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  • Giselle_Olivia
    Original poster 7 posts

    @capcheeks the save games should go Documents/Assassins Creed Valhalla/Saves right ? But my game didnt saves to that directory, instead goes to Program Files(x86)/Ubisoft/Ubisoft Games Launcher/savegames/[account id]/[game id]
    But for the photo mode, it saved in Documents Directoryundefined

  • CapCheeks
    40 posts

    @giselle_olivia The save games directory is correct. The folders in Documents only stores settings and photo mode pictures I think. I think it's the same way for most of Ubi's recent games.

  • Giselle_Olivia
    Original poster 7 posts

    @capcheeks oh, the directory correct hm, but when i play in offline mode, my game always reset and cannot load the save games, and then when i switch to online, my save game corrupted

  • Giselle_Olivia
    Original poster 7 posts

    Still can't load my save game in offline mode

  • theBloodyN1N301
    1 posts

    @giselle_olivia I'm having this exact same problem on Xbox One X.

  • bjorndalen74
    1 posts

    @giselle_olivia I have the same problem. After offline mode the game opens like it is the first time.

  • Giselle_Olivia
    Original poster 7 posts

    @thebloodyn1n301 console too? Uhm, ubi need to fix this

  • Diogaralmeidara
    15 posts

    My girlfriend just started playing in the morning and her manual save was gone and only an autosave from 2 or 3 hours ago, also should be a better way to tell what save is mine and what saves are hers, and sometimes i try to load my game and her game loads instead...

  • HakarZahto
    2 posts

    Seems like if Ubi Connect is on and you are connected on the internet the save are being places online
    but if internet drops out for some reason... that is the end of road.. and saving progres does not work anymore 😞

    Becase all the save done localy on the PC ( in this case ) are later tottaly broken ( data corrupt) or unreachable at at ( they dont even show sometime )
    and the only option is a " NEW GAME "

    Would be nice to play it just localy without need to connect online...

    Such a mind bogling thing... such a time waiste... such a fun killer... I hope its somehow resolved soon
    Cuz i can not wait to dive back in.... such a masterpiece
    Kudos to all involved in world building!!!!

  • G0dL1k3D3v1l
    5 posts

    I do not understand why playing it offline is a headache. My internet connection is spotty at best so it sucks that I have to be online to access saves, when there is a local save folder as well.

  • Mojtaba858585
    2 posts

    Are you fix save problem in offline mode??

  • drekken2010
    16 posts

    After last nights update the game does not save anymore, neither auto save nor manuall. It simply doesnt work, it just says cannot save game right now.
    I am not in combat or something else. And yes i am online.

    Any workaround or fix?

  • Sukandar2511
    1 posts

    Same problem here. Anyone who can fix this ?

  • Feartasm
    1 posts

    yeah I have same problem , Please Ubisoft Fix It

  • Heathrow.
    2 posts

    I think i solved the problem i hope it works for you too.

  • Kosni_
    1 posts

    I have another problem when after a certain point i can not save or fast travel, what can i do for that? Additionally, i would like to point out that this happens when autosave occurs Thank you in advance.

  • dustyc3
    2 posts

    Seems like im at a point in the game where save and fast travel no longer work ive closed the game .meditated .slept in bed nothing works guess its time to delete another 60 dollars.

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