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    Anybody else having this issue? And is there any fixes. My platform is PC, I have a 2070 Super, it runs it no problem. All my overlays are turned off and I verified game files, I've already played this game for 13 hrs (with a lot of frustration, FPS dropping and Glitches everywhere), but now it's just doing this. I really love this game, but this is ridiculous.

  • RedIndianRobin
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    @ubi-ginge I would also like to point out that I completely fixed my crashes by downgrading all the way to version 442.59. This looks like a driver issue.

  • WR3cker_DK
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    e actually work fine with some minor bugs, but the major problem for me is that when I alt+tab or just set game window to borderless, after around 5 minutes of gameplay game just crashes to desktop without any messages!? I tried multiple solutions, but sadly nothing fixed it. Does anyone else face the same problem, and (or) does anyone have any solution?  

    Try running the game as admin

  • BlandLameO
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    I've also had crashing issues and can't figure it out. At first it was giving me the crash report pop up but after it started happening more it didn't even give me that option. And then since yesterday it's been blue screening my pc. Others experiencing the blue screen think it has to do with GForce drivers on pc. Don't know what it could be for other platforms though. Whatever it is, it's annoying as hell having put over a hundred bucks forward to play this and now I can't even manage to.

  • Dragon2245
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    Was Raiding and all of a sudden just went back to windows desktop

    Time of this report: 11/13/2020, 18:24:18
     Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 19041) (19041.vb_release.191206-1406)
     Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz (12 CPUs), ~3.2GHz
     Memory: 32768MB RAM
     Available OS Memory: 32704MB RAM
    Card name: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER
     DirectX Version: DirectX 12

  • WR3cker_DK
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    Same problem here

  • Extra1ite
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    When you will help with this? i cant play from 11 nov. Game won't start and no one knows what to do. What should i do to play ACV?????
    or you keep ignoring all of us?
    my setup : AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
    INVIDIA GeForce 2070 RTX
    16 GB RAM
    Driver Ver:457.30 from 2020.11.9
    game on disk C with my OC

  • emmaj95
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    @extra1ite Seems to be a very common problem, I have yet to find a solution

  • a.ovidiu
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    It happens to me as well.
    The game just freezes randomly for seconds and comes back, never crashed, audio stops as well.
    I run the game at ultra settings, shouldn't be a problem. I've tried to lower the graphics but it still freezes.
    Don't know what else to try, any ideas?

  • babooshka_
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    @emmaj95 I thought I'm alone with this. Everything was ok for me up until now. I bought Uplay+ subscription for this and I'm getting nothing.

  • Extra1ite
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    problem in programmers and testers in ubisoft who cant right make this game

  • foulylou
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    @finkjeremia Same for me here, support is not responding, I tested all the websites saying to do steps to fix it but no, this is a rip off game is just not working, I feel like I start to do not even wanna play it... Sad ending storie...

    I followed the guide to fix crashs from Ubisoft guide, from A to Z but also 3 other website advising what to do... But nothing works, My specs are good, it s just the worst game I have ever played... It just quits in game every 15 too 20 minutes... Not playable !!!!!!!!!!

    Also Ubisoft worst support ever, no one is responding ! I gave my DxDiag and MSInfo but again, no even responding...

  • emmaj95
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    @babooshka_ I have not been able to load up the game one time since launch day 😞 Just crash after crash. Upsetting since I was really looking forward to this game. I hope they fix it soon.

  • Moto_Blues
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    @hukoper7 I have the same issue as well. Hopefully they release a fix as this is super annoying.

  • kalpdal86
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    @moto_blues The latest Nvidia driver was the issue for me. I downgraded to the prior version and dont have any problems.

  • Moto_Blues
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    @kalpdal86 I have a AMD 5700XT I downgraded my driver and it did the same exact thing.

  • arnonie
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    my game just keeps freezing after 2 or 3 minutes

  • Shetland_Pony
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    I've played AC Valhalla for about 10 hours now. During those 10 hours I've experienced somewhere between 15 to 20 freezes and 2 crashes.
    With the 2 crashes I had to completely reboot my system, as my entire PC stopped responding.
    During the freezes I will still hear the sound of the game continuing, but the screen will be entirely frozen. Alt-f4 doesn't work at this point to shut down the game. I have to manually force close it in task manager.
    The freezes appear to be random, but occur for about 70% during dialogue, the other 30% during exploring. I haven't had a freeze during combat yet.

    - I've tried waiting to see if he game unfreezes on it's own. So far, no succes.
    - I've tried removing the game from my SSD and reinstalled it on my hard drive. Sadly, no succes.
    - I followed the general troubleshooting guide, but also no succes.
    - I've tried the fix in the following YouTube video:

    This has lessened the freezes, but they still occur occasionally. The crashes however seem to have been fixed by this.

    Can someone help me get this problem resolved? I'm enjoying the game so far, but the regular freezes are quite frustrating.

    (I'm running the game on a GeForce RTX 3080 with a Ryzen 9 3900XT processor)

  • yaterodst
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    I have been having a consistent issue since first starting the game where while playing my PC will suddenly completely reboot. This normally happens while the game autosaves, im opening a menu, or during loading screens.
    My system specs -
    CPU i7-9700k
    GPU 2080ti
    32GB RAM
    750 Watt PSU

    -CPU and GPU temps are rock solid so no issues with overheating.
    -Attempted verifying game files twice
    -Attempted complete reinstall of game
    -Updated drivers
    -Updated Windows
    -Checked Ubisofts FAQ and recomended steps for troubleshooting Technical issues

    The game is currently unplayable for me in its current state.

  • Solobit-
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    I've been having a bug where after a few minutes of gameplay the game freezes and won't let me do anything. I can tab out but It won't close unless I force close it, If I tab back in it will freeze my whole PC.

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