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  • locked topic_solved [DISCONTINUED] [PC] I am experiencing frequent crashes / freezes in-game | POST HERE

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    @zylonq Same issue, have verified game files, uninstalled and reinstalled both Ubisoft Connect and Valhalla to no avail

  • jk000079
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  • jackstarr0
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    @arczicz this has also fixed for me, thank you!

  • jk000079
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  • Braccobaldo4
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    i resolve disable in game overlay in ubisoft Connect, and unistall last updat 26/09 at 28/09

  • novaopus
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    @braccobaldo4 thank you i solve problem disable game-overlay for AC Valhalla, so weird 2 days i cant play well. thanks again.

  • S7igma957
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    I tired sending crash reports! What's a point in those reports?

    Four day all was fine! NOT A SINGLE CTD!

    and now again!



  • BanoklesEntreri
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    I am glad I have seen this post as this is a constant issue for me.

    I have an overpowered system for any Ubisoft game, yet I crash every few minutes.

    What concerns me the most is that this is happening on all of their games and a basic internet search shows that it happens on consoles also.

    Ubisoft, when are you going to sort your games out and stop blaming external sources? Your trouble shooting suggestions do not work.

    It only happens with Ubisoft games.

  • Sgt-Halibut
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    Same Here, crashing recently (as in last week), and always in a transition of some kind - Fast travel, vendors etc.

    2 weeks ago it was fine.

    Recent Update? Nvidia lastest drivers?

  • Ubi-Karl
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 1534

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for everyone's input and sorry to hear you've been having difficulties with this issue too.

    As mentioned earlier, this matter is continuously being reviewed by our development team, therefore if you are having this issue, taken into account the number of different possibilities that may contribute to this, make sure to try completing the following steps and if that doesn't help, send your system files (MsInfo and DxDiag) through for us to take a closer look, as this will be extremely useful for reproduction purposes.

    Apologies if this has been taken longer than anticipated, appreciate your continued patience and if you do have any other queries, let us know!

  • longjohn119
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    Same Here, crashing recently (as in last week), and always in a transition of some kind - Fast travel, vendors etc.

    2 weeks ago it was fine.

    Recent Update? Nvidia lastest drivers?

    Go into the Nvidia Control Panel and in the 3D settings for Odyssey put a 120 FPS limit which may help to keep the FPS from spiking when you go into menus and transitions. Especially if you have a RTX 3000 series graphics card but it even seems to help on my 2080 Super ..... Valhalla isn't the only game I started doing this with, it also helped with startup crashes in Odyssey when I make a change in my Forger Mod, I have 60 FPS limits in both Skyrim SE and Witcher 3 which stabilizes them because they are so heavily modded, I have a 90 FPS limit on HZD although I don't know if that one is still needed since it was updated 2 or 3 times since I did that but it doesn't hurt because I never get close to 90 FPS in gameplay, only in menus and startup

  • furbe8
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    I kept crashing in restricted areas too, its frustrating, because it takes time to re-do those quests. Lowering the world detail settings from Ultra to Very High seemed to do the trick, as i have played 2 days now without a crash.

  • RagnarFenris
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    Got the same problem since the weekend, crashing within a few minutes of loading a save, usually when in combat. I hope Ubi is already annoyed by the thousands of crash reports i sent.

  • Ubi-Froggard
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    Hey @novaopus

    Glad to hear it's resolved for you and thanks for sharing what worked for you. Hope this helps anyone else having an issue currently.

  • Ubi-Froggard
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 3590

    Hey all,

    Please let us know if you have already tried disabling the overlay in the Ubisoft Connect settings and still have an issue.

    If you do, please try uninstalling the windows update KB5006365, as we have seen some other issues caused by this too.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • iMBUE_
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    I, too, am experiencing frequent crashes since the release of Paris. I have validated files and uninstalled and redownloaded and installed Valhalla. I played about 200 hours, through Wrath of the Druids without interruption, now I crash every hour. It is disappointing. I hope Ubisoft takes this seriously and discovers whatever is causing the issues for all of us!

  • mintkit1
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    I've been having the same problem playing on Windows 10. Since I haven't been on in a few weeks my Ubisoft Connect just updated today. Assassin's Creed Origins crashes as soon as the loading screen starts looking for additional content. I have disabled the overlay and it still crashes. I also went to my previous Windows updates and KB5006365 was never installed on my computer so that can't be causing the problem either. This is my first time trying to play Origins since I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago and I am quite disappointed that it's not working.

  • habix87
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    I just completed building a new PC rig, did fresh installation of windows and everything. The game totally crashed at start up at press any key screen. I have opened my case on 18/10/2021, all they can do is escalated my case but until now no update. I had the same issue when trying to play AC origins. Seems to affecting AC games only, no issues when playing other games. I have tried uncheck in-game overlay, not working. Hope to find any solution here.

  • BanoklesEntreri
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    Ubi-Karl what really are you guys doing to fix this?

    I am getting more frustrated with this as the days pass and waiting for it to be fixed. I bought the ultimate addition when the game first came out. I have still not completed the basic storyline!!

    I have tried again today, yet minutes into combat and the game crashes to desktop.

    There is no consistency, no error codes, just crash to desktop, sometimes i get an hour, sometimes a few, most of the times, its within minutes. Every now and again you make a fix and it lasts, but then a new update and starts over. Unfortunately, I am unable to play as much as others can. To try and blast through the game when you make some manner of fix to make it playable.

    I have tried all sorts with you guys, reporting it and I get asked what I can do to replicate it.

    Here's how I replicate a crash in a Ubisoft game....play it!

    This is completely unacceptable when you pay so much for a game.

    I am running a system with:
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz  3.60 GHz
    32.0 GB of RAM.
    Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080
    pretty much top of the range everything else so the system is not the problem.

  • robear08
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    Same here.
    Unchecking game overlay doesn't work...Windows update KB5006365 has not been installed.

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