for the PS5 release in order to redeem. The US release is November 19. Does this mean I have to wait a week in order to redeem my DLC?

  • UbiKoality
    Community Manager 440 posts

    @ltdinoriot Hi there! I'm terribly sorry to be replying to your post so late. I also apologize for any inconvenience or confusion that may have been caused by this missing content! The Legend of Beowulf quest is the only Season Pass content accessible at this time. If you're having trouble locating it, please refer to this support article. As for the Berserker pack, you will need to have completed the "Family Matters" mission, talked to Gunnar in Fornburg, then you should be able to locate some of the content in your settlement in England. This support article contains more details!

    Aside from that, you can always reach out to us at support.ubi.com, Facebook, or Twitter for further assistance with your content if needed!

    Official Response
  • J1m1n1
    10 posts

    I also preordered the Ultimate Edition, and although I do have some of the content after progressing far enough, my issue is that the PlayStation Store shows the Standard Edition as purchased and the Ultimate Edition as unavailable, plus the Season Pass is still showing up as available to add to my cart for $39.99. Very confused.

  • N0rdicLeg3nd
    8 posts

    Tried all of the fixes, still no berserker gear. Is this still being worked on?

    Contemplating purchasing the gear and then hoping to be reimbursed. But then that would defeat the point of spending $100+ pre oder. Feel so scamed at the moment.

    So frustrated...I want to play with certain pieces of the armor. Everyday I think maybe I'll be fixed..at this point losing hope.

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 788 posts

    @n0rdicleg3nd We're sorry to hear that. The issue is currently being looked into by the team.

    Just to confirm you are also on PS4?

    Official Response

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