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    @incabuloss interesting...this is incredibly frustrating not being able to play and feeling like nothing is being done about it.

  • RedIndianRobin
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    @mrdallass After title update 1.0.4, the frequency of freezes has increased a lot now.

  • davidho719
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    @ubiwan The troubleshooting steps are no use and it still crash after clean install Windows again. Any more suggestion?

  • Zutturugazzukkk
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    I started to get that crash issue after 85 hours in game. Ubisoft have to coordinate something in company. We've got a lot of issues in an ubisfot game as always. We really dont deserve that torment.

  • Incabuloss
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    Same here dude

  • johnieboy1982
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    Pretty much the title.

    When i try to enter / in Canterbury i get random crashes. Its either a straight CTD or the game just freezes and a have to kill the app by task manager.
    It happend like 10x now and its the only area of the game that i have this kind of problems, all other areas in the game i have been to are fine so far.

    System: Ryzen 9 5900X, Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite, MSI 3080 Gaming X Trio, Windows pro 64 and all drivers at their latest version.

  • JisooX1
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    I upgraded from a 2080ti to a 3090 and started experience screen freezes and locks game up. I can't end task of the game and often have to reboot to start over. One of the main times I see it happening is when jumping from either horse back or off a small wall in combat. Is there any know information about this. It seems driver specific to the RTX 3000 series cards as far as I can tell. Any direction for help with this issue would be appreciated, or information on if this is a know issue.


  • Red-Harmonic
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    After updating to 1.0.4, I have experienced many freezes, crashes. Everything worked fine before 1.0.4.
    I tried to clear cache, make a new save, same issue crashing after a 10 min playing the game.Very annoying !

    It happened each time when I was riding the horse to reach a sync point on the map.(screen freeze, sound stuck)
    I mention severe crash because one crash completely cold reset my PC in middle of the game. That never happened.

    I suspect some major memory leak with 1.0.4.

    Please, do something.it's ruining the game experience.

  • Sciss0rman
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    @pavlos-1223 I had this with my 2070 a while ago.
    Everything froze, screen went black or just stopped.

    Only a reboot could fix the issue.

    It was a driver problem + Experince.
    I got rid of the drivers with DDU in Safe Mode, deactivated Win Update for Hardware drivers, and just installed a fresh GPU driver w/o Experince.

    Now everything is working.
    You can check if your driver is crashing in Event Viewer.

  • I3uschi
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    @pavlos-1223 It doesen't really help you, but i just want to let you know, that you are not alone.

    My system: i9 9900k and 2080 super

    Random freezes, no chance to replicate them.
    And sadly not possible to send a crash report.

    The game just freezes here and then. Because the game is like an overlay, you can't even open task manager to close it.
    (But ACV is not the first game with that issue, maybe it's just windows)

    The only thing you can do is, open the task manager on a second screen (just in case of), or reboot your computer.

    I paid ~100€ for the game, so it is a little bit frustrating that updates/patches take so much time.
    We talk about days and weeks, nothing happens. I just don't want to play because of those freezes.
    So i waited for this patch, now i have to wait for the next one and hope for the best.

    Have a nice day @all

  • peppi2509
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    Spiel stürzt immer ab langsam nervt mich das Spiel für 60 Euro Hatte ich mehr erwartet. Und nein es liegt nicht am Pc oder an mir.

  • KKonaKnuckles69
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    So I just logged in a little while ago and had to update to 1.04 and now the game crashes every single time I get into the game. The first time it crashed as soon as I tried to move in game then after that it crashes every few minutes. There's no lag, no frames drops, or anything the game just dies and generates the crash report which I've sent. I had no issues other than a few visual bugs before this patch and I never had crashed before.

  • Lucio_Fulci
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    I experienced the same issue. Upgraded from a RTX 2018ti to a RTX 3090 and now the game crashes randomly after 20 - 40 minutes and patch installed. Sometimes it is freezing with sound playing in the background. In that case I needed to kill the process in the task manager.

    In another thread I found a hint to downgrade the Nvidia GameReady driver to version 457.09. That's what I just tried, I did a clean uninstall of the 457.30 driver and installed the older one. It seems to run stable now, at least I could play for about 2 hours without any issues. Maybe this will help.

  • tatasrivatsa
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    the game freezes when i run benchmark and the game is also freezing randomly during the gameplay.The freezing during the gameplay is happening quite often

  • waniMar
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    @lucio_fulci same here, i've post it yesterday

    I have a 1080 and 2080, it's really frustrating...
    Ubisoft, some answers please? 😕

  • Fies3r_F3ttsack
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    @peppi2509 und man soll dir glauben das es nicht an dir liegt, obwohl du es nicht mal schaffst im offiziellen deutschen ubi forum auf deutsch zu posten?

  • carlosj.1982
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    @tdg_crashfire Same Issue. I still have not a solution. =(

  • Ninja_WLRS
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    it happens to me aswell after the patch. I have arround 50+ hours in the game, and the crashes started today everytime a combat is about to begin, then freezes with sound. I have to ctrl+alt+del to close the game and it gives a kernelLiveEvent 104 in the reliability monitor. Other games run fine.

  • Snootypootpoot-
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    Since the 1.0.4 patch went live every time I try to load a save game no matter which save game the game crashes I have sent crash reports every time. It worries me that there has been no recognition from Ubisoft about this issue for the PC players.
    I had no noticeable issues before the patch.

  • UbiExcellent
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    I'm sorry to hear that you both are experiencing these crashing and freezing issues after the latest update! Have either of you completed the steps listed on our PC troubleshooting guide? If not, I'd definitely recommend giving these a go, then submitting your system files via a support ticket to our teams to be reviewed further should the crashing issue not be resolved. Please share your case numbers here if either of you end up creating a ticket, so I can forward the information to our dedicated teams.

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