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    Played for 2 days without issue, today did a mission and crashed afterwards twice...
    Event Viewer says: 'Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.'
    Reliability Monitor says: 'A problem with your hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly.' 

  • spiralings
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    @s7igma957 yeah it sucks for sure.

    I just now apparently clicked the menus too fast and crashed... [censored]

  • Kaldire
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    @ ALL

    Well according to UBI reps, which I laugh at

    1. Please clear temp files! yeah that MUST be it!
    2. Disable firewall and antivirus, IMPOSSIBLE on win 10 and 11, 10 you can temp disable, but lol wow
    3. According to reps, in win 7.. wait wah.. this isnt win 7 compat
    4. OK so if you dont send your info, dxdiag and msinfo they REFUSE to chat or even talk, I asked a simple question DO YOU KNOW about this issue and are you going to fix it.. the reply was refusal to answer until I fully cooperated.. now that I have, its still being blamed on me the user..
    5. MAKE SURE you have windows updated fully THERE IS NO SUCH THING, win 10 a new update(s) comes out every few damn days.. morons work here. I directed them to this thread.. they refuse to read or reply its not they dont see it , they would rather say this

    "Works fine for us.. so this must be your fault or your pc/drivers"
    wow children work here Truly ive been around longer on just ubisoft site 11 years+ thats longer than most have worked there, and prolly been alive.

    Keep pounding tickets about this.. AND also I DOUBLE DOG DARE you to press f12 for a screenshot..
    usually that alone kills the game

    OR wait just get stuck in a wall..
    SOO many issues.. but no we will fix nothing.. just working on the next game to steal your cash

    thanks ubi
    Reply.. we know you see. DONT send some jerk kid mod get a real dev or programmer here.

    HUGS to you all my friends
    soon ubi will be fully MS ran, so there is that to look forward to, MS SUCKS but at least they DO fix things..

  • longjohn119
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    @kaldire A better way to do step two is go into Windows Security and make an exception for the AC Valhalla folder .... I do that for all my games .... However I wouldn't recommend disabling a firewall for anything other than testing purposes ..... Completely turning off virus scanning and firewalls is just bad advice from a security standpoint especially for multiplayer games or Live Service games like Valhalla .... If I'm a Hacker and I scan a computer and see it has no firewall active I'm going to start probing it's ports looking for a way in

  • Kaldire
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    mate they mean 3rd party.. not windows.
    just want to say that.

    Sadly win 11 and most of 10 will not let you disable anything
    win 10 you can pause stuff for a bit.. 11 never..

    note: also it doesnt matter what you run.. if you have vpn and 90 firewalls.
    if someone wants in, they will get in.. period. Sad truth of hacking.

  • NightHawk29
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    @kaldire I know what you mean!

    I tried a support ticket, I did most of that stuff before contacting them and I tried things they didn't ask me to try. It got to the point I explained it's only in Ravensthorpe since 1.4.0 with the festival (well had many CTD's in this game over the past year since release but that aside and speaking currently) going on and outside Ravensthorpe I play fine for hours. They then ask me to send the dxdiag and msinfo files a second time. I said that's pointless but fine I did, next response they send is to try all the previous steps again too with a clean boot and try playing and adding startup items 1 by 1 until I find the problem program. A second [censored] time they ask me to go through all of their pointless steps that I humored them with the first time but to ask again is an insult, [censored] YOU GUYS you incompetent morons! I know this is said and some just say it but I work in IT and I have done this stuff and self taught for 20 years before I got into IT as a new career field. I knew more than you guys did before you started working for Ubisoft and likely before you were even out of high school. Don't ask me to try steps a second [censored] time when I knew even the first time was useless but I did it to satisfy your process.

    What a joke Ubisoft has become! They're about to be added to my list beside EA for companies I will never ever support and I haven't touched an EA game in at least a decade now so... your call Ubi! Stop acting like it's out hardware and/or whatever you wanna blame it on and actually start taking responsibility for your product and FIX IT!

  • Kaldire
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    Its always the user never the game to them.
    This is sad, today they said oh we noticed old Vc redists .. clean install vc
    urm I have many installed for backward compat, I comply knowing it wont help
    all that it has done has made me unable to play the old games, it causes no issues with any other games,
    win10 just sees it as errors due to it not being new
    kinda like it blocks old copy protection with a kb file forced. win 7 u could skip it, and they have the BALLS to ask on a survey,
    "do you play digital or physical"
    UBI.. most games, you cannot buy muchless play on DVD anymore.
    WIN 11 ends this, no more media only digital and only streaming no more downloading games.
    win 10 ended all games that existed before denvo started.
    NO dvd game will work on win 10 that has old copyprotection (INCLUDING UBISOFTS OWN GAMES)

    Also side note:
    They REFUSE to come here and read these forums much less reply or validate anything here.
    nope its us.

  • Leotaurus1995
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    Yeah this is pretty ridiculous . This seems to be going on since the game was launched from what I can gather .

    I waited a year before buying this hoping that major bugs would be ironed out . But nope . Crashing to desktop . Litteraly the worst bug that could exist plagues the game .

    With the 1.3.1 version of the game it used to only crash after visiting ravensthorpe . Now this crap crashes willy-nilly .

    The error in the event viewer is always the same . D3DDRED2 . THEY REALLY TRIED TELLING ME IM EXPIERENCING HARDWARE FAILURE . like really ... what 😐

    They then now proceeded to also tell me to reinstall all the vc+ libraries . After about 2 months on the same ticket they have solved nothing . I'm sure the support staff can't really do anything more than follow the latest guidelines fed to them from higher up .

    I suppose cussing out some poor support employee won't do anything . The only real way to have this fixed would be to make a crapload of Twitter posts or YouTube videos and hope it gains traction . I like the game and all but I'm definitely not gonna keep playing it in this state . I sure as hell won't be paying any more good money for ubisoft games either .

    This is litteraly just Ubisoft slapping PC players in the face . If it runs fine on console then that's all they really care about . They want to make it seem like PC gamers are at fault because it's easy to blame something random when something is wrong .

  • Kaldire
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    They pulled the VC redists on you also?
    These arent techs they are reps, and they are [censored] poor at it.
    Its worse than comcast or dell.

    They flat out refuse to read this or do anything we ask, but refuse service and help until we do as they say
    which we have, but they still refuse.
    its insane.

    seriously they are reps of anything, mods here should by default be reading this, then pushing it up higher so that these moron reps dont shoot the same garbage out.

    ITS A GLOBAL ISSUE, if this was one user or a handful you would be correct REPS.
    but as you can see plainly if you cared to look, its not, and your lame requests that we fulfill dont solve anything.. why? because its the game morons.

    Keep pushing tickets and linking them here.
    they flat refuse,

    I miss old ubi where a 40 year old who talks to the crew aka dev team would see this and go oh man, lets forward this to the devs and we will get back to you all!

    but those days are long dead due to outsourcing. As well as ubi isnt even owned by ubi anymore
    someone say MS?

  • Poetricks
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    I'm also having issues. Seems like the latest Title Update 1.4.0 absolute broke the game. Random crashes to desktop.
    Sessions can last from anywhere 15 minutes to few hours. Basically rolling a dice if the game will crash after 15-20 minutes,
    I have done bunch of troubleshooting so it's not my PC's fault.
    AC Odyssey works perfectly with no crashes. AC Valhalla is just broken.

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    same here, game running normal, suddenly it freezes for a sec, CTD. mostly happen after some playtime

  • endevoro
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    I am having the same problems, generally it simply freezes for half of a second, then black screen then it goes right back to the desktop. This happens every time after about 10 or 15 minutes of gameplay. I am quite [censored] off since I spent quite the amount for this game and also I just got a new GPU so I could play it properly and then this is the result. Frustrating...

  • Ubi-Oxavo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 255 posts
    This post is deleted!
    Official Response
  • BlackGlass657
    10 posts
    I had the exact same problem with Watch Dogs Legion, both games I'm playing through Ubisoft+. Yes I meet the requirements, yes I've verified files, yes my drivers are up to date. I'm seriously starting to think that Ubisoft+ is the cause.

    Assasins creed, need to make something new !! Like make imposible, possible. No parkour !!! No. Instead of the parkour. Make other Assasins, That make impossible, possible. But no. Parkour.
    Here is idea for four new Assasins:
    1) New Assasin can climb up, as twice as low as Altair, but have badass old age katana, which he can use badass.
    2) A child that can make, impossible possible. He can't use parkour, but he have this badass animations. A child, can hide anythere and he can make impossible, possible. Also he can create, badass traps for his victims.
    3) A Assasins that have this wires, that work like a spider man or something. Which is badass.
    4) A Assasin who is badass at explosives. Make impossible, possible, but can't use parkour.

  • longjohn119
    934 posts

    @kaldire In Windows 10 and 11 you can make an exception and tell it not to scan a folder and it's contents. For all practical purposes it has turned off virus scanning for that game

    Hackers look for soft targets and most of them don't actually have the necessary skills to hack a properly setup system directly .... Even the Russian GRU Hackers use phishing and other indirect techniques to hack systems. Most ransomware attacks are started with a phishing email or going to a compromised fake website that drops a Zero Day hack in your browser or an even more common way puts a Zero Day trojan in a cracked pirated video game or software.

    I haven't had a successful virus/trojan infection on one of my computers since 1997 and that was only because my ex-wife clicked on a virus in an email attachment. I also design building control systems (HVAC, lights, alarms, fire sprinkler systems etc.) since 2009 and have never had one of my designs successfully hacked. When Target got hacked via a HVAC control system in 2013 and then Home Depot the same way in 2014 my business exploded. I had been warning about this in Trade Publications since 2006 when Building Control/HVAC Control systems started being switched from Dedicated Phone Line systems to the Internet. With DPL systems your security is the fact it's on a closed network that isn't accessible from outside the network and everyone was just putting them on the Internet without any real security hardwired into these systems. So the hacks like with Target and Home Depot were just a matter of time. My Software Engineer (Don't call him a Dev) is ex-Army Intel and spent 8 of his 10 years in the military in Afghanistan, Iraq and UAE harassing terrorists. We use top to bottom encryption, even the firmware and firmware updates are encrypted, The original firmware is encrypted because protecting IP with Patents is ridiculously expensive unless you have millions of dollars and a team of lawyers at you disposal and the firmware updates are encrypted for security reasons (See the Solar Winds hack for the reasons I do this)

  • longjohn119
    934 posts

    @kaldire I recommend downloading this Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One .... It is constantly updated (Currently updated on November 10) and it covers pretty much everything going back to Windows XP and will likely get your older games working again with minimal hassle

    Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One

    Here's another one that also covers .NET, Java and several other runtimes. You can just check the ones you want but I'd suggest skipping Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Shockwave Player as they are depreciated and defunct now

    All in One Runtimes

    I always run these every time I do a fresh system install

  • Kaldire
    40 posts


    First what the hell are you talking about all in one. VC
    I mean I know what you mean, but this is what UBI is claiming is BAD.
    You cant have any OLD vc redists or windows tags it as old and bad. So ubi does too.
    Asking us to do clean installs of this [censored] is nuts.. all this did was make old games or even new games like max payne3 NOT work
    grats ubi
    Let me know what you mean..by all in one, as the redists I use, are legacy and most need to just be very specific, including older dvk like oh idk COUGH wolf II
    which crashes for all. lame are old vulcan is required
    AS are older drivers. never use NEW drivers for old games. Roll back. or have a win 7 and xp build as I do.

    Misunderstanding here:
    virus trojans malware are NOT hackers
    hackers are real people that will bypass anything.. and I mean anything

    as for win10 no there is no way to stop the scans only temp stop.. once you reboot you are forced to do it all again.
    win 11 doesnt allow for any of those options, and updates will just install, never asking you.
    I had hackers.. a group after me.. still around *waves
    they come out with just phones and hijack everything via bluetooth or RF
    once they are local, and hitting rf, you cant stop this.
    other than turning power off in the entire house including heater and air.

    so yea again if someone.. wants in they will get in

    if you keep saying malware or virus/virii are hackers no.. this isnt what i mean.
    Imagine a group of people, all with diff skill sets and all hacking your [censored].
    every device.. everything in the house from clocks to the fridge and washer

    this cant be prevented

    case and point
    DO you think a lock on your door makes you safe?
    locks on all windows?
    alarm system?


    as for torrenting its dead. any moron who uses this now is asking for a trojan.
    its common knowhow for this era. dont do it even with vpns.. sheesh

    lets focus back on UBI putting the blame on us consumers

  • longjohn119
    934 posts

    @kaldire Just go to the link it explains what it is ..... It's basically every C++ Runtime starting with 2005 and up to the latest one just released a couple of weeks ago ... As long as you have the latest one it shouldn't matter that you also have the older ones ..... For instance 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2022 are all in one package and there is no way to install each separately because Microsoft themselves packages them all together into one executable

    If you use Visual Studio it installs all of these and more automatically ...... So saying you can't have the older ones is just stupid because if they are using Visual Studio for anything then Ubisoft themselves have these installed on their development machines along with their SDKs

    When you make an exception/exclusion for a folder it's permanent and that folder does not get scanned anymore

  • longjohn119
    934 posts

    @longjohn119 BTW you can find the VC++ redistributable in the Valhalla game folder

    X:\Assassin's Creed Valhalla\Support\Software\VCRedist\ vc_redist.x64.exe ..... Ironically it's not even up to date but it does cover 2015, 2017, and 2019 ... It is version 14.27.29016.0 and the latest is 14.30.30704.0 so they aren't even using the latest one themselves

    If you verify your game files it will automatically reinstall it the next time you start up the game .....

    Seems like I know more about this stuff than Ubisoft support does .....

  • halo1man1
    2 posts

    Stopping by to post a fix I had for anyone immediately crashing upon launching multiple Ubisoft games. Watch Dogs, ACV were some of the ones that would immediately crash and never launch.

    I am on the new Alder Lake CPU (i7 12700k), and my problem turned out to be having to limit the amount of cores I use so here is some information for with or without alder lake.

    This was done on a Windows 10 Home edition system

    Non alder lake PCs:
    msconfig -> Boot -> Advanced Option -> Number of processor, drop down list and select 10, should work. Restart PC and try again. If it does not work, then try 9 or 8 cores.

    Alder lake:
    In your bios, on the Elite AX it's under advanced settings for CPU and you have to scroll down and find the selectable CPU cores. Disable all E cores and it should work without having to use MSConfig. Alternatively, MSConfig should work too.

    I had to dig far for this, so I am putting this info out there

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