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    @ubi-borealis crashed 5 times in 16 hours of gameplay. i submit ctd report everytime. you have my info. please fix your software that we pay for.

  • Hunterr12
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    Didn't have any issues before this last patch. But now I get some pretty random crashes while out in the world. Doing the Melbourne raid crashed multiple times, sometimes during combat and other times when opening the last chest. Then I've had crashes also when doing some World Events. The one with the boy and his dad fishing crashed while they were talking to each other. And the one with the guy outside the house who tells you he can't get angry crashed upon completion. Sometimes I get the crashed window that pops up in connect, other times nothing at all

  • grooners
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    @ubi-borealis Although generic advice caters for the range of experience levels of people as this is an ongoing issue we expect you to be further advanced in narrowing down the issue than you are.

    The crash is random for me so its impossible to tell whether a clean driver install or other action actually fixed the issue - the fix process needs to be better than this.

    For example Doom Eternal also still has crashes but the developers provide a command line option to provide more crash diagnostics. I've had years of software experience and know that just looking at PC specs hoping for a common factor is clutching at straws. You need a proper crash dump or to be able to reproduce the error yourselves.

  • Ubi-MrM
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3007 posts

    @nytofr - Welcome to Discussions! Thank you for sharing your account of the issues you were having with crashes to desktop and BSOD instances, and for providing such a detailed account of how you tried to resolve these issues and troubleshoot them further. I'm very glad to hear that you were able to find a solution in removing the dust filter from your fractal design case; as peculiar of a solution as this is, it is great to know that reducing the internal temperature of your PC has helped to improve its performance. Possibly other players may be experiencing similar performance issues based around their systems overheating, so it's a great reminder to try different things such as this with hardware as much as software! 🙂 It is appreciated that you took the time to share this workaround with us here in the thread and also document your system specifications. Hopefully this information might help another player out there. Finally - please do not apologise for your English, it is great! Thanks again! 🙂

    @LuciusRex_ - A big welcome to Discussions to yourself as well! The crash reports you have been submitting are sent to a different team to ourselves, so I am afraid we are unable to access or view those. Could you possibly look towards my colleague @Ubi-Borealis' post above from August 6th (the earlier one), and provide all of the requested documents in a support case? We can then begin troubleshooting further with you after gaining greater insight into your system's specifications, and better-understanding possible causes for the issues you are experiencing. Thank you! 🙂

    @Hunterr12 - I am sorry to hear that you have started to experience crashes since the TU 1.3.0 update. You've mentioned that these crashes typically happen in-game, and you've noticed that they've occurred during raids especially. Are there any other scenarios during which you're noticing these crashes occurring frequently? Are there any common actions that you are completing when the game crashes, such as opening a large chest as you've mentioned? It would be helpful if you could run through the steps previously recommended by my colleague @Ubi-Borealis to eliminate any basic issues, and then submit your MSinfo and DxDiag documents to us in a support case if issues persist. Let us know how it goes, and if you require any additional assistance!

    @grooners - We are able to perform more directed and specific troubleshooting if having access to the requested files pertaining to individual players' systems. We can provide generic / basic troubleshooting steps here on Discussions first for players to try and self-diagnose any potential software or hardware issues, but once that has been done, if issues persist, it is better for us to continue troubleshooting privately in order to both protect any personal data that may need to be gathered and also have a one-on-one approach to diagnosing potential issues. In terms of the crashes and freezing issues as a whole, the development team continue to investigate these and should we receive any new information, we'll always share it here in the megathread first. We're continuing to pass forward reports and new statements regarding issues, so please rest assured that these issues are not ones that we are ignoring. Thank you! 🙂

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  • ElectricSquall
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    @grooners - Yes. Ubisoft support keep asking the same information (even after you've provided) and give the same generic instructions (sfc /scannow etc)

    Opened the case: 15101602, however, the kind of assistance was the level, the lowest possible level. Ubisoft does not want, or can't work into these issues. They need to implement some crash dump and in fact, need to check it. I've provided TONS of these and nothing is done.

    Pls, you need to check game information during the crash. Asking DXDiag, MSInfo over and over wont solve anything.

    I need further assistance, I need Ubisoft to check their crash dump and give us some information about it. Ubisoft must improve their troubleshooting steps.

  • Ubi-TheBerry
    Ubisoft Support Staff 4080 posts

    Hey @ElectricSquall ,

    Thank you for providing your case ID, I can see a further response and additional steps have since been provided to you today, if you could please give them a try and let us know if there's any change.

    As for Crash Logs sent via the Ubisoft Connect client, as @Ubi-Woofer has already noted, I'm afraid at this time that is not information we have the current facilities to access and use regarding your support queries.

    We'll be happy to share this feedback as a means to look into regarding our Support, however in the meantime we do require DxDiag / MSinfo files to be able to take a closer look at your own system and provide more tailored steps.

    Thank you for your understanding!

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  • noneofyou
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    @electricsquall This is exactly what it is. I finally managed to open ticket on crashes on en-us site (of course I couldn't do it in my native or even en-gb) and for me it looks like there is actually chat bot instead of human, it starts like "I am sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues in Rainbow Six: Siege which prevent you from playing the game.". It's not even the right game. They keep asking for msinfo and dxdiag. Somehow I can play 15 modern games on Steam, EGS, GOG, Origin without crashes and there it is, Ubisoft asking me to disable every third party software and services (I use like Logitech and Asus/Realtek driver's software used by thousands if not millions of gamers), and play on new clean local Windows account. What will be next, they will ask me to buy new computer or uninstall popular used by millions of people antivirus software to play their game?

    We keep hearing about "tailoring"- you can't do any tailoring either in steps or the process when the game crashes for so many people on different setups. Tailoring would work if there were rare crashes for the small amount of people. This thread has been opened for months now for driver crashes and CTDs without any progress on the issue, this clearly shows that the current approach for resolving issues does not work.

  • blixa68
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    @nicksheperd same problem since every update, game chrashes, crap

  • valorin
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    Game was stable for a long while after the Ostera event. Now that I'm playing again during an online event the same crashes happen again, frequently and very annoying.
    Can we PLEASE just get an option to opt out of these online crap? I don't need it and apparently there's a connection between them and at least my crashes.

  • Coach811981
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    Played for an hour just fine then i got 2 CTD's within 5 minutes.

    Did the whole error report sending as well.

    Event viewer points to nvlddmkm display driver error.

    Just updated my Nvidia drivers so it could be that but wont be sure until i do a roll-back

  • BiohazrdUnicorn
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    I had these problems too just random crashes and usually in raid or in empty buildings just so randomly and in between 5 to 15 mins.
    I managed to fix it with capping framerate to 70 everything is on ultra and fullscreen ect. was before this started to happen...I hope some of you fix your game with this tweek. Now I have had 2 random crashes in 15 h of gameplay.

  • R00bert29
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    Great thanks for your tips !!!! 🙂

    In my case helped this one :

    Disable accelerated Hardware GPU scheduling from graphics settings under windows display settings.

    ZERO CRASHINGS after uncheckig these (two) options !!!!!

  • ElectricSquall
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    @grooners - Same error here, with both of my systems.

    I have 2 machines. One with a 3080 and the other with a 6900xt. Both faces the same issue.

    5950x + 3080 and 10900k + 6900xt.

    Tried Full AMD and Intel + Nvidia, no deal.

    • Case: 15101602 - Updated.

  • Timmytim101
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    @timmytim101 just replying to myself on this one... new update the game is super [censored] broken. irritated that this game costs so much but literally wont run...

    im running:
    i7 9700k
    rtx 3070
    16GB ram

    I play at 1440p, using the "very high" settings default. i tried capping my fps at 75 (my screens refresh), i've tried vsync, ive uninstalled off my c drive and reinstalled on my d drive. ive verified files, reinstalled graphics drivers, turned off GPU scheduling. none of this has worked.

    im about 15 hours into gameplay and first crash was in melbourne chapel although now it's crashing literally everywhere

  • Sophie111
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    I've been playing AC since day one, never crashed. Now that I'm continuing it to do the DLC, it crashes at least once every hour. I really can't explain these problems to myself

    Im running:
    rtx 3080
    16 GB Ram
    i7 8700k

  • Agent_Fett
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    Random game crashes to desktop, this time I'm able to submit a crash report from the Ubisoft Connect app which I've done multiple times now. The error shown in Windows Event Viewer is: Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered. I have reproduced this issue before and after updating to the most recent Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Driver: 471.68.
    Win10 Event Viewer message logs this when the game crashes occur: Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

  • TitanXXX
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    @r00bert29 What is the second option you unchecked besides accelerated Hardware GPU scheduling? Thanks.

  • Hunterr12
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    Brimclif Monastery is also experiencing random crashes while doing the raid. The area around it in general also seems to have some random crashes. After doing the treehouse shop nearby I crashed as well

  • LoneHood
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    After 20h just started again. Game is crashing around Paris. Have no idea. Started last night. Thanks. I did tried fixes mentioned here but nothing helps. Really weird. I have zero problems in other non-ubi games. please fix this, Game is soft closing like before without any error I`m more then 200h in game. Devs?

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6078 posts

    Hello there!

    Thank you for sharing your crash / freeze reports with us within this thread. If you have not already, please can you try all of the steps on our PC troubleshooting support article. We would recommend trying these troubleshooting steps first, as they help to tackle a number of common causes behind technical issues in-game.

    If you have already tried these troubleshooting steps, please can you open a support ticket so our team can take a closer look at your system files. We are unable to view your system files on the forums. These system files are incredibly helpful for further investigation and for providing additional troubleshooting steps for your specific system. You can open a ticket in the following ways:

    When opening a support ticket, please can you include the following information:

    • A copy of your MSinfo and DxDiag
    • A copy of your Ubisoft Connect launcher log
    • All troubleshooting steps you have tried so far, including steps from our linked support article and any additional ones you may have tried from this thread
    • Any error messages or pop-ups you have received, either from the game or during troubleshooting
    • When the crashes / freezes first began, and if they happen at specific locations (such as beginning a certain quest, or in a specific area in-game)

    If you encounter any trouble when opening up a support ticket, please don't hesitate to reach out and we'll gladly assist further.

    If you encountering crashes only in Meldeburne, I would recommend sharing your report in our dedicated Megathread for this issue, as we have workarounds suggested within this thread.

    @blixa68, @valorin, @BiohazrdUnicorn, @Timmytim101, @Sophie111, @LoneHood - Please would you be able to follow the instructions provided above, as this will help the team to investigate the technical issues you're encountering further.

    @Coach811981 & @Agent_Fett - The "nvlddmkm display driver error" message you're receiving seems to indicate that there's an issue with your NVIDIA drivers. I've seen some players who have encountered this error find success when rolling back their drivers to a previous version. If you haven't already, I would recommend giving this a try. This support article can help you when cleanly reinstalling your drivers.

    @R00bert29 - Thanks for sharing how you were able to resolve the crashing issues in your game! 😄

    @ElectricSquall - Thanks for sharing your ticket number with us. I can see that a member of the team has reached out to you with an update, so please check your ticket when you are next able to.

    @Hunterr12 - Just to clarify, is it only around Brimcliff Monastery you experience crashing, or have you encountered crashes elsewhere throughout the world? If it's just in Brimcliff Monastery, can you please try lowering your graphics settings to see if this allows you to complete the raid in this area without any further crashing?

    Thanks! 😊

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