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  • locked topic_solved [DISCONTINUED] [PC] I am experiencing frequent crashes / freezes in-game | POST HERE

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    same here, noob game and ubisoft keep quiet and we dont even know they aware of this.. i bough this game 4 days ago and until now i can't even get through the AC logo at launch

  • CriTCalH
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    If you´re using overclocking SW like MSI Afterburner, try to return your GPU clock to factory values and then disable/uninstall Afterburner (even with Riva Tuner overlay). This could help, it helped me obviously, now I am playing more than 2 hours with no crash.

  • stevetijpels2.0
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    my pc is good enough to run the game but its still not running smooth.
    when the game starts the screens freezes

  • ziggystardust10
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    Ce faci? ^^, first if the audio freezes for you, It might be because you play with hybrid stuff on, as in : mouse/keyboard and controller, when you move the mouse it freezes and audio stops, if not, some people said their issues were fixed by tweaking the virtual memory ( or at leasthow it's dealt by windows 10), here is the link

    p.s. : la mine nimic n-a mers, deci numai stiu ce sa fac cu jocul asta -_-

  • RastafUrius
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    im having the same problem, play games like the witcher in ultra, 60 fps stable and resolution 1080p. And this valhall even in lower its freezing. So..
    I tried this:
    enter in the options if the game
    make sure ur playing in fullscreen,
    put ur fps limit in 60 ( ive benn playing in no limit when the freezes)
    put ur resolution on 1600x900 ( yeah i now, its a mess but dont looks so bad and the game don't freezes!)

    Then i put all in normal, everythings perfect, no freezes in raids, no freezes with the drakar, even the menus are smoother.
    Later ill try upgrade the graphics on high slooooowly i want to make sure this still going smooth.

    i hope this help for u and sorry my bad english!!!!!!

  • krvolocan
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    Don't have Nvidia, got 5700XT, same thing, play a little then crash to desktop and you can hear the sound in the background.
    I'll try a few solutions and if I find something that helps, I'll le you know.

    Can't believe I paid 15 EUR-os to get frustrated on a weekend.

  • Jailan345
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    My game is still freezing every 15 minutes. I've tried clean installs, updated drivers, tried old drivers. Has Ubisoft commented on this issue at all??

  • LaVoy_Finicu_m
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    Can only get about 5 to 8 minutes of gameplay, then it just closes the game. Any fixes work for anyone? This has happened every time I try to play the game

  • BurakYabgu
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    Same thing for me but it started after 50 hours of gameplay now it freezes 5-15 min

  • BendelaBoombr
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    some here =X

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    I am still unable to play the game. I have tired all of the trouble shooting solutions but nothing has helped me out. Upon launching Valhalla the game starts up in which I am greeted with the audio of crackling fire as the warning screen about health issues pops up. This is where the game freezes and does not progress any further. I am kind of worried about this because I spent a fair bit of money on the game like everyone else but yet I have nothing to show. I have heard other people are having similar issues. I updated my drivers and my PC is capable of running Valhalla. Also, I made a support case 4 days ago but of course if this is a known problem I can imagine the support team are busy. I just need a bit of clarification if this is actually a known issue because if not it should be.

    Case number: 13227632 Platform: PC

    My specs:

    Intel Core i7 10700K 8 Core
    DUAL RTX 2070 SUPER EVO Advanced 8GB
    16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM

  • a.ovidiu
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    Am incercat si ce zice asta in clipul postat de tine, problema ramane si dupa.
    Deci, la mine se blocheaza cam din 5 in 5 minute (cateodata 10),tine cam 10-15 secunde si apoi isi revine si merge normal, fara probleme. Se blocheaza in timp ce joc, in cutscenes, chiar si in meniu, harta cateodata.
    Referitor la ce spui tu "you play with hybrid stuff on", eu joc pe laptop, deci am doar un mouse conectat, nimic altceva.

    Sper ca se rezolva cat mai curand. Abia am asteptat sa apara jocul, imi place foarte mult, dar nu ma pot bucura la maxim de el tocmai din cauza blocarilor care sunt destul de frecvente si enervante.

  • Slackbladder100
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    I'm getting the game freezing and locking up several times a day now. It was pretty good but it's getting worse. I'd include my dx diag but I don't see how on this forum (which has issues itself).

  • strigoi1958
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    I keep validating my files and as soon as I load into game I'm by a river, I head west towards an island with a gold marker but I pas a house called Wulfgard or wolfgard... inside the house is a chest (I think) but as soon as a wolf attacks me the game freezes then closes and a crash report is sent. I guess I'll just avoid that place for the moment. I'm on pc

    PC Specs
    Gigabyte Aorus z390
    RTX 2080s
    i7 9700k (not overclocked)
    running from an SSD (C:)
    then moved to an M.2 NVME but still same crash
    Nvidia Driver 457.30 crashed
    457.09 crashed

  • strigoi1958
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    @strigoi1958 I managed to do it without crashing, as soon as a wolf spotted me and the game stuttered (just like before previous crashes) I got off my horse and it became smoother and I completed it. WolfGeard

  • a.ovidiu
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    Dude, it's working. I did exactly what you said and I've been playing for like an hour and no freeze 👍
    One thing I didn't try, but I will, to set back the graphics settings to ultra. Will it work or I need to keep the 1600x900?

  • Wolven_77
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    @shotclick Yes, I'm getting a lot of freezing during cutscenes, making it very hard to progress whatsoever. The first scene as a child, I was freezing consistently after talking to rosta the mother, did a graphics driver update and managed to get past that. Now I'm on the mission "rude awakening" and can't pass the cutscene at the start of the mission, with random freezing occurring whenever during the scene. Very frustrating to play and get past some points atm.

  • Ritvik1992
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    Hi, I have recently downloaded the game and have been playing it for last 30 mins and in those 30 mins the game has frozen three times. I am running the game on default settings with GTX2080 Ti, 32 GB of ram and intel i9 9900K processor. I am pretty sure my hardware is not the limiting factor here. Please advise how to resolve this issue. Thanks.

  • chrisvra89
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    Same here. Freezes randomly and i believe for the same amount of seconds every time. Sometimes freezes from the first 5 minutes and other times might freeze after 1-2 hours of playing the game. The thing is that 100% it will freeze. At first i thought that is my system because i have a 4th gen intel cpu and i thought that my system is old for this game. Afterwards i read in different places locally and international that even people like you, having a 2080 ti are having freezes. So it must be an issue waiting fix. I tried playing from 1440p to 1080p, high to low, fullscreen to windowed. Nothing! With my system i finished RDR2 so smooth and with no issues and it felt very strange.

  • Bushnellronald
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    so the game keeps crashing on me i have like 13 hours in it and today all of a sudden it keep crashing every 5 min is it just me and my computer or are others having this problem i have a amd ryzen 9 3900x and a rx 5700 32 gbs ram im not really sure what to do any one els having crashing alot?????

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