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    same, last few days ,since update, Valhalla keeps crashing more and more often . FarCry6 works fine for hours on end . time limited event and i cannot have game running for a moment without CTD . really bad .

  • Vimorain
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    @ubi-karl since its all over the variety of systems and started with the new update , its clear where the problem is . thing is ,also, will event be prolonged to compensate for crashes ? and will fix even come before its over?

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    So, any updates about this bug?

    I built all new PC with all new hardware with RTX 3090 card from MSI without any OC - and it still crashes the same as on my old PC with GTX 1080. Sometimes i can play weeks without crashes, sometimes it crashes every 30 minutes. The cause of the crashes from the player's side is impossible to find out.

    UBI, please search this crashes on NVIDIA cards with latest drivers!

    It is very difficult to play new DLC when the game constantly crashes. I have no such problems with any other UBI game, including Division 2 and Watchdogs Legion on ultra-high options with RTX. it's definitely not overheating of the card or power supply.

    In the meantime, I want to know more information on this:

    • Does the Valhalla crashes on AMD cards?
    • Does the game crashes on built-in processor Intel videochips like Intel HD graphics 600-700?
    • Does the game crashes on Windows 11 the same its crashes on Windows 10?
    • Does the game crashes on NVIDIA card with Resaizable BAR bios update patched? (my RTX 3090 not patched yet)
  • Vimorain
    19 posts

    did full clean reinstall ,prior to which I deleted any and all previous files . still crashing ,even after using Very High instead of Ultra details . not to mention number of bugs like several audio issues in settlement .

  • Ubi-Froggard
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1181 posts

    Hey @xgeorgianx

    I'm sorry to hear your game is crashing on launch. Please can you check through the steps in this article and see if there's anything you haven't tried yet, as we just need to rule out any of the most common causes of issues on PC first of all.

    If you still have issues after this, let us know here and we can create a support case for you, as we'll need to get some system files (DX Diag and MSINFO) from you to look into this further. You can find how to create these files from clicking on them towards the bottom of the page on the above link. 

    If you would prefer to contact us via live chat, you can do so here and we can get your files from you whilst speaking to you on there. 

    As live chat isn't always available, you can also reach out through a private message on Twitter or Facebook if you prefer, as that will also create a case for you and we can then get your system files off you through there. 

    If you do contact us through one of the above options, please let us know, otherwise we will create the support ticket for you if you still need assistance.  

    Official Response
  • Krautrichter
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    Same here. Constant crashes. Could be Denuvo, its notorious for being unstable.

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 809 posts


    Hey there.

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this.

    The first thing I would suggest is to attempt each step suggested here. These steps are known to resolve most of the common causes of crashing/freezing on PC. 

    If after doing so you're still experiencing issues please let us know so we can offer further assistance. Thanks!

    Official Response
  • sirpixelman
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    The game used to run great on my setup. I gave it a break for a while, went back to it today and its non-stop crashing. Tried deleting the cache, which allowed me to play for 30 minutes instead of 10.
    Huge bummer, was really looking forward to finishing this finally.

  • vasilis2004
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    Same here, 1.4.0 killed the game...

  • FastSmitty
    28 posts

    @kronograf I am still have this issue to this day

  • Darki_darK701
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    since patch 1.40 I've been experiencing crashes, I was able to avoid them by verifying the game files but it prevented them only for a few hours until they came back.

  • Teflon490
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    Standing in the long line of users for whose the game CTDs randomly. Started playing it a few days ago and it crashes infrequently, sometimes several hours straight without a crash and then 2 crashes in half an hour. Glad to see it is not my PC's instability (any other game is rock solid), but not glad to see it is still not patched after such a long time since the release.

  • furbe8
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    Patch 1.4.0 has been very unstable so far. It's crashing all over the place...
    Please fix it asap!

  • SNadrowski
    7 posts

    Game crashes, pops up a network services error and I lost oll my opal (800+).

  • SNadrowski
    7 posts

    ok, I solved the issue by running ubisoft connect as administrator. weird...

  • Thanakir
    2 posts

    Similar to others: game became unstable after patch 1.4. It worked well before, now I get crashes often.

  • Orangeater
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    @idanmer 1.4.0 update definitely. I crashed couple times when I was on Ravensthorpe. And the screenshots pin on the map from the other players online were loading rly slow. Seems like whenever it needs info from the sever and the sever can't feedback well, it crashes.

  • Ubi-Milky
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1359 posts

    Hello @fastsmitty thank you for contacting us about this and letting us know this has been affecting you most recently too. I have a few things I would like you to try >

    1.The D3DDRED2 error code is usually linked to one of the DirectX versions you have installed. Valhalla uses DirectX 12. Usually, when you update your Windows, this will update any supporting software you have installed too such as DirectX, so please make sure your Windows is updated.

    2.You can also find certain supporting files needed for the game, in the games installation folder, usually under the Support folder. You can try reinstalling some of this software, by checking this folder and clicking on the .exe files inside > Assassin's Creed Valhalla\Support\Software

    3.Could you also try verifying your game files by following this guide, as this will update any corrupted files or missing files that could be causing these DX12 crashes > https://www.ubisoft.com/help?article=000060529

    4.There was another thread made about this very issue some time ago, players suggested different solutions, some of which were quite unusual and it benefited many players. As a next step, I would recommend looking through this thread for a few more things you can try and troubleshoot > https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/80324/freezes-and-or-ctd-d3ddred2-error-memory-leak-pc/42?page=5&lang=en-GB

    Please let me know what happens and we will help guide you.

    Official Response
  • Ubi-Milky
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1359 posts

    Hello @darki_dark701 sorry to hear of your game crashing but thank you for letting me know you have tried verifying the game files already.

    Could you tell me a little more about the type of crashes you are experiencing >

    Did your computer restart itself? 
    Did the game crash and close itself down? 
    Did the game display a black, blue, or white screen?
    Did the game completely freeze so you couldn't control anything and you had to use Task Manager to end the program?

    Do you also receive any kind of warning message from the launcher, game, or Windows when the crash happens? If so, a screenshot will be very helpful to us, if you are able to capture one.

    Official Response
  • vfilipc84
    3 posts

    Still experiencing crashes. Is Ubisoft at least working on this? This is the only game I get display error messages in Windows and freezes with CTD

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