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    Hi before patch 1.3.0 game works normal without freezes/crashes after update i get 2 game freeze after playing 5-10 min. This freeze was symilar to other game i had in world of warcraft. I disabled overlay from riva tuner and frezzes gone , sooo what this patch dooo with rtss overlay? any hope to fix this i dont want play game without seeying parameters of my pc on this game. thx

  • Samrinho
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    @tyranusvader hah lucky you had a crash twice and that crash reporter was useless as it ctd as well

  • SteveZ_Pun
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    Every Update make the game more worst. It crashes more then before and have microstutters many times, every autosave stutters. And the game save very often??Why?
    I am not amused anymore!!!!!! I pay 120 Euro for the game and its early access. But new items in the shop...UGLY items...This game isnt a viking game. This game have no soul
    Polar Bear??? Unicorns... 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎

  • D4rKy26
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    After playing for 90 min in ireland today i had another small freeze then a crash to desktop with no message warning. I never have these random ctd with other games. Also ubisoft fix this its getting worser after every patch its not fun like this.

  • animax2010
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    I am facing frequent crashed in ireland quest.

  • Samrinho
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    anybody else getting the displacement bug? one minute you are exploring the next second you are falling from the sky, happened twice so far. Pc player

  • BadassIBoss
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    Facing frequent crashed too, so sad. Can't play at all.
    Ryzen 3950x
    RTX 2070 super
    RAM 64 GB
    game on SSD
    Event Viewer has no crash reports

  • Lucasgbm
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    My assassins creed valhalla is crashing in the loadind scren. its just close the game and dont show any error. I tried everything and nothing. I'm thinking that problem its not from my pc, maybe in a next update they fix it.

  • ElectricSquall
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    You all may want to consider opening up some type of refund program for those of us experiencing this issue. If not you we may talk about a class action lawsuit. I'm really tired of this.

  • longjohn119
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    I'm thinking that problem its not from my pc, maybe in a next update they fix it.

    I've been thinking that since November 11 2020 ...... So far no luck with the next update (or the next or the next or the next ....) fixing anything

  • ColdDemon3196
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    This post is deleted!
  • Zhan.AR
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    Another one over here
    i7 8700K stock
    RAM 32 GB
    RTX 3080
    Game on 1 TB NVME

    Game crashes for no reason at all during loading / idle or just roaming, have no problems with WD: Legion.

    Tried to install multiples times Ubi Connect / Valhalla , rollback with nvidia drivers, disabling startup services, even tried a fresh save.

    Nothing works

  • Lucasgbm
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    @zhan-ar the same with me... I did everything possible and nothing...

  • UbiStorm
    Ubisoft Support Staff 690 posts

    Hello everyone! I'm sorry to see that there are still some crashes happening for all of you! If you haven't done so already, I do highly recommend giving these steps a try to ease those crashes. If you have tried those steps, and you haven't done so already, please open a ticket so that we can get a better look at your system files. You can open a ticket either on our Support Site, or you can contact us via Twitter or Facebook!

    If any of you have opened tickets, feel free to let me know of the ticket numbers, and I'll be glad to look into the progress being made there for you!

    Official Response
  • grooners
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    Those "steps to try to ease those crashes" are just a link to a article to run dxdiag etc

    Ive jjust had my first crash for a couple of weeks or so, soon after starting play and just riding along. There is event "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered".in the event viewer. These dont seem related to game patch version or driver version.

  • Zhan.AR
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    @ubistorm Ticket Number 15117552. Tried everything so far...

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6078 posts

    Hello there,

    @grooners - Apologies for any confusion caused! I've now corrected the link and it should take you to our PC troubleshooting support article. If you have not already, we would recommend trying these troubleshooting steps first, as they help to tackle a number of common causes behind technical issues in-game.

    If you have already tried these troubleshooting steps, please can you open a support ticket so our team can take a closer look at your system files. We are unable to view your system files on the forums. These system files are incredibly helpful for further investigation and for providing additional troubleshooting steps for your specific system. You can open a ticket in the following ways:

    When opening a support ticket, please can you include the following information:

    • A copy of your MSinfo and DxDiag
    • A copy of your Ubisoft Connect launcher log
    • All troubleshooting steps you have tried so far, including steps from our linked support article and any additional ones you may have tried from this thread
    • Any error messages or pop-ups you have received, either from the game or during troubleshooting
    • When the crashes / freezes first began, and if they happen at specific locations (such as beginning a certain quest, or in a specific area in-game)

    If you encounter any trouble when opening up a support ticket, please don't hesitate to reach out and we'll gladly assist further.

    @Zhan-AR - Thanks for sharing your ticket number. For clarity's sake, I'd recommend continuing any troubleshooting steps via your support ticket. I can see that a member of our team has reached out to you with an update, so please check out your ticket as soon as you are able to.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • grooners
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    Thanks for updating the link and posting updates - but to be fair those troubleshooting steps are quite generic for a crashing issue thats been around a while and affects people with different manufacturers devices. Because of Windows Update and Geforce Experience etc people's PCs are kept up to date in the background a lot more than in the old days.

    With brand new games a new driver is often released and recently a Nv driver update came out for a crashing prob with Doom Eternal but AC Valhalla does not fall into those categories - its not even listed as a Nv issue.

    Although youre asking for MSinfo etc suggesting its something to do with machine spec - advice below actually suggests reducing graphical settings in game - it isnt unreasonable that high settings are stressing some aspect of the games coding - so this ought to be the route to investigate.

    Random crashes make the game experience unpleasant - with season pass its actually the most expensive single game Ive bought for a long time

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6078 posts

    Thanks for reaching out with some additional feedback and suggestions, @grooners.

    There can be many causes behind a crash / freeze in-game, which is why we ask all players to try our basic PC troubleshooting steps at the start of an investigation. These steps can help when resolving a number of common causes behind technical issues, such as out-of-date software and drivers or conflicting software. Ensuring that the game files are verified and that the software is up-to-date provides the team with a starting point for further investigation should the issue still persist.

    As all systems are different, gathering the system files can be very helpful when understanding what may be causing technical problems to occur. These files allow us further insight into a player's system, and help us to provide more specific troubleshooting steps. As we are unable to view these files within the forums, we ask players experiencing technical issues to open up a support ticket so our team can take a closer look at these. Additionally, opening a support ticket means we can provided tailored support for your issue, and prevents any confusion or miscommunication that could be caused by troubleshooting further in the forums.

    Of course, sometimes crashes can be caused by issues within the game itself. This is also why we ask players if the crashes happen in specific locations, or following a game update. All of this information helps us to troubleshoot further and find out what could be potentially causing the issue.

    You mention that you've seen the event "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered" when investigating why the crashes are happening on your own system. This implies that there could be an issue with your drivers, and that this is potentially causing the crash. I'd recommend performing a clean installation of your GPU drivers, if you have not already. I would also recommend running an SFC Scan, as this will repair any missing or corrupted files on your system.

    If your still encountering this error when the game crashes, I would recommend opening a support ticket with all of the requested information so the team can investigate further.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • nytofr
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    @ubi-borealis And to everyone

    My problem was the same as everybody stated. Crash to desktop, freeze, BSOD during normal gameplay. It could occurred after 10 min or more and it began to happen after 50 to 60 Hours of gameplay.
    Everything was up to date. Win 10, gpu driver, chipset driver and so on ...
    Never had similar problem with other game ( AC: origin and odyssey, SOTR, the witcher III, horizon zero dawn, RDR2, PUBG and GTA V).

    I tried different tips proposed by player like lower resolution, lower detail, win clock and so on. Never worked.

    Then i try removing front dust filter of my fractal design case and it's working like a charm with some really few (1 - 2 sec ) random stuttering (happen few time in 2 to 3 hours sessions).
    3 days now and problems are gone. none, zero, nada, nothing, niet, wellou, rien ...
    That's it.
    It cooled my CPU temp by 10 °

    It is more than weird because when playing GTA V and RDR2 (full ultra settings) my CPU was on same temp (62 to 67 °) and no problem even with any other game that made my CPU reach that temp.
    Now CPU temp reach 52 to 55 ° and no problem.
    I will try to higher detail because i was playing on very high settings.

    Rig :
    R7 1700X with dark rock 4
    Asrock X370 taichi
    16 Gb skill Flare X 3200
    RTX 2070 EVGA dark something & RTX 3080 gigabyte
    crucial Mx 500
    Seasonic 750 gold

    Now i know that my case air flow can be improved ... at least.
    Sorry for my english.

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