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    It crashed during the intro cinematic for me. Then it had trouble syncing my save with the server.

    Then I played for a while and was halfway across the little island and it crashed again, and again had trouble syncing with the server.

    I also experienced this pattern in Watch Dogs Legion, leading me to believe that if you lose internet or have any trouble connecting to the server, the game will crash.

    I've even tried a VPN, but it doesn't help.

    Please, don't crash the game if it can't connect to the server.

  • ziggystardust10
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    got the game on Ubisoft +, it plays smoothly for a bit (60fps), but then the freeze occurs, it stays for a second then goes away, only to come back after a couple of minutes.
    Every time it happens ,the freeze gets worse and worse ( reaching up to 5-8 seconds) had few crashes too, i noticed also what I can only qualify as a memory leak, as my RAM usage on the game reaches 11GB... I lowered the settings, drivers are up to date, verified the files, reinstalled the game, fiddled with the antivirus, nothing works, can you help me please?
    the game is stored on an SSD
    pc specs : i9 9900k / gtx 1080 / 32 GB RAM 3000 Mhz

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Community Manager 437 posts


    I am sorry to hear that this happening when you play.

    The game shouldn't crash if you lose connection to the server, are there any patterns to your crash? Does it occur after performing a specific action or is it only when you lose connection to the server?

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  • XrayRabbit
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    ive been having the exact same problems with both watch dogs legion and ac valhalla. I dont know if its connected to ubisoft + subscription or some shiz but ive tried all possible troubleshooting and nothing helps.
    There's not even any error message when crashing occurs it just closes the app and sync my save

  • Ubi-Spud
    Ubisoft Support Staff 703 posts

    Hey there, thanks for getting in touch! I'm very sorry that the game is crashing without explanation. If this is also happening in previous titles, could you please try the steps outlined here? If the issue persists, please send us your system files as there's obviously something contributing to this and we want to get this sorted for you. 🙂

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  • Ryuukaze_Ichi
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    @ubi-swaggins I haven't noticed any patterns. For Valhalla, it happened during the intro and then while I was just in the middle of the wilderness shooting some deer.

    For Watch Dogs, it happened at various times, but again, I couldn't tell a pattern.

    The only pattern I've seen is that it always has trouble syncing the saves after it crashes. After trying for a while, or waiting a while and then trying, the sync completes and everything is good.

    IIRC, if I skip the sync, I still wasn't able to re-launch the game until the problem fixed itself, and then everything was fine for a while.

    I probably crashed 5-10 times in Watch Dogs total over the course of the full campaign.

    It's worth noting that my internet is spotty right now because my ISP needs to repair the local neighborhood box. It seems to have random packet loss. The VPN has helped my mobile games, and I'd hoped it would help here, too. But it doesn't seem to.

    Also, I noticed once after I saved that the little animation in the lower right stayed on the screen for like a minute. I assume that's because it was syncing to the server? Local saves should be very fast because I have an NVME.

  • kalpdal86
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    @ubi-spud Yeah, i have tried all that and it still crashes after about 10 minutes of playing. Sent in a support ticket. Case number 13167214.

  • Ubi-Spud
    Ubisoft Support Staff 703 posts

    Hey there, sorry to hear this.

    You mention overclocking to meet the requirements - do you need meet the requirements normally? If so, this could be the cause.

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  • commiczar
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    Game crashes on launch . Tried for refund . as I purchased in pre order , refund outside their limits , so have no money back , contact is abysmal . no phone . no online chat. no way to email them .

  • Qrixzter1974
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    That is just sad to read......... , hope they gonna do fix everything , and next time wait for the game to be more ready for the gamer market, course this is just not allright

  • MindlessSet81
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    I pre-loaded the game and when it finally dropped for us to play it crashed at the start, only took about five seconds and crashed. there better be a quick reaction fix from Ubisoft because I didn't just blow 120 dollars on a game that doesn't even work!

  • Fenzerdar
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    Have you checked that the game is running on your GPU?, it happened to me that the game was running on the CPU and crashed at launch as you.

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Community Manager 437 posts

    @ryuukaze_ichi Thank you for the extra information.

    Have you been able to capture a short video detailing this? If so, can you drop it in the thread so I can pass it onto the team.

    The save behavior you have mentioned does seem rather strange.

    Are you and @XrayRabbit both playing the game on Uplay+ or did you purchase the game directly?

    Official Response
  • kirbc
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    i have the same exact issue as well. im playing it through ubisoft+. my pc has gtx 1080ti with i5 6700k cpu and 16gb ram
    i dont have a good internet connection as well. i think ive played more than 2 hours, mostly spent trying to load it. the game crashed a lot, probably 20 times already, this is not an exaggeration.


  • Kartaxiinha
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    I have exactly the same issue and my pc meets the recommended requirements.

    The game crashes after the ubisoft logo.

    Please advise.

    Thank you

  • fluffyp0es
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    Yeah me to I meet the requirements for the high graphics but it just crashes mid game no error nothing. tried medium and low graphics nothing

  • Nikosbe83
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    I have a problem with this game, the freeze always. i some time i can play 5 minutes, some times is after just relaod the last save. It is just not playable.

    My computer is a i7 4790 and GPU 1080GTX, i played in 3840x2160 all in low.
    Is is possible to send you a log file ? if yes plaese tell me were i can find this.

    Edit : i run the test, and the test is ok no freezing during the test

    Sorry for my english i am Belgian


  • Tolkyyn
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    @jmt20000 My game doesn't get that far before freezing. Just after the intro video, when the screen is all white, it just stops and you hear the loop of sounds, and nothing more. I've verified files, it's just not working. I have a high end PC, so that's not the issue. Not only that, when I try to go add to my ticket, the website freezes and there's an endless loop (has been going on now for one hour) of the Ubisoft symbol, but it never moves forward.

  • fantazyz78
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    Hello, This post is for all of you who have Crash to Desktop issue with Ubisoft Games (the ones usíng Denuvo DRM, more or less all the newer games from UBISOFT)

    There are many guides and help out there but as many have experianced they just dont work and are very popular on youtube reddit etc etc, they might work for some but for the majority, games just keeps crashing.

    I too had this issue with Assassins Creed, Watch dog: Legion etc etc and i found out some interesting and very easy fix:
    Your internal clock in Windows is not synced with time.windows.com (The live time sync feature used to set accurate time in windows).

    Yes, if your clock is not accurate the DRM used in games might actually think the game is being tampering with and the DRM does what it is meant to do, stop you from using the license. Mine was 8 minutes behind realtime and this was enough for the DRM to just autoclose my games.

    You can easy check if you have this issue by looking in the log file located in your PC, for me it is as below:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\logs launcher_log.txt
    and if you scroll to the bottom in this file and you find something like this:
    [10188] 2020-10-31 21:47:35 [18108] ERROR DenuvoGetGameTimeTicket.cpp (157) Unknown game response.
    My belifes are that the DRM is monitoring time localy and time on server to determine if the client should proceed with game, and if it differs much, it just belive that there are some tampering and just auto close the game.

    To adjust the clock in windows: right cllick on clock at start bar -> adjust time and date -> and push the "Sync" button.

    Hope this helps you. Thanks and good luck!

  • timocl
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    For me this is often triggered when using Hybrid input mode, when switching between controller and mouse/keyboard on the fly. Since I changed input to only by Xbox controller instead of Hybrid, I have not had the freezing issues.

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