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    Rx 5700xt ryzen 2600x 16gb 3200mhz ram and I have been crashing every 5-15 mins since the Nov. 26 patch. I think it was 1.04. I had over 100 hours of completely crash free play prior to that. I have tried all the fixes and none has helped. Im on the uplay+ version. Its crazy to me that 3 months later this issue is still persisting. So glad I didnt pay 60 bucks for this crapola.

  • Byowa
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    Well, it seems i found my solution. Close logitech software and no crashes anymore...

  • crocodilebundy
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    Nvidia driver 461.72 february 25th. Played 3h without crash. Maybe there is hope...

  • braudrist
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    @crocodilebundy Yeah, same here. Played for 3-4 hours with the new driver and I didn't crash. Finally there's some hope.

  • YazX_
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    @crocodilebundy just froze and then crashed after 30 mins with "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered." , even with the 457 driver it crashed after patch 1.1.2 but less frequent.

  • weens1
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    @crocodilebundy i was hoping i'd have the same experience, but unfortunately even after updating to 461.72, i'm still crashing 😢 😢 😢 . Such a shame, hope this damn game gets fixed soon, have only been playing it in short chunks cos it crashes all the time

  • Shahany
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    Here's how I solved my problem with Valhalla on Ubi + if Ubi + can't be trusted with my staying online, I got fed up with their disconnect and transferred my Valhalla EXE to the Steam server. Guess what no more disconnect it would seem Steam is more stable who knew?

  • cavveman
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    Did you just copypaste it to the steam folder? Or did you tweak it some other way?

  • longjohn119
    930 posts

    @cavveman He just added it to Steam but it is NOT on the Steam server because Steam doesn't sell Valhalla .... The Connect app is still running in the background anyway and even if they did sell Valhalla on Steam it would still be running both Steam and Connect in the background which is why I never buy Ubisoft games from Steam because the last thing I want is another layer of DRM (Like it or not Steam is a form of DRM make no mistake about that) and another overlay running .... Even the games I was forced to buy on Steam I start with a desktop shortcut and have the Steam overlay turned off because it is more trouble than it's worth

  • Apestront
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    I don't play the game through ubisoft+. Bought it and starts up (with ubisoft connect). However, since the last patch, like all other players here, the game crashes every 15-30 minutes. Like the title of this post says. It looks like it is more likely to happen after i've accepted the daily quests from Reda. When i've done that and the game crashes, at restart the Reda-quests are gone and I have to reactivate them.

    Like the first post: my pc is up to date, i meet the requirements (much more then needed) and the game is up to date.
    Unfortunatly, this, with being unable to finish the game because of the gamebreaking bug which has been unsolved since the beginning (Ealdorman), makes the game for me hard to enjoy.... I am really wondering why there is so much to do about an apparantly buggy game like CP2077 (which runs marvelous and bugfree on my pc) and no one is talking about this bugfest of a game...

  • YazX_
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    Guys i might be into something here but still need more time to tell if it was the root cause of the issue, i had FOV set to 110%, i set the slider to 100% and went to NCP and set everything to off/default for every setting for ACV. have been playing for one and half days for long sessions without TDRs. might be FOV and G-Sync are causing these TDRs (Driver Crash).

    P.S: this is on Latest Nvidia Drivers 461.72

  • pyronical
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    Was crashing every ~15-30mins. I used revo uninstaller, to fully remove the game, downloaded from scratch, also deleted the Documents\Assassin's Creed Valhalla folder - worked for me.

  • RiMA_
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    I'm playing with ps4 and after 30+ playing hours the game just started freezing/crashing every 10 minutes. Started happening just this week, perhaps at the same time the 'avenge player x's death' minigames started.

  • Guamat91
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    From when I've bought the game, 2 month ago, I've been able to play 8 hours, with all these crashes, every 15 minutes the game crash to desktop, I will never buy an ubisoft game anymore, it's not possible that after all this time the problem hasn't been solved..ubisoft it's a shame

  • ildafkam
    12 posts

    Worst experience I’ve had with a game freezing and crashing in 20 years (playing hundreds of games on pc and consoles). Unbelievable that after all the patches, it’s still happening.

  • Shahany
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    @cavveman When you click games tab in Steam look at the bottom of the left column tab it will say add non Steam game. When the tab appears asking you to browse your PC you go find the actual Valhalla exe once you found it click open and then it will be added to the Steam list. Please note when starting the game the first time of each day Ubi will still ask you to log in. I found that going trough Steam makes the game more stable.

  • zio.pino
    12 posts

    My first and last Game ubisoft , Crash like all in this post , i try so many stuff and follow thousend step.

  • sorry_dunno
    7 posts

    @durrf Hi, did you find a way to solve this problem? I have a RTX 3080, too. Sometimes I can play for two hours without a crash and sometimes I have three crashes in ten minutes. Event viewer shows nvlddmkm error after every crash.
    On the other hand I can run CP2077 maxed out for 8 hours without a single crash.

  • ChuckKatse
    312 posts

    Assassian's CRASH Valhalla. A Ubisoft problem they are failing to address. If they do respond they give you troubleshooting steps to follow. When you have this many folks reporting Crash issues it is on their end. Anything else have to be said.

  • Durrf
    7 posts

    @sorry_dunno I never found a fix. I just kept crashing my way through until the end of the story so I could get some value out of the money I spent... Finished the game and uninstalled. Wish I had better news to report!

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