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    @anolinmcginnis What they need is to send me the EXE with a debugger enabled so I can get something like the following to work with ,,,, This is partial debug log for a similar crash I was having in Skyrim entering a cave.(Full debug log is 979 lines long) With this information I was able to determine I have a bad head NIF (mesh) and with the stack dump I was able to figure out which mod and which character was bad. Then I imported the mod into the Creation Kit and redid the "face gen" for that one NPC and crash gone ..... I entered the cave and sure enough there was that female Imperial NPC lying dead just inside the entrance to the cave. I notified the mod author and he corrected the problem. He knew he had a problem but it's a randomly generated NPC so it is in a different place in every game and sometimes not used at all so he couldn't find it based on the bug reports he was getting

    Unhandled native exception occurred at 0x7FF765E35590 (SkyrimSE.exe+12F5590) on thread 3456!

    FrameworkName: NetScriptFramework
    FrameworkVersion: 10
    FrameworkArchitecture: x64
    GameLibrary: SkyrimSE
    GameLibraryVersion: 14
    ApplicationName: SkyrimSE.exe
    VersionInfo: Successfully loaded
    Time: 28 Aug 2021 17:25:13.385

    Possible relevant objects (5)
     [ 21]  BSDynamicTriShape(Name: `FemaleHeadImperial`)
     [ 92]  NiCamera(Name: `WorldRoot Camera`)
     [ 135]  NiCamera(Name: null)
     [ 153]  BSMultiBoundRoom(Name: null)
     [ 155]  BSMultiBoundRoom(Name: null)

    Probable callstack
     [0]  0x7FF765E35590   (SkyrimSE.exe+12F5590)     unk_12F5590+0
     [1]  0x7FF765E3225F   (SkyrimSE.exe+12F225F)     BSLightingShader::Func4_12F2020+23F
     [2]  0x7FF765E484BE   (SkyrimSE.exe+13084BE)     unk_1308440+7E
     [3]  0x7FF765E47F9B   (SkyrimSE.exe+1307F9B)     BSBatchRenderer::unk_1307E80+11B
     [4]  0x7FF765E482D3   (SkyrimSE.exe+13082D3)     BSBatchRenderer::unk_1308030+2A3
     [5]  0x7FF765E47E52   (SkyrimSE.exe+1307E52)     BSBatchRenderer::unk_1307DD0+82
     [6]  0x7FF765E0CF4F   (SkyrimSE.exe+12CCF4F)     BSShaderAccumulator::unk_12CCE40+10F
     [7]  0x7FF765E0B699   (SkyrimSE.exe+12CB699)     BSShaderAccumulator::unk_12CB2E0+3B9
     [8]  0x7FF765E0ACAD   (SkyrimSE.exe+12CACAD)     BSShaderAccumulator::Func43_12CAC90+1D
     [9]  0x7FF765E24129   (SkyrimSE.exe+12E4129)     unk_12E3E70+2B9
     [10] 0x7FF7658A9DAF   (SkyrimSE.exe+D69DAF)     unk_D69D00+AF
     [11] 0x7FF7658B4F58   (SkyrimSE.exe+D74F58)     unk_D74EC0+98
     [12] 0x7FF7650F2096   (SkyrimSE.exe+5B2096)     Main::Draw_5B1860+836
     [13] 0x7FF765E0B905   (SkyrimSE.exe+12CB905)     BSShaderAccumulator::unk_12CB2E0+625
     [14] 0x7FF7650F1832   (SkyrimSE.exe+5B1832)     Main::unk_5B1710+122
     [15] 0x7FF7653BFE00   (SkyrimSE.exe+87FE00)     NiCamera::unk_87FD40+C0
     [16] 0x7FF7650F1301   (SkyrimSE.exe+5B1301)     Main::unk_5B1020+2E1
     [17] 0x7FF765873E60   (SkyrimSE.exe+D33E60)     BSMultiBoundRoom::QPointWithin_D33E40+20
     [18] 0x7FF764C9AA6E   (SkyrimSE.exe+15AA6E)     TES::unk_15A6E0+38E
     [19] 0x7FF764DDC683   (SkyrimSE.exe+29C683)     unk_29C440+243
     [20] 0x7FF7650F35C7   (SkyrimSE.exe+5B35C7)     Main::Update_5B2FF0+5D7
     [21] 0x7FFCB4CFDEC0   (hdtSMP64.dll+4DEC0)      
     [22] 0x7FFCB3007A94   (gameoverlayrenderer64.dll+97A94)
     [23] 0x7FF7650EF4F4   (SkyrimSE.exe+5AF4F4)     MainLoop_5AF3D0+124
     [24] 0x7FF7650ECC05   (SkyrimSE.exe+5ACC05)     BSGeometryListCullingProcess::unk_5ACBD0+35
     [25] 0x7FF765E8B17A   (SkyrimSE.exe+134B17A)     unk_134B05C+11E
     [26] 0x7FFD21A47034   (KERNEL32.DLL+17034)      
     [27] 0x7FFD23A22651   (ntdll.dll+52651)        

  • AnolinMcGinnis
    25 posts

    @longjohn119 Same here. ONLY Valhalla is having issues on my PC. All other games are as steady as a rock, yet AC Valhalla can crash at any time.

    Who wants to play a game where they are sitting on edge, waiting for the game to crash when opening the inventory, the map, selecting a dialogue choice, etc?

  • AnolinMcGinnis
    25 posts

    @longjohn119 Sad thing is that it's MY COMPUTER. Let me see the logs for what's going on in MY COMPUTER.

    I know I may sound entitled right now, but I cannot count on them to look at my DXDIAG log, go out and assemble a computer just like mine with the same hardware/software and troubleshoot it. It's beyond ridiculous.

  • longjohn119
    1280 posts

    @anolinmcginnis DXDIAG is the last thing I look at for troubleshooting because it doesn't really tell you anything other than whether your DirectX files are up to date or not ... It was probably relevant 10 years ago or more so it's been part of the checklist ever since .... The only thing relevant is the crash log it sends back but they don't let us have access to that ... They should drop a copy on our computer and have us send that in or post it online .... All the information that they ask you for is useful for is finding if there is a common fault with a piece of hardware .... Something like all crashes are happening on Ryzen CPUs or a certain motherboard manufacturer but that's not the case here, it's a problem with all systems, motherboards, CPUs and GPUs .... There is no common fault other than the game itself

  • AnolinMcGinnis
    25 posts

    @longjohn119 Very true.

  • arturocojonudo
    3 posts

    Good Morning. Today I have tried to install Valhalla in (C: > x86 > ACValhalla) (ssd and OS directory) and the game works correctly without any glitches. I'm thinking that the general failures are mainly due to the hard disk, perhaps due to Ubisoft's error for not having good optimization in the hard disk

  • rapozaum
    13 posts

    I played this game for 70+ hours I think, had maybe 5 crashes, nothing worrying.
    Bought the Season Pass last week, updated my game and now I simply cannot play it. I have crashes seconds after the loading screen (I don't mean the Continue button, I mean after the Ubi logo).

    I've done a myriad of things to test, tweaked a lot of things: Nothing works permanently. I play a bunch of other games on this PC without issues (Apex Legends on a daily basis).

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1259 posts

    Hey there folks.

    If you haven't already done so please attempt each step suggested here.

    If after doing so you're still experiencing issues please submit your system files to us on a support case so we can investigate these issues further.

    You can reach us either through the support website by opening  a live chat session or alternatively through our social media accounts on Facebook: (https://en-gb.facebook.com/UbisoftSupport/) and Twitter and they will be able to create a support case for you.

    After you've opened the case if I can also ask you to attach two system reports to the case that will assist us in identifying any potential cause. The reports we need from you are:



    Official Response
  • ghettoprinzezz
    2 posts

    After lower my graphics settings the crashes stop for now. Ryzen 5800 + rtx 3800 playing now 4k very high preset (motionblur off/ dof low).
    Game is a mess.

  • grooners
    24 posts

    @longjohn119 They are doing nothing to actively investigate like enabling extra debug logs - the system reports that even today they ask for contain nothing of use.

    If we were a Youtube channel however they would suddenly be "actively investigating" and then a hotfix would magically appear - just as with RE Village and Deathloop recently.

    It doesnt help that weve got Nv GPUs in an AMD favoured release

    Weve all provided specific scenarios - for me recently the game freezing at the cursed object area near Chertsey Abbey and CTD with driver error when looking at the map after battling an order member - this is useful info being ignored.

  • rapozaum
    13 posts

    Game is unplayable for me. Wish I could refund but this is happening after I've got the Season Pass on this sale.
    Hopefully a 1.3.2 or 1.4 update comes soon to fix this.

  • longjohn119
    1280 posts

    I found a fix that is working for me but I'd like to see others verify this. Details in this post

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1259 posts


    Thanks for sharing this with us. We'll keep an eye on the thread and I'll pass this on to the team as a potential workaround for crashing issues and so further testing can be done.

    Official Response
  • rapozaum
    13 posts

    @longjohn119 I replied there.

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1259 posts


    Thanks I've just responded to you there as well

    Official Response
  • leonardoinhoqui
    5 posts

    @markowheels It doesn't work for me, I have 10700k and 1080ti, but the game crashes all the time, even disabling this option and putting vsync, this clown started when uplay turned ubisoft connect and the worst thing that odyssey is also crashing the same way it's already gone over more than one year and ubisoft doesn't solve this mercenary company, just charge expensive games and keep making skins to sell, micro transaction works but solving a serious problem like that doesn't solve it, I have several friends with this problem ... until they solve it I won't buy another game ubisoft...

  • camokillo
    13 posts

    So whats the deal guys. Is it still crashing? Not worth downloading and trying to play if it still is. I just check in every month to see if these doods at UBI fixed the issue...

  • widowmakerjack1
    2 posts

    Can someone help me understand why all assassins creed games are broken? Valhalla and Black flag most notably. My PC is quite high end and even with graphics set to low the game ALWAYS freezes and crashes. Today I've played for about 3 hours and its crashed 4 times. No background program that isn't necessary is open. No other games EVER crash because they're made well and my PC is beefy enough to play any game at 4k 60fps so I'm just baffled at how these games continuously crash. Even a game as old as black flag does it. Im truly dissapointed that my love for vikings has been spoiled by this game crashing what seems like every 30 mins. PLEASE fix this before doing anything else, it is starting to feel like a chore to play this game.

  • Hot-Single-Dad
    1 posts

    Hi everyone - think I may have a workaround for you all:

    I was experiencing very frequent crashes after starting up the game again after purchasing the season pass in the sales. I last played the game roughly 9 months ago, so couldn't say whether the crashes are from a recent patch or the season pass etc, except all I know was that after leaving Scandinavia, I was getting a CTD about every 10 minutes. Sometimes they were random and othertimes I would be able to reproduce them from visiting a certain location.

    I tried all the usual tech support type options and fiddled with my graphics for hours etc with no improvement.

    However, since switching Ubisoft Connect to offline mode the crashes have almost entirely gone. I've been playing quite a bit since Saturday evening this way and have had only two CTDs in about 10 hours of play.

    Of course this is not a perfect fix as you're locking yourself out of a few options / quest types, but the DLC etc still works.

    Hopefuly this works for some if not all of you and hopefuly this also helps Ubisoft fix it!

  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2757 posts

    Hello @widowmakerjack1,

    Sorry to hear that your game keeps crashing.

    Can you please provide us with your full PC specs against your in-game graphics settings? Secondly, can you please perform all of the troubleshooting steps listed in this article? This will help you to eliminate any potential software conflicts.

    Many thanks and if you have any additional questions, please let us know.

    Official Response

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