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  • locked topic_solved [DISCONTINUED] [PC] I am experiencing frequent crashes / freezes in-game | POST HERE

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    Most crashes happen because of cloud saves (which are triggered right from the title screen). Since at least the Ostara festival/update, I can systematically crash the game by clicking too fast on the title screen while the cloud save icon is active, or by clicking too fast on Continue while the menu screen has just loaded.

    Disabling cloud saving in the PC launcher is not enough to prevent the game from connecting to the servers, you have to switch the whole launcher to offline mode. In my experience, this will significantly improve the game's stability. Significantly but not completely, as there are other possible causes of crash, but they happen far less often.

  • DefiledDragon
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    Has anyone at Ubisoft even acknowledged that this is an issue and will be addressed? I'm getting random TDR (display driver not responding) crashes. Sometimes I can play for hours without issue, other times it will crash three times in half an hour. Giving me FarCry 4 gameworks volumetric fog vibes.

  • patriciochan
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    Problem: Event 4101 Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

    AC Valhalla Patch Notes, 1.2.1
    i5 11400F,
    ASUS B560M plus Gaming
    ASUS Tuf Gaming RTX 3060,
    xpg 32GB 3200Mhz,
    AData swordfish 1TB M.2
    win 10 20H2

    These are the things I have done:
    updated the newest display driver 466.27
    *Display Test: stress test without problem in 3D mark, I could run furmark for 1 hr without problem
    *memory Test: windows 10 Memory test passed
    *CPU Test: prime95 passed, cinebench R23 passed

  • Coach811981
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    Yeah these crashes are so sporadic sometimes - like you say can play for hours than another time you can play and crashes for no reason.

    Alot of the time it crashes when im doing nothing - been an issue since launch but hey why fix that issue when Ubisoft can throw an overpriced shiny gear pack on the store?

  • D4rKy26
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    The last dlc [druids] made my game getting random crashings to desktop again. I had this before with the festival update [ it wasn a known issue] now the crashings are back i am not going to play valhalla any further before they fix this hopefully very soon.

  • mkershaw
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    @meanhx same issues here too on Xbox one x. Loads fine, plays for around 5-10 mins then freezes and eventually crashes back to the Xbox Home Screen. This is after I installed the new druids dlc.

  • Warkab
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    Game is unplayable after 1.2.1

    After the last update game is crashing every 3-5 minutes, with any save file. Before that I didn`t had any technical problems and not a single crash.

  • honkytonk333
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    Same issue here, sporadic crashes at best and sometimes constant.
    Don't want to spoil anything, so be aware, but during the sequence with the third order person in the Lunden questline at the docks / on the ships: constant crashing every 2 to 3 minutes. There are certain areas/sequences where crashes are far more likely to occur and make progressing through story aspects near impossible.

    Is Ubisoft unwilling (because they already got our money) or "just" too incompetent to fix these issues?
    And people complained about the bugs in Cyberpunk 2077... yes there were a lot, but the game at least ran.

  • Stefan_ReD
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    crashes over and over, sometimes playing for 5 hours, then every 10 minutes, but even often: frame drops from hell!
    100fps down to 3, game restart, all good, after a few minutes...3 to 5 fps.

    Stopped playing short after the first patch, because it was like this - though now it should be fixed, but it seems a problem again.... sad i missed the time between where the game was playable.

  • mathis.adam
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    Regular crashes sometimes after 5 min multiple times, sometimes it's fine for an hour or more. I've stopped playing because I'm sick of starting the game and crashing 2 minutes later and repeating this process several times or playing for an hour, thinking I'm in the clear only to crash again. The game has been out for several months. Ubisoft, please fix the crashing issues...

  • Ubi-Borealis
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    Hello there,

    I apologise for the delayed response. Thank you for continuing to share your crash / freeze reports with us in this thread.

    As I shared in my earlier post, we would recommend that you try some basic PC troubleshooting steps if you have not already. These steps can help to tackle a number of common causes behind game crashes and freezing. In particular, I recommend that you disable any background applications that may be conflicting with game files, and ensure that your supporting software is up-to-date.

    Players within this thread have also shared their own troubleshooting steps, and what helped to resolve their own crashing / freezing issues. You can view this list here:

    If you play using Ubisoft+, ensure that your PC's time clock is synced up with your timezone
    If the crashes began after updating your drivers, try rolling back to a previous version
    Cap your FPS and set your refresh rate to default
    Clearing your Ubisoft Connect cache folder
    Running an SFC scan to repair missing or corrupted system files
    Change your graphics settings by lowering or turning off certain graphics options, like the resolution, quality or V-sync
    Ensure that you are not overclocking your CPU / GPU
    If you use multiple monitors, try disconnecting the multiple screens and test using one screen to see if the issue persists

    If you are still experiencing crashes after trying these troubleshooting steps, please can you open a support ticket so our team can take a closer look at your system files. As every system is different, these files are very important to carry out further investigation into what may be causing these crashes. We are unable to view these files within the forum, so we recommend that you open a ticket so our team can take investigate these further. You can open a support ticket in the following ways:

    When opening a support ticket, please can you include the following information:

    • A copy of your MSinfo and DxDiag
    • A copy of your Ubisoft Connect launcher log
    • All troubleshooting steps you have tried so far
    • Any error messages or pop-ups you have received
    • When the crashes / freezes first began, and if they happen at specific locations (such as beginning a certain quest, or in a specific area in-game)

    Please include as much information as you can about your crashes / freezes in your case notes, as this is incredibly helpful in helping the team to troubleshoot the issue further.

    @jnrxs - The development team are aware of an issue when players using the sprint attack using the sickles. You can follow the investigation of this issue in this megathread.

    @mkershaw - As this thread is about crashes / freezes on PC, I would recommend starting a new thread for Xbox. If you haven't already, I would recommend trying out these console troubleshooting steps.

    Thank you 🙂

  • braudrist
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    Thanks to the unskippable intros and DRM, it already takes like 10m just to start the game; which makes the crashes even more annoying. I've given up on this BS, there are plenty of other games to play which work just fine.

  • ElectricSquall
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    @ryusennin - You're right. Yesterday, I've tested my system all day long and I was able to find why the game is crashing.

    The issue is being caused by uplay client in online mode. I've tested many variables and the only thing that fixed the game, no matter what are the other conditions was to use the option "Go Offline" inside the Uplay client menu. After that, Heaven on Earth.

  • ElectricSquall
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    @longjohn119 - For you, and others guessing if the RES BAR is causing the issues, it is not. Yesterday, after long hours testing, the culpid is the Uplay client. Simple click on the "Go Offline" option inside the client menu and the game will no longer freeze/crash.

    Uplay Online + RES BAR OFF = Crash from 5~60 min.
    Uplay Online + RES BAR ON = Crash from 5~60 min.
    Uplay Offline + RES BAR OFF = No Crashes. 3 hours run without issues.
    Uplay Offline + RES BAR ON = No Crashes. 4 hours run without issues.

    I've also tried a lot of other things, like disabling background apps, run the game as administrator (useless in my case since UAC is disabled in registry) disabling all kinds of OSD (RTSS, AIDA, CapframeX) and nothing. But after going offline inside Uplay client, voila. Even the smoothness is greater now. The client is probably hooking the game process and this injection is causing the app crash.

    Not just the game smoothness was improved, but also the loading times, really, REALLY faster than in Online mode.

    In their last patch release, Ubisoft did what they do best, [censored]. Their own client is killing their own game. Not surprised, Ubisoft is the worst game developer out there.

    Hope it helps, see yaa!

  • ElectricSquall
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  • longjohn119
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    @electric_squall I've been saying a lot of the problems are with that cruddy Connect App since last November ..... I suspect that is also what is borking the saves and causing all those "Unable to progress with .... " bugs which are actually just one bug that keeps popping up and causing information to not be written to the saves correctly. If a save file doesn't have a flag to tell the game a certain milestone/event has been completed then the game has no way of knowing and it gets stuck. Instead of chasing 3 dozen individual problems they need to focus on the save code and the Connect app code .... Otherwise they are just dogs chasing their own tails ......

    However none of that explains the low FPS and low CPU utilization problems while a problem with the CPU to VRAM code which has had RE BAR code shoehorned into it last December does .... I know for a fact that there were big changes in that part of the code at update 1.1.0 because people I trust have told me so

  • normski7a
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    Unfortunately running Ubisoft Connect in offline mode doesn't stop the crashing for me. It makes it occur less often, but it does still occur. Happens every 25-30 minutes now as opposed to after about 10 minutes.

    On a side note I have deleted the unskipple videos that play when the game launches so I don't have to sit through that each and every time...

  • mathis.adam
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    @electric_squall I kept crashing at the "Saint Albanes Abbey" raid, literally in less than 5 min over 6 times. On one run, I didn't crash. Before these crashes I played 1-2 hours. I've tried offline mode, still crashes in the same area. I get daily crashes, it seems some area's are extra sensitive and I can bear a crash after 2 hours (that's a decent playtime atleast...) but now when I keep doing this raid it crashes 9/10 times, each time in less than 5 minutes. That's unacceptable. I'm done with this game until ubisoft fixes their [censored].

  • longjohn119
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    Unfortunately running Ubisoft Connect in offline mode doesn't stop the crashing for me. It makes it occur less often, but it does still occur. Happens every 25-30 minutes now as opposed to after about 10 minutes.

    On a side note I have deleted the unskipple videos that play when the game launches so I don't have to sit through that each and every time...

    That's the first thing I do with every AC game .... a little tip though .... First time just rename them (I like to tack on a .bak extension) which also keeps them from playing ... That way after an update or you verify the game files you'll be able to know which ones to delete because it will add them again .... Odyssey wasn't so bad because you could just spam the A button to skip them but with Valhalla you are forced to sit through them .....

    Another advantage of the PC over a game console .....

  • ElectricSquall
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    @mathis-adam I've noticed that later. Some areas are crashing the game, no matter what. This issue was "introduced" within the last patch. Unfortunately, I still didn't figure out what to do to avoid this behavior, but I hardly believe that it is related just to configurations or workarounds we can do ourselves, Ubisoft will probably need to fix their mess inside game's code.

    At first I was happy, considering that the Uplay client in offline mode would allow me to play the whole game, but I've reached the "A Fiend in Hell" quest and my game crashes there, no matter what. I've already reinstalled the game but I cant get rid of these crashes.

    AC Origins and Odyssey has a Low GPU/High CPU usage problem, Ac Valhalla is broken, The Division 2 crashes in DX12. Ubisoft SHOULD NOT SELL ANYTHING ELSE. They sell broken stuff, period. This company should be out of market.

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