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  • JamesPyle
    6 posts


    I have the exact same issues. I have a Ryzen 3900x and RTX2080. Games running on M.2 and OS on SSD. 32 GB DDR4 3200.
    1440p monitor but even if I choose medium settings and 1080p I can't get a smooth experience.

    I requested a refund, but knowing Ubi they will likely deny it. Will be the last Ubisoft purchase I ever make - very frustrated. Should have known better..Odyssey had the same issues even know all patched up it is still not great on peformance.

  • JamesPyle
    6 posts

    Forgot to mention I too played Odyssey "ok" - I had to tweak settings a lot but was able to at least get through the game.

    Forcing DX12 here is probably part of the issue. DX12 games never run good for some reason and Valhalla can only run in DX12 as far as I know.

    Pretty disappointed, shouldn't have wasted money on this. Hoping I get a refund will buy again later when/if performance is fixed.

  • Duckers_Mcquack
    Original poster 8 posts

    @jamespyle I managed to get 80 fps, but had to set everything that isn't resolution and textures to lowest, then i got 80 fps where characters has terrible shadows. So until ubi optimizes the game more, i'm gonna play with lowest on everything apart from res and textures.

  • Duckers_Mcquack
    Original poster 8 posts

    Site is broken as even after 25 min, it still tells me i can't edit until 5 min has passed, so posting a separate reply.

    Yeah, as performance now is stable at 80+ average or perfectly 60 on the tv, i now find the game enjoyable at last. But i will still wait for a performance patch.

  • Dragon2245
    3 posts

    Having same problem Rtx 2080 super
    win 10 x64

  • mufc77
    1 posts

    Same issues here RTX 2060 / Ryzen 3600. plays at 60fps when out of town areas with a few drops to mid 50s. In towns packed areas drops to 40fps ish at times. This is on a mix of high and medium settings.

  • Robisanta
    1 posts

    Same with I9 9700 and RTX 2070. Managed to make the game largely playable by lowering settings to high and cap FPS at 50, but in towns (even smaller ones, never you mind London) the framerates bounce wildly, falling to 15-20 constantly and making everything stutter. I have played other demand-ish games like RDR2 and they run flawlessly. I have no idea why the last 3 AC games suck so much in terms of optimizaton, but they do. Sometimes, they in fact worsen as updates pour in. And while Odyssey had comparatively few issues for me, Origins and Valhalla have plenty.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1061 posts

    Hey Duckers_Mcquack, thanks for moving the conversation over here as advised - it's much appreciated! As a quick recap for everyone else in case the steps could be helpful, in the previous thread my recommendations were to try the following:

    • Run through our basic PC troubleshooting, particularly where updating GPU drivers are concerned, to make sure your PC is optimised to play the game
    • Run the game and Ubisoft Connect in a clean boot environment, to ensure that there are no background processes / apps interfering
    • Ensure that you have the latest version of Windows installed

    Adjusting your in-game settings is a vital step as well, as each configuration can handle different amounts. Particularly if trying to play in 4K, you may see performance dip more substantially, as this is very resource-intensive. Limiting your FPS or lowering particular graphics settings may help you to keep performance steady even while rendering in such high definition however.

    You can compare your systems to the outlined minimum specifications for high-end play here to try and evaluate the performance your system should be able to offer, and then compare that with the in-game benchmark tool. If you believe your performance is vastly out of line, or below what you'd expect, you're welcome to send us your MSINFO and DXDIAG files in a support case or via Live Chat for us to analyse these further and see if we can provide additional advice.

    Official Response
  • Troopercooper80
    48 posts

    Considering the game can trigger CTD / D3DDRED2 errors (which is directly related to DX12 but possibly also the latest drivers from nvidia.. however on AMD the same thing happens) i really wouldnt recommend updating GPU drivers.

    You have a game side issue that causes DX12 related issues, probably a memory leak of sorts.

  • Drageiver
    5 posts

    @Troopercooper80 @Ubi-Woofer

    I think this is indicative of a wider issue.
    I have a 2080ti paired with a Ryzen 7 3700x. If there is a solution I have tried it.

    I have tried:
    Upgrading to windows 20H2 which I know can help with DX12
    Reinstalling the game
    Reinstalling drivers
    Clean install of drivers
    Reinstalling Windows
    Closing Game mode
    Turn on performance modes in Nvidia Control Panel
    Turn on max performance in power settings
    Turn off Control Flow Guard which sorted DX12 issues with Control
    Disabled full-screen optimisations
    Running as an admin
    OC my GPU a little to see if that makes a difference and it did not

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