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    What happens is that I am trying to play the game. For approximately two minutes I have full control of what happens. And then without warning, with either me doing something or I'm not doing anything, everything freezes, from the frame, to the game movement to the music. Nothing responds to what I try. There isn't a photo mode ongoing, there isn't a lag, there is no warning that the game has frozen. Literally nothing works. I have verified the files twice now and nothing seems to be working.

    Can anybody help me?

  • Murzealous
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    I just got Valhalla about a week ago and experiencing the same issues with crashing and freezing. My PC specs are i7-10700k/3080/32GB of 3600 MHz RAM with Windows 11 installed so hardware shouldn't be the issue. I've made sure all my PC drivers are up to date. I uninstalled my graphic drivers with DDU and did a fresh install through GeForce Experience. I verified game files through Ubisoft Connect. I tried turning off MSI Afterburner and RTSS. I tried disabling Ubisoft Connect's in-game overlay. None of these troubleshooting have fixed the instability. The frequency of the crashes aren't even consistent because sometimes I might get one or two through out the whole day of playing or three or four in the span of an hour. They are always crashes straight to the desktop. I've been enjoying the game thus far but the it's been frustrating dealing with these problems. Especially when I am in the middle of clearing a fort or doing a raid and when I relaunch the game I have to start from the beginning.

  • ubiqu79
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    depth of field turn on high helps me no crashes.

  • Ubi-Nacho
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    @habix87 Hello there.

    Thank you for posting in the forums.

    Regrettably, we're unable to offer any further troubleshooting here, and in this case you would need to await a response from the escalated support ticket. Apologies for the delay at this time, we'll update you via your ticket as soon as we have information to share with you.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions in the meantime.

    Official Response
  • Funereal
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    Same here. Turned it high and no more crashes!


  • BattlePhenom
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    depth of field turn on high helps me no crashes.

    I'm going to give this a try. I'm at my wits end with this game. It's an absolute crash fest no matter what I do on my 3090 9900k machine. I have no issues with any other games. I can rarely get in 5 min before AC crashes. I really regret purchasing this game.

  • Ryusennin
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    If it proves conclusive, that would be the weirdest workaround.

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    Have problem with starting the game. It opens the main icon of Valhalla and then it shows window like this.

  • BanoklesEntreri
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    This is not only AC valhalla or the PC version, if you are reading this forum section for help, you are not on your own and highly likely not an issue on your end.

    Ubisoft need to sort this out, although I doubt this will happen, they made their money from the game, so this will not be a priority.

    I will never buy another of their games, at least not until their games are stable and below is a perfect reason.

    The games are extremely unstable on all platforms.

    PS5 - https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/106794/constant-crashes-on-ps5

    Xbox series X - https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/110814/constant-crashes-in-xbox-series-x-ac-valhalla?lang=en-US

    I am not trying to attack Ubisoft here, I am [censored] off that I pay so much to them, yet they fix so little. Instead of fixing the problems, I see some new cosmetics getting added to the game, I have been guilty of buying some of these, but I cant get to experience them.

    Loads of similar posts on Ubisoft forums and the wider internet for all their games.

    Division 2 - https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/mz7o21/division_2_pc_keeps_crashing_constantly/

    Anno 1800 - https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2220574-Anno-1800-Crashing-to-Desktop: (https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2220574-Anno-1800-Crashing-to-Desktop) Granted this is a year old, but same problem.

    Farcry 6 - https://www.reddit.com/r/farcry/comments/q2jux6/far_cry_6_crashing_like_crazy/

    Again I eagerly wait for an official response with good news.

  • Malkavian213
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    Just adding myself to the endless mob of customers who can't play the game since roughly the Paris update hit. Frequent crashes, a dozen or so "crash reports sent" (pfft, sincerely doubt that does anything judging by this past year's performance from Ubi) and always at completely random times that cannot be "replicated".

    I can at least note that putting my PC into Ultimate-Performance Mode in windows salvaged the last couple evenings, but when I got around to finally advancing the story, the crashes returned, but were more annoying in that the game just super-minimizes itself. It can be heard in background, but the game is shrunk down to what seems to be a tiny, unusable window that doesn't open up or respond to any sort of manipulation attempt so it has to be "closed".

    Crashes on initial release were ridiculous and now these have been just as bad since trying to come back to the game. It's. Been. A. Year.

  • UbiStorm
    Ubisoft Support Staff 631 posts

    Hello everyone. I do apologize for the continued crashes that you all are getting when playing the game. Please let me know if the workaround suggested by @ubiqu79 resolves these crashes so that I can pass this along to the team! In the meantime, I do highly recommend running through this guide if you haven't already. If you have, then grab your system files and open a ticket with us on our support site. That way, we can continue to look for causes and pass them along to the team investigating these cashes.

    Official Response
  • Reinersdt
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    Hello everyone, i bought the game last week and i'm about 42 hours in. Unfortunately, like everyone posting here in the thread, I'm also experiencing this issues as well. it would let me play 5 mins then it would crash to desktop and sometimes it crashed during the loading screen. I tried lowering the graphics quality, validating the files, running through administrator, changing the ram performance, and even re installing the game. Yet, the issue persist. This happened to me when i started the oxenefordscire arc, since then i'm not able to play the game properly. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated, i do wanna play this game badly since i played origins and odyssey before.

    Spec: I5-10300h, RTX 2060, 8Gb ram

  • longjohn119
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    @reinersdt I did two things that stabilized my game going from 8 crashes in the first 18 hours to 7-8 crashes in the next 120+ hours

    1. Went into the Nvidia Control Panel and enabled the FPS limiter to 120 FPS (Helps with FPS spikes in menus or transitions)
    2. This got me the most benefit - I went into the ACValhalla.ini file (found in Documents/Assassin's Creed Valhalla folder) and changed the line that said "TobiiEnabled=1" to "TobiiEnabled=0". That took me from 2-3 crashes a day to a crash every 3-4 days. I also let Windows manage my Page File size to make sure I never run out of space which will often cause a crash. Setting a fixed size Page File hasn't been a thing since Windows XP despite all the nonsense you see by amateurs who think they are experts at tweaking Windows for better performance. Also no overclocks of the CPU or GPU, this game engine has never liked them and you won't gain much in FPS anyway, maybe 2-3 FPS at the cost of stability

  • Reinersdt
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    @longjohn119 will try your suggestions. my ini file doesn't have the tobi enable portion

  • Ubi-WheelyDuck
    Ubisoft Support Staff 924 posts

    Hey guys,

    Sorry to hear that you are encountering this crash on startup and that unchecking the overlay hasn't helped.

    As you advised that you haven't completed the windows update the first step I would advise is to complete that and the remaining troubleshooting steps in our troubleshooting article, these steps ensure your device is configured for the game.

    If after following this steps you continue to have trouble, it would be beneficial for us to take a look at both your DxDiag and MsInfo files. These files can be shared with us by opening a case.

    Any trouble just let us know and we will be happy to help.

    Official Response
  • S7igma957
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    After patch 1.4.0 game still CTD.

    THis is unacceptable!

  • S7igma957
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    @ubistorm Valhalla the only one game for me which is crash all the time!
    All other games works fine!
    I think this is all because of denuvo.
    I don't understand one thing! Why i sending crash report after the game crash? I already sended around 60+

  • longjohn119
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    @reinersdt Seems like that is only in the English language versions of the game

  • MePlayingGTA
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    My game crashes every couple of minutes all the time while moving in the area of Canterbury. Pretty annoying to be honest.. Crashing stops when I move into another area. I have the latest version of the game .

  • iDanmer
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    After the last update 1.4.0, the game periodically freezes. No errors or crashes. It just freezes and only helps to remove the process in the task manager. And after the update, I went through all the tombs and there were no problems. But when I returned to Ravensthorpe and began to improve the new armor from the tombs - freezes appeared. I don't know if it's only in Ravensthorpe or not, but now I can't even go through the new tasks of the festival. Fix it.

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