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  • locked topic_solved [DISCONTINUED] [PC] I am experiencing frequent crashes / freezes in-game | POST HERE

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    I have the exact same problem. Has there been a fix for this yet?

  • YazX_
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    do you have your CPU/GPU overclocked??

    if yes, try to set them to stock values and try the game, if things went fine, then the problem is from your overclocking.

  • madsbentzen67
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    Ac Valhalla freezes all the damn time! Hotfix that game ubisoft and fps is like playing Mario on a Nintendo64

  • BenadrylJunkie
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    In case anyone needed any confirmation

    http://prntscr.com/vkb78x: (http://prntscr.com/vkb78x)

    Went back and forth with support for 2 days and did a lot of independent testing. This is an isolated network issue with Uplay+ versions of the game, it seems if even a minor connection stutter occurs your digital license key is revoked until you restart the launcher this is easy to reproduce on multiple Uplay+ titles.

  • Whesel
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    @valantorcid I'm running the latest nvidia drivers, 457.30, never had a crash since updating to said drivers or since AC V launched. Also win 10 is up to date. Ryzen 7 3700X 2070S 1440p gfx settings at very high and high(custom). I am also on Ubi+. Not saying it's not caused by Ubi Connect, but I rarely get disconnected or crashes in AC V.

  • Wolven_77
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    Edit to above: wrong mission, its called "birthrights".

  • Icedemon2
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    I started playing the game and everything was going smoothly, but ever since I stepped foot in England, I can barely go 15 mins without having the game freeze. It happens mostly during combats but I've been stuck on the Orphans of the fest mission because the game won't go past a certain cutscene.

    Also the memory leak is so annoying. When I manage to get over a 1/2 hour of continuous game time, the game stutters so badly, I have to restart it anyway. I really don't like the state the game is in right now...

  • manargo
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    Did Ubisoft even QA this game?

    Loaded game, menu loads and everything is fine.

    Hit start, opening cutscene plays... immediately goes to a white screen and the little annoying loading animation spins and spins and spins

    Whatever, probably a crash.. ctl + alt + del force close game

    Open again - this time loads, shows a kid you can run around in... then goes to black screen and the annoying loading animation spins again..

    Can I get a refund for this game? So frustrating

  • camokillo
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    Is anyone still having issues? I still have issues with my game. Sometimes i cant even get past the title screen without it freezing and minimizing. Then I have to bring up the task manager to end the task to close it. I updated my Radeon drivers to 20.11.1 which says that it SUPPORTS AC Valhalla

  • camokillo
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    @CH1D0R10 @krvolocan have you guys resolved your issues? I too have a 5700XT and its doing the EXACT SAME THING!

  • KodiaKSE
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    9900k, 2080ti, 32gb, ram, 10tb of SSD;s Having freezing issues that started after about 10 hours of gameplay. decided to update to the latest version of game ready drivers available by nvidia. got some better frame rate but worse crashes. Retail version of the game. Really upsetting. =/ Please fix this Ubi.

  • raphaelzoren
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    This has happened to me on PS4 at least 4 times. Weirdly enough it is during exploration or right before starting flyting/orlog so I don't think that there's a consistent reason behind it. Any insights? It's not game breaking but it surely is annoying to have to constantly re-start the game.

  • uFamas
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    Played for about 12 hours with little stutter and no lag.
    About 30 mins ago I updated to the latest Nvidia driver (457.30) and RIP game performance; stutter all over and lag when turning character/ship and after about 15 mins of dealing with it the game crashed.
    Funny how an unsupported driver performs better than a driver that has optimizations for this game 🙄
    Not gonna bother with it, revert back to older driver it is.

  • RedIndianRobin
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    @ufamas Nvidia drivers have been pretty crap lately. All their game ready drivers actually runs like [censored] for the specific game.

  • Mrthirdeye
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    I have the game downloaded on ssd playing 5700xt amd 7 3700x 64g ram ect ect.. and this game crashes for me every 5-25mins constantly . SO GLAD I DIDNT BUY THIS POLISHED T-U-R-D of a game got it in a bundle with my amd proc . GODFALL is another title I got with my 5700xt and it runs but the gameplay is trash. Need a big patch to fix AC val it looks like tons of main questline stuff is broken too, I had a quest bug out when I crashed in the middle of it now it won't complete. Have to wait month or two to actually enjoy the game I guess.....PATCH THE GAME UBISOFT!!!

  • ForgetfullBeast
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    Validate the game files and make sure your GPU drivers are up to date. It worked for me and now my game runs fine. It hasn't crashed till now. Do let me know if it works for you also.

    Also make sure that your machine meets the minimum requirements to run the game.

  • a.ovidiu
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    Your solution worked for a while, but when I started the game the next day I had the same problem with freezing 😧

  • JohnWeakAimBot
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    @forgetfullbeast i have verified the game files times since day 1.
    Game reinstalled twice in different drive.
    Gpu driver DDU to latest, beta and 3 previous version.

    I have also reinstall windows with older OS build

    My PC can play warzone at 130fps without lag, so i believe this game have some serious problems.

  • doguhanpala
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    My pc reboots while playing game. It happens randomly. Tried other games(doom eternal, control) no problem. I also ran a benchmark test (furmark) but no reboots. I had suspected my psu but it would happen on other games too. This issue seems to happen on ac valhalla only.

    I play on 2k ultra settings. My gpu is rtx 3070 so i assume it is more than enough.

    It started on king haralds cutscene in the big wooden house. Each time cutscene ended my pc started to reboot. It also happen in a cave. Each time i have entered cave my pc rebooted. I decreased the resolution to 1080p and passed those areas. Now i am getting pc reboots randomly on a quest with Birna. I don't know what is the problem or how can i fix it. Any ideas?

  • Etny2k
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    @doguhanpala It is a cpu problem. Put your windows in maximum performance mode in power settings. I had to do this with my 6700k but not with my new cpu.

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