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    I had the exact same problem with Watch Dogs Legion, both games I'm playing through Ubisoft+. Yes I meet the requirements, yes I've verified files, yes my drivers are up to date. I'm seriously starting to think that Ubisoft+ is the cause.

    Assasins creed, need to make something new !! Like make imposible, possible. No parkour !!! No. Instead of the parkour. Make other Assasins, That make impossible, possible. But no. Parkour.
    Here is idea for four new Assasins:
    1) New Assasin can climb up, as twice as low as Altair, but have badass old age katana, which he can use badass.
    2) A child that can make, impossible possible. He can't use parkour, but he have this badass animations. A child, can hide anythere and he can make impossible, possible. Also he can create, badass traps for his victims.
    3) A Assasins that have this wires, that work like a spider man or something. Which is badass.
    4) A Assasin who is badass at explosives. Make impossible, possible, but can't use parkour.

  • longjohn119
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    @kaldire In Windows 10 and 11 you can make an exception and tell it not to scan a folder and it's contents. For all practical purposes it has turned off virus scanning for that game

    Hackers look for soft targets and most of them don't actually have the necessary skills to hack a properly setup system directly .... Even the Russian GRU Hackers use phishing and other indirect techniques to hack systems. Most ransomware attacks are started with a phishing email or going to a compromised fake website that drops a Zero Day hack in your browser or an even more common way puts a Zero Day trojan in a cracked pirated video game or software.

    I haven't had a successful virus/trojan infection on one of my computers since 1997 and that was only because my ex-wife clicked on a virus in an email attachment. I also design building control systems (HVAC, lights, alarms, fire sprinkler systems etc.) since 2009 and have never had one of my designs successfully hacked. When Target got hacked via a HVAC control system in 2013 and then Home Depot the same way in 2014 my business exploded. I had been warning about this in Trade Publications since 2006 when Building Control/HVAC Control systems started being switched from Dedicated Phone Line systems to the Internet. With DPL systems your security is the fact it's on a closed network that isn't accessible from outside the network and everyone was just putting them on the Internet without any real security hardwired into these systems. So the hacks like with Target and Home Depot were just a matter of time. My Software Engineer (Don't call him a Dev) is ex-Army Intel and spent 8 of his 10 years in the military in Afghanistan, Iraq and UAE harassing terrorists. We use top to bottom encryption, even the firmware and firmware updates are encrypted, The original firmware is encrypted because protecting IP with Patents is ridiculously expensive unless you have millions of dollars and a team of lawyers at you disposal and the firmware updates are encrypted for security reasons (See the Solar Winds hack for the reasons I do this)

  • longjohn119
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    @kaldire I recommend downloading this Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One .... It is constantly updated (Currently updated on November 10) and it covers pretty much everything going back to Windows XP and will likely get your older games working again with minimal hassle

    Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One: (https://www.techpowerup.com/download/visual-c-redistributable-runtime-package-all-in-one/)

    Here's another one that also covers .NET, Java and several other runtimes. You can just check the ones you want but I'd suggest skipping Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Shockwave Player as they are depreciated and defunct now

    All in One Runtimes: (https://www.computerbase.de/downloads/systemtools/all-in-one-runtimes/)

    I always run these every time I do a fresh system install

  • Kaldire
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    First what the hell are you talking about all in one. VC
    I mean I know what you mean, but this is what UBI is claiming is BAD.
    You cant have any OLD vc redists or windows tags it as old and bad. So ubi does too.
    Asking us to do clean installs of this [censored] is nuts.. all this did was make old games or even new games like max payne3 NOT work
    grats ubi
    Let me know what you mean..by all in one, as the redists I use, are legacy and most need to just be very specific, including older dvk like oh idk COUGH wolf II
    which crashes for all. lame are old vulcan is required
    AS are older drivers. never use NEW drivers for old games. Roll back. or have a win 7 and xp build as I do.

    Misunderstanding here:
    virus trojans malware are NOT hackers
    hackers are real people that will bypass anything.. and I mean anything

    as for win10 no there is no way to stop the scans only temp stop.. once you reboot you are forced to do it all again.
    win 11 doesnt allow for any of those options, and updates will just install, never asking you.
    I had hackers.. a group after me.. still around *waves
    they come out with just phones and hijack everything via bluetooth or RF
    once they are local, and hitting rf, you cant stop this.
    other than turning power off in the entire house including heater and air.

    so yea again if someone.. wants in they will get in

    if you keep saying malware or virus/virii are hackers no.. this isnt what i mean.
    Imagine a group of people, all with diff skill sets and all hacking your [censored].
    every device.. everything in the house from clocks to the fridge and washer

    this cant be prevented

    case and point
    DO you think a lock on your door makes you safe?
    locks on all windows?
    alarm system?


    as for torrenting its dead. any moron who uses this now is asking for a trojan.
    its common knowhow for this era. dont do it even with vpns.. sheesh

    lets focus back on UBI putting the blame on us consumers

  • longjohn119
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    @kaldire Just go to the link it explains what it is ..... It's basically every C++ Runtime starting with 2005 and up to the latest one just released a couple of weeks ago ... As long as you have the latest one it shouldn't matter that you also have the older ones ..... For instance 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2022 are all in one package and there is no way to install each separately because Microsoft themselves packages them all together into one executable

    If you use Visual Studio it installs all of these and more automatically ...... So saying you can't have the older ones is just stupid because if they are using Visual Studio for anything then Ubisoft themselves have these installed on their development machines along with their SDKs

    When you make an exception/exclusion for a folder it's permanent and that folder does not get scanned anymore

  • longjohn119
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    @longjohn119 BTW you can find the VC++ redistributable in the Valhalla game folder

    X:\Assassin's Creed Valhalla\Support\Software\VCRedist\ vc_redist.x64.exe ..... Ironically it's not even up to date but it does cover 2015, 2017, and 2019 ... It is version 14.27.29016.0 and the latest is 14.30.30704.0 so they aren't even using the latest one themselves

    If you verify your game files it will automatically reinstall it the next time you start up the game .....

    Seems like I know more about this stuff than Ubisoft support does .....

  • halo1man1
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    Stopping by to post a fix I had for anyone immediately crashing upon launching multiple Ubisoft games. Watch Dogs, ACV were some of the ones that would immediately crash and never launch.

    I am on the new Alder Lake CPU (i7 12700k), and my problem turned out to be having to limit the amount of cores I use so here is some information for with or without alder lake.

    This was done on a Windows 10 Home edition system

    Non alder lake PCs:
    msconfig -> Boot -> Advanced Option -> Number of processor, drop down list and select 10, should work. Restart PC and try again. If it does not work, then try 9 or 8 cores.

    Alder lake:
    In your bios, on the Elite AX it's under advanced settings for CPU and you have to scroll down and find the selectable CPU cores. Disable all E cores and it should work without having to use MSConfig. Alternatively, MSConfig should work too.

    I had to dig far for this, so I am putting this info out there

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    after i started Uplay and ACV as admin, i didnt had any crashes for about 8h . maybe it helps you

  • longjohn119
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    @halo1man1 I've also had luck with startup crashes in Odyssey and Valhalla by going into the Nvidia Control Panel and setting a 120 FPS limit. Seems to help with crashes when you go to a menu in-game too. However it doesn't help with the random CTD type crashes. I was able to limit them by turning off Tobii in the ACValhalla.ini file found in the Documents folder. However I can't say if that is still working with the latest update since I've been playing Witcher 3 for the last few weeks (73 Mods and only one CTD while completing the main game both expansion DLCs and all the Witcher Contracts and Treasure Hunts) Going to try Valhalla again later tonight after all my family leaves .... If it crashes several times I'll just move on to something else

  • LazyHero2006
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    Before i upgraded to windows 11, the game ran fine, but now when i have upgraded to windows 11, it doesn't launch. What shall i do?

  • Ubi-Keo
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    Hi @lazyhero2006 and welcome to the forum.

    I'm sorry to hear that Assassin's Creed Valhalla is not launching since upgrading to Windows 11.

    Can you go through the PC troubleshooting steps in the support article here as there have been known to help resolve issues such as games not launching, crashes, freezing, FPS drops and much more.

    Please confirm if these steps help to resolve the issue.

    Official Response
  • Kurea_Hasumi
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    I cant play this garbage game for more than an HOUR before a CTD. Funny thing is, I have an AMD GPU and this an AMD GAME. SAD.
    For the record, I can play FC6, GRB with ZERO CRASHES. But Valhalla is reaching the frustration levels of UNPLAYABLE.
    It's not my PC, it's not my hardware. It's the bad coding of this game.

  • kivapo
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    I just crashed twice in Canterbury Cathedral(same hard crash to desktop for no apparent reason), is this this some sort of feature that comes with the game? Because I am certainly not being immersed by being transformed to my desktop...Seriously the game is over a year old now, how is it still crashing? I do like the game but this just takes my enjoyment out of it. Hope you guys look into this issue because it's certainly STILL in the game.

  • DerellLicht
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    @ubi-milky I hope it is okay for me to re-open this ticket again...
    Although I had previously gotten the game to work by re-installing Ubisoft Connect, when I go back now and try to continue playing,
    I again am having the same problem that I had before; the game just hangs on that first loading screen, and never progresses.

    This time I tried deleting the cache as you recommended, but that did not affect the issue.

    well, okay, I simply re-installed Ubisoft Connect, right over the top of the existing copy, and now it loads just fine.
    I don't understand this, but it works, so I'll just do that from now on, when this issue recurs...

  • S7igma957
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    @kivapo Yes! Game have problem with this. I've tired to send reports.

  • Kurea_Hasumi
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    This game crashes to desktop all the time when I am flying with the raven trying to survey the land.

  • CrypticRat
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    I get random crashes to desktop as well. Sometimes I go hours and nothing goes wrong. Then I have days like today where I have 4 crashes in the span of 2 hours. I went through the first 12 hours of the game fine then the random crashing started. Can't see where the crashes come from and cannot find any error messages when the crashes happen or logs in my windows system. No help from support either. The one time I opened a ticket I got the same nonsense and no actual help: "Update your drivers", "send us your logs" (I did and I doubt they looked at them because they didn't mention them at all after), "Reinstall the game".

  • cambell123
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    Games been crashing on me... judging from the 1600+ replies it's likely happening to quite a few people. But well here are my details since support chat isn't open and it won't let me log a ticket.
    Get anywhere from 15mins to a few hours in game before it crashes. Doesn't seem to be any commonality to the crashes, some in cutscenes, some just walking around. Though I will say I didn't get any crashes before I came to England. Which was about 9 hours for me because I spent a long time riding around collecting [censored] before leaving.
    PC is 5 days old.
    i9 11900k
    3070 Ti
    32gb @ 3200mhz
    Game on SSD on PCIE port.
    850w power supply.
    Been running the game on max settings but I'm only running a 1080p screen so its not very hard for it.
    Bench mark tests show around 100fps average on max settings. GPU temps around 80c.

    Weird because the error I get through windows makes it look like its a driver issue, but I've tried backdating and uninstalling and reinstalling driver.
    Makes no difference to it crashing or not. I got sick of it and ended up doing a clean reinstall of windows and installed a fresh copy of the latest drivers on the PC. Redownloaded Valhalla and it still crashes. It's also not occurring in any of the other games I've tried on the pc since I purchased it. Error is below. (Driving me absolutely nuts)

    Problem signature
    Problem Event Name:   LiveKernelEvent
    Code:   141
    Parameter 1:   ffffa18c91468050
    Parameter 2:   fffff803219f0630
    Parameter 3:   0
    Parameter 4:   fe0
    OS version:   10_0_22000
    Service Pack:   0_0
    Product:   768_1
    OS Version:   10.0.22000.
    Locale ID:   5129

    Extra information about the problem
    Bucket ID:   LKD_0x141_Tdr:6_IMAGE_nvlddmkm.sys_Ampere
    Server information:   2fa648b3-4ac4-439f-9fd3-6ccec24de81a

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    @cambell123 try to start uplay and ACV as administrator. after ive done that the crashes dissapeared.

  • S7igma957
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    I don't remember any CTD in Asgard or Jotunheim and when playing Master challenges ( i did them all ) .
    I don't care anymore because i did all achievements and now there is nothing to do in this game. As a player i did all i can! I've send about 60+ crash reports already and maybe even more. I think this is all about game protection. As i said before, i have zero issue with any other game. CTD is unacceptable in any game! I can understand stuttering, graphic bugs like flickering textures which Valhalla does not have, but not CTD. I will not be wasting my time for searching a solution, because i just want to play. This game deserves the best!

    Fix CTD and add DLSS. This all what game needs.

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