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    Morning, back again.

    I seem to have solved the problem, apparently. Tried to go back one more step, regarding installing an older driver for my graphics card. Current installation is Nvidea 457.09 - and the game moves along fine. Also, I haven't had any further odd encounters concerning bugs and glitches....yet.

  • ChuckKatse
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    @wolfmanviper75 Believe I found the fix for the NVIDIA gaming Cards. First revert your Game Ready Driver to 457.09. Next open you GeForce Experience and under games select details for AC Valhalla.
    You will see your current Graphics Settings you are using to play AC Valhalla and to the left the GeForce Experience Optimal recommended settings. Use the GeForce Experience settings. My game has not crashed since I did what I have described above. I am using the GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card. Hope this helps. You can experiment with later drivers but make sure you use the GeForce Experience recommended settings.

  • RedIndianRobin
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    @chuckkatse Geforce Experience is bloatware trash. I stay out of it and I'd suggest you do the same.

  • darkserenity24
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    My findings which may or may not be helpful:

    IDK what amount of resources this game requires that it is only ever stable as the sole app running. My pc, like a lot of people here, have sufficient specs(r5 3500/5600xt/16gb ram/750W gigabyte psu). Tried alt tabbing to a browser, within minutes it has a decent chance to force a restart or crash to desktop, no error. No, it does not happen on any of my other games(CP 2077, witcher 3)

    At least for me, the game really hates any kind of overlay. Disabled ubiconnect overlay, have it start offline, disabled any others(msi afterburner and radeon software overlay for me)

    So far, no crashes since then, but being so cautious as to be saving every 3-4 min just for fear of losing a lot of progress is immersion breaking.

  • ChuckKatse
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    @redindianrobin I was stating what has worked for me. My game has not crashed since making the changes I outlined. My game was crashing on average one or two times during game play. The last few days every 15 to 30 minutes. Checking my event viewer, for every crash, Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered. Played for over two hours straight yesterday and my game did not crash once since using GeForce Experience optimal recommended settings.

  • longjohn119
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    @chuckkatse Geforce Experience is bloatware trash. I stay out of it and I'd suggest you do the same.

    If you don't like Experience (I'm not a big fan but it does make recording and streaming a lot easier) then you can just write down the optimal settings and apply them in the game and get the same results without having to use Experience .....

    These are for a RTX 2080 Super @1440p and will likely be different for other cards and resolutions

    Adaptive Quality - off
    Anti Aliasing - high
    Character Texture - high
    Clutter - very high
    Depth of Field - high (I would suggest that Off would be more stable and gain you a couple of FPS)
    Display Mode - Full Screen
    Environmental Texture - auto
    Resolution - 2560 x 1440
    Resolution scale - 100%
    Screen Space Reflections - on
    Shadows - high
    Volumetric Clouds - Medium (This could very well be the key setting as the highest setting causes a hitching problem due to CPU spikes and it's a notorius framerate killer)
    Water - high
    World details - Medium

    Frankly other than Volumetric Clouds I really don't see anything special that would fix problems but I guess it's worth a shot ..... Personally I'm just going to continue to NOT PLAYING THE DAMNED GAME until they properly fix it ..... It's not that good of a game to put up with the aggravation IMO

    As long as everyone continues to play the game so they see Player Engagement is still high on their servers they aren't going to be in any hurry to fix it HOWEVER if Player Engagement falls off a cliff they will have it fixed within a week or two ..... You have to understand how the Corporate Mind works

  • ChuckKatse
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    @longjohn119 Thats what I did, I took the optimal recommended settings in GeForce Experience and manually applied the changes in the graphics settings of AC Valhalla. Going to now try the latest GeForce experience driver to see if that now works without any problems. The driver I am currently using is 457.09 from Oct 2020. Newest driver out 461.40 dated 26 Jan 2021.

  • longjohn119
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    I'm still on 460.79 (Game Ready driver for Cyberpunk) because I don't see any reason to change since it's been stable in all my games although I haven't played Valhalla for more than 15 minutes at a stretch since November 12 just to test out the latest patches ..... It gave me exactly zero issues in 38 hours in Odyssey so far, I did a complete runthrough of a high modded version of Skyrim, over 160 hours and only 3 CTDs which is about as good as it gets with that game .... And a complete playthrough of HZD and it's DLC and it only glitched once and it wasn't a driver problem

    One thing I learned a long time ago is not to upgrade graphics drivers just because a new one has been released .... I only upgrade if they address a bug in a game I have been playing or I have a newly released game that needs updated drivers and Cyberpunk was the last one that qualified ..... The only newly released game I've bought since is Immortals Fenyx Rising and it seems to work fine but I'm only about 10 hours into the game ..... My motto: If it ain't broke don't try to fix it ... Don't upgrade graphics drivers unless you have a good reason

  • ChuckKatse
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    @longjohn119 I upgraded to 461.40 did 26 Jan 2021 which is the latest driver for my video card GeForce GTX 1070 and played AC Valhalla over two hours straight with no problems at all keeping the recommended GeForce Experience settings for that game. I remember The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Played it some time ago. Was a great game There are a lot of mods for that game.. Waiting for Elder Scrolls 6 to be released. Hopefully this year.

  • longjohn119
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    @chuckkatse When I started I had around 320 mods running but by the time I finished I was up to 350 mods ..... Pretty much every texture in the game was upgraded and most of the meshes ..... NPCs were all upgrading including adding dozens of new one, the combat and archery system were very upgraded, the skill tree was upgraded (Ordinator) I wasn't actively gaming when it came out and when I started up again around 2016 I thought it was just too old to bother with .... but I got the SE version about a year ago and learned all the ins and outs of modding it (It's a kind of crappy game engine but has brilliant modder tools made by modders for modders) and how to do things like make compatibility patches and patches for "brown face" issues and such. I finally put together something that worked for me and did pretty much everything in the game plus several add on quests a couple of which were DLC sized addons and the only thing I haven't done is the thief faction quests (Not really interested) and the Dragon Born DLC .... I finished the main story, Companions, Winterhold, Dark Brotherhood faction quests, the Civil War quests, I own every available property available in the game fully upgraded and have all three homesteads in the Hearthfire DLC fully upgraded including a bunch of add on mods and finished the Dawnguard DLC and have a very much modded Serana as my main follower ..... A bunch of armor sets most of which have to be crafted after you find a book for them and since I concentrated on Blacksmithing and have very high Blacksmithing level they are quite powerful and have been upgraded several time throughout the game and I also have decent Enchanting levels so I have my own enchantments on gear that doesn't have them which basically work like engravings in Odyssey or Runes in Valhalla but more flexible and also upgradable as you gain more enchanting points and perks from it's respective tree ..... I really hated the game at first because the combat was kind of clunky and didn't look that good but now it's almost as much fun as Odyssey, it's got a more Viking like aspect to it than Valhalla in many ways (Nords are essentially Vikings) Sovrngarde is basically Asgard .... I custom generated my own LODs so distant landscapes and mountains look really good with moving clouds and fog banks from weather and lighting mods ..... only 3 or 4 CTDs in over 160 hours of play is as good as any newer game on the market and better than most I've played the last 3 or 4 years ( when I started gaming heavy again in 2016 after an 8 year hiatus I was astounded how the quality of newly released games have gone downhill so much and it's gotten even worse since then) ......

    My gripe with Valhalla isn't the story so much, I haven't really played through it enough to judge it, it's just so damned buggy and not very player friendly for archer/ranger/hunter style players .... My 3 favorite game fro bows is Odyssey, HZD and Origins in that order so this is a huge disappointment for me since it is a downgrade from even Origins which was made by the same team .... It's like they just didn't care about that aspect of the game and just threw something together as quickly as they could so they could concentrate on something else ..... After 3 monastary raids with 2 of them bugged I just lost all interest in playing until they finally get around to fixing it, especially the broken aim lock which worked fine in both Odyssey and Origins which is why I just can't understand how it got broken and they won't even attempt to fix it ... The ONLY conclusion I can come to is they just don't care ..... Ubisoft Montreal was Ground Zero for their management problems and I think they staff is demoralized to the point of just going through the motions and not really caring anymore ..... A Hostile Work Environment is poison

  • RedIndianRobin
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    @longjohn119 One thing I'd like to point out that they changed the way volumetric clouds are rasterized. Unlike Odyssey, in which it was an FPS killer, in Valhalla there is only 1 FPS difference between each setting. See Hardware Unboxed video for this.

    The biggest FPS hit in this game is DOF.

  • ChuckKatse
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    @longjohn119 There are a lot of players that feel the same why you do. With AC Valhalla all you hear is they are investigating the bugs reported. Since this games launch they have only had two major patch updates. They put more emphasis on their Helix credit store than fixing their game. It was announced that Ubisoft would be adding a River Raiding expansion this month. Waiting to see if that is going to happen or if that too will be under investigation.

  • longjohn119
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    @longjohn119 One thing I'd like to point out that they changed the way volumetric clouds are rasterized. Unlike Odyssey, in which it was an FPS killer, in Valhalla there is only 1 FPS difference between each setting. See Hardware Unboxed video for this.

    The biggest FPS hit in this game is DOF.

    Well Volumetric Clouds still has a major hitching problem on the highest level and even on the lower levels although it's more tolerable there ..... The hitching is caused by spikes in CPU usage and I suspect it is the main cause of CTDs that people are having .... Unfortunately they don't show separate charts for FPS GPU and CPU in the benchmark like they did with Odyssey so it's harder to see and it's hard to catch just watching the numbers in an overlay, it needs to be displayed on a graph of some sort

    As for Depth of Field I always turn it off anyway, I didn't pay $500 for high resolution crisp graphics just to intentionally blur most of the screen space so it looks like 100 year old optical lens technology ...... Motion Blur is another stupid thing IMO, it basically simulate 1990's LCD technology with it's pathetically slow response time ..... Back then it wasn't a feature, it was considered a bug and made a lot of the early HDTVs look really bad when watching sports .... They finally got LCD technology up to snuff so it didn't happen and then someone decided to do it intentionally and every developer followed suit like lemmings ......

  • Invidia_90
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    I had no crashes whatsoever when I was playing with the release version. I stopped playing and started again with patch 1.1.1 and I've gotten 5 crashes in 2 days. Playing with an RTX 3090 using latest drivers (461.40). No other games are crashing, so they must really have made the game worse with their patches...

  • meanhx
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    @invidia_90 Not as bad for me with my 3080, but it happens about once every other day, been playing 1-2 hours per day since a bit over a week now and had zero crashes with the launch version, but 1.1.1 keeps crashing. No other game crashes and no OC on the card so probably a problem with Valhalla.

  • Asryan2a
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    Still the Same issue for me.. Random game freeze and sometime it just freezes the pc. No issue with other games, i have a strix 3090

  • longjohn119
    940 posts

    @invidia_90 Oh it's definitely the game ...... I'm 46 hours and 33 minutes into an Odyssey playthrough on a RTX 2080 Super and have yet to have a single crash I have everything cranked to max except Depth of Field is off because I don't like it and always between 70 and 80 FPS ..... The only problem I had was once starting it up it dropped all 8 cores to 600 Mhz which is especially odd since I use a High performance power profile and have it set in the BIOS so it never drops below 3.6 Ghz (It still uses wait states it just doesn't downclock) and took almost 5 minutes just to load the game and then I immediately shut it down but had to reboot the computer to get my clocks back to normal but I couldn't repeat the problem and it hasn't happened since. Since I can't get it to repeat I can't diagnose what was going on in there

  • Asryan2a
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    I never saw this and the lack of interest of the devs.

    I just played for 15m and freeze again, music continues, black screen and then crash


    Erreur matérielle

    ‎14/‎02/‎2021 12:14

    Non signalé

    Un problème rencontré avec le matériel a provoqué un dysfonctionnement de Windows.
    It seems the games just mess up with the drivers and crashes the GPU. It's a SHAME.

    on cyberpunk which is supposed to be buggy as hell i had 0 ISSUES.

    Please FIX IT !

    Signature du problème
    Nom d’événement du problème : LiveKernelEvent
    Code: 141
    Paramètre 1: ffffe20b98d91010
    Paramètre 2: fffff807815d71c0
    Paramètre 3: 0
    Paramètre 4: 3fc
    Version du système d’exploitation: 10_0_19042
    Service Pack: 0_0
    Produit: 256_1
    Version du système: 10.0.19042.
    Identificateur de paramètres régionaux: 1036

  • Asryan2a
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    And this issue isn't even in the bug list : https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/81608/updated-11-02-reported-issue-megathreads-check-here-for-your-issue

    I am never buying one of your games again.

  • Mike8Bir29
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    I spent about 16 hours in the game (judging by the in-game statistics). Most of this time (according to estimates, 99 percent) I went through the prologue and studied the starting region - Norway. Throughout the entire prologue until the arrival of the main character in England, the game worked perfectly, without any crashes, freezes or errors.

    However, as soon as the main character's drakkar moored to the Ragnarsson camp and the story quest "Unwelcome" started, during which the battle began, the game froze, and after a second or two, my PC monitor went out and the system reboot process began.

    I thought that the problem might be in the CPU, but in a number of other games this never happened, but just in case, I still ran a benchmark test (in the OCCT program), and after the test I made sure that everything was in order with the power supply ( the video card and power supply were loaded for 15 minutes, and the system did not give a single error). I also tried to play with the settings in the NVIDIA control panel (with the settings for low latency and power management mode) and in-game settings (such as limiting the frame rate to 60 fps) - nothing helped. After about 10-15 minutes of playing, the game continues to freeze and reboots the entire system.

    Thus, it is almost impossible to continue to play and advance through the plot.

    But do you know what helped me in the end?

    Disabling Cloud Saves in Ubisoft Connect. It helped me.

    So try this. Hope it helps you too.

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