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    @allysonflb Even after closing all background apps and ubi overlay the game crashed again when i called my horse.

  • duckee89
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    I am now also experiencing crashing since this last update. I hadn’t had an issues before this. All drivers up to date, Windows updated and game files verified. That’s about the limit of my technical skills.
    Anyone had any luck contacting Ubisoft Support?

  • Allysonflb
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    @duckee89 Open event view > windows logs > system and see if your display driver is crashing when the game crashes.
    I'm having the exact same problem, the game just closes without any warning to desktop.

    I already tryed:
    Run with administrador rights
    Disable Ubi overlay
    Disable Nvidia overlay
    Close all background apps
    Updated and Downgrade the video driver.

    I'm kinda running out of ideas, right now i'm verifying the game integrity to see if solves..

  • Allysonflb
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    If you are experiencing crashes when reaching a sync point while reading a mount, or when entering combat ->
    Trying my best to anwser everything 😛

    When did you first notice this happening?
    Day 24 of december when i bought the game.
    Does it persist on the latest update, 1.4.1?
    Yes, i haven't tested with older patchs, the game already was updated to 1.4.1 when i bought.
    At what point in gameplay does your game crash?
    It seems random, sometimes crashes when i open my map, sometimes when i call my horse and sometimes in the middle of a mission like the last time.

    Event view gets the follow error:
    Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

    My PC:
    Windows 10 Pro
    RTX 3070
    i5 11400
    16gb 3200
    860w power supply (Corsair AX 860W)
    I don't have any overclock enable.
    Resizable Bar is ENABLE.

  • ShomeAssassin
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    I also checked the event viewer, and that is most useless, unfriendly, and anti-user program ever created, i mean it display error, when you view the event it just has game.exe or whatever exe crashed. There are some error codes, which mean jack s**t because we need to know to what they are referencing to fix it. Same with BSOD error codes, they give general service that crashed, and when checked you always get same answer, check driver, check gpu, check memory, check system drive, i mean really !?!?

    The only thing that i find in error log with UBI logs is that error is with some overlay pid file, even if anything that can be overlay related i turned off, i also completely closed any process or program from task manager. And still getting crashes, sometimes after hour 2 3 sometimes immediately after 15-30 minutes. I downgraded speed of memory also, and reset all OC to default, but nope, still the same.

  • Allysonflb
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    @shomeassassin Do you also get display drivers error in event view? :i
    I will try play again with lower settings and bordless mode instead of fullscreen, maybe it helps 😞

  • ShomeAssassin
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    @allysonflb Nope, it just shuts down. I also tried Borderless, Full screen, and will try windowed, but i think it does not matter. I read somewhere this happens mostly on Ubisoft plus subscription, not if game is bought regularly, but i think thats just assumption, and wild guess. I also tried older, newer, newest, and clean driver install, but it still is happening.

  • Broken_Noah
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    Yep. Same issue. Random crashes and I've tried all the suggested fixes here. I have Odyssey installed as well and I'm not getting any crashes. It's only Valhalla - Ubi or otherwise - that I am having this problem for some unknowable reason.

  • jkbike
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    @ubi-theberry Yeah, I just bought this game. One would think that after a year maybe you have the bugs worked out a little? Nah. It happens all the time at random, but usually when I'm about to complete something just to troll me and make me redo as much as possible.
    So yes, latest update. Has been a problem since I got the game.
    Yes, I've checked game files. No problems. It's just buggy junk crashing.

  • jkbike
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    And it just crashed AGAIN. Second time in half an hour now. So...it's getting worse. Lovely. Same story, not doing anything in particular. Last time I was in a battle, this time I was talking to someone. Game just decides I might be enjoying myself too much and crashes.

  • jkbike
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    And again. I verified game files AGAIN. All updates are installed. Latest drivers are installed. I disabled ubisoft overlay. I turned the graphics settings down. That still bought me...half an hour.

  • Staus4
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    Hi fellow frustrated players.

    I am playing on PC and
    Just wanted to give my 2 cents. I have been having these crashes since druids came out.

    What always worked for me is to take Ubisoft offline (doubt other platforms except PC can actually do this). After doing so I can play without crash.

    To take it offline click on the 3 horizontal dots top left and select Go Offline.
    After this just play the game. 

  • Oszomz
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    I've also had around 50 crashes in my 200 hours playing the game, and am currently taking a break until these problems are looked at. This is very disappointing since I was truly loving this game and is honestly the most fun I've had in an open world RPG in quite a long time. This is the only game that causes crashes on my otherwise stable rig (beside Halo Infinite with 2 crashes in 140h). I have tried every fix from delete cache files to playing offline.

    When did you first notice this happening?
    Since I bought the game which was during patch 1.3.1. Norway was very stable for me but once I reached England crashes started to become a random and regular occurrence.

    Does it persist on the latest update, 1.4.1?

    At what point in gameplay does your game crash?
    The game can crash randomly seemingly at any time in England, while I'm in map menus, escorting quest NPCs, walking around Ravensthorpe or exploring the world. These crashes lessen during river raids or exploring Ireland but they still do exist.

    I also get the "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered" error as many other people have in this thread

    Thank you for parlaying this information, I would love to start playing this game again in these seemingly endless crashes our improved upon.

  • ShomeAssassin
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    @staus4 That does not work for us which are using Ubisoft plus. Cant play game in offline mode.

  • Pharahmedic
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    Same here. Decided to resubscribe to Ubi+ and finish this game after a year of not touching it. Back then I never crashed once (and had like 20h of playtime), but now, on basically a whole new system with a 5800x and a 3070Ti, I crash very often, mostly during "Synchronize" actions or when moving the camera around. I also have been getting crashes in another Ubisoft game, Far Cry 6, although that one only gave me like 3 crashes in 30h of playing. These 2 games are the only ones that have crashed on my PC since I've build it, and I put like 50 hours into Forza Horizon 5, another 50 into New World... rather "demanding" games that all ran flawlessly.

    Seems like the common denominator is Ubisoft and/or their launcher...

  • Kaldire
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    this is why ubi reps told me to uninstall the game before the last revamp of core files.

  • Epic.Milky
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    I've been dealing with support on this. They've been little help. In troubleshooting this they told me to do over a half dozen things and let them know if i continue to have issues. This is sad because that is not how you troubleshoot. When troubleshooting you don't want to change to many variables at once because you won't know what fixed the issue. They kept feeding me more and more steps consisting of stuff like telling me to close all programs and services and to disable my antivirus which is just lunacy. I asked them why don't they just review the dozens of crash reports that I have submitted and they claimed they don't have access to that. How is that even possible and if it's true, what is the point of those crash reports then? Eventually after just feeding me generic troubleshooting steps they told me there was a program causing the issue and to run malwarebytes to find it. Malwarenytes didn't find anything. I had to ask them over and over again to tell me what program it was before they told me what it was. Apparently it's an .exe file that is tied Norton's new crypto mining. I keep that disabled and don't know how it could be causing issues.

  • YazX_
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    the driver crash happening here is called TDR, this happens when the game doesnt render output to the video card, thus windows resets the driver, the timeout window is 2 seconds by default.

    you can increase the TDR delay from registry to 10 seconds as i did, so the game will freeze for 4-5 seconds and then continue normally instead of crashing, this is the only workaround i found for this issue

  • Pharahmedic
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    okay aside from the random, frequent crashes I've been getting since I downloaded the game a week ago, I now have one 100% crash in this specific anomaly
    this is my very last frame, every time.

    I'd also like to add that this isn't a driver crash, just the game freezing and sometimes closing on itself, other times I need to end task...

  • KingPractice
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    I have been playing for 50 hours and have about 25 crashes myself. Early in the game it was happening when I would fast travel to a Viewpoint then take my horse away. Now the crashes seem to happen when I get an achievement. Like.... Every single achievement. As you all know I'm sure, the achievement system is completely broken in game and I think this has something to do with it. I just got the 10 cursed symbol achievement and my game immediately crashed. Here's a video of it happening. Not sure what we are supposed to do. Ruins immersion.


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