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    I turned off these things in ubisoft connect and for 6 hours there is no crash.

  • KingPractice
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    @icof2010 going to try that asap!

  • longjohn119
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    @icof2010 For me "Minimize Ubisoft Connect to the system tray when application window is closed" happens whether I have it checked or not .... It used to work fine but it broke a long time ago, maybe over a year since it worked right. Personally I prefer to have it shut down when I quit out of the game but it doesn't. I have to go to the tray and shut it down manually

  • jkbike
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    @staus4 Ugh, I'm sad to report (because it isn't an option for some) that this seems to be at least a vast improvement, if not the actual solution. I tried all the other things people have mentioned, and even went through Ubi's "we have no idea what's going on, so here's a wild goose chase" help article, and did everything there with only minimal improvement, but offline mode has been working for me so far. Also unfortunate is that some game features are broken when offline. For example: talk to Reda and his dialog just pops up an error when you're offline. Hopefully Ubi can see these reports and investigate what about their online services is causing the game to crash, so we can enjoy the full game.

  • Sriracha-_-
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    Also crashing randomly, everything is up to date.

    WIN10 Latest Ver
    Ryzen 5800x
    RTX 3080
    32Gb Ram 3200mhz

  • Viracocha88
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    On my pc AC oddessey works totally fine but Valhalla does not start up. And again it is asking me to download another 12gB for some reason. That is now 200GB I've downloaded just to have this game on my pc and it still doesn't work ..

  • braudrist
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    They finally added this to the 'Reported issues Megathread' post after 1+ year. If you look at the list, there's tons of issues unresolved. I don't know, I think a fix for this isn't coming for a while.

  • diogosena
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    Playing offline for some time seems to solve my issue, no crashes yet after that.. even when turned online again..

  • Kaldire
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    this has nothing to do with being online or not.
    just want to point that out.

    and they better fix the game esp the river raids and paris dlc. Both of these are VERY broken
    and the core game has had SIMPLE fix issues unresolved since its birth.
    seriously.. bad form

    oh lets charge for another dlc when paris is broken and the core game itself has 14 pages of listed issues some of which force users to WIPE their saves completely.
    fun.. fun.. fun

  • S7igma957
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    Odyssey works like a charm! An AA looks more accurate then in Valhalla!
    Origin and Odyssey have ZERO crashes and ZERO stutters! Playing now Odyssey! Great game!

  • diogosena
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    @kaldire i know how you feel, i was about to refund, crashes every 15 minutes or less..
    that amount of crashes in an already old game is not acceptable..
    what I did, that solved my problem was, uninstall completely, install from uplay (not from epic or another store).. started playing offline for about an hour, no crashes, then tried online and still no crashes.. hope this helps someone..

  • jkbike
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    One more update on my own situation, and hopefully this can help some of you out. I previously reported that playing offline had fixed my issue, and that seems to still fix the issue, but I found another option. The generic Ubi kitchen sink help article mentions installing the game on the same drive as your connect installation. After 10+ additional hours of playing online with no crashes, I'm pretty confident that actually did fix the problem I was seeing. I realize this is another option that may not be an option for some people because they may not have 100GB free on their boot drive, but if you can manage, it's actually worth trying. And I didn't have to re-download. I just quit connect, copied the folder to the location on C drive and opened Connect and told it where to find the new folder. It only took 10 seconds to verify instead of 10 minutes. Hopefully your new years resolution can be to play Valhalla without crashes.

  • Pharahmedic
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    @jkbike Thanks, gonna try this as I was one of the people facing lots of crashes as of late, and my game was not on C. Will update if it works out for me since offline play isn't really an option for Ubi+

  • ShomeAssassin
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    @pharahmedic let us know, if that gonna fix crashes, i need to reassign some games from C:\ SSD drive to HDD, just for the sake for trying it.

  • SoulReavrr
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    Found something interesting. Every time the game has crashed for me, a second before that my event log under 'Security' section gets pummeled with 'User Account management' events. Seems like some ubisoft component tries and retries over and over and over and then crashes, and when that component crashes the game crashes.

    EDIT: Anyone else looking at the same thing? I had two crashes in 10 minutes, and both times my event log was filled with this entry over and over. When game is not running or crashing, I never see this entry in my event log happening this many times.

    EDIT2: Seems like Ubisoft is using advapi for some webservice, which triggers this entire shabang. Everytime this happens is when the game crashes. Which could explain why game works stable without online-mode.


  • SoulReavrr
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    Accidental repost, deleted.

  • SoulReavrr
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    @jkbike My Ubisoft connect and game are both on D drive. Matter of fact game is in default folder inside the ubiconnect installation folder "D:\Games\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Assassin's Creed Valhalla".

  • Kaldire
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    short answer is NO
    this isnt the cause of crashing nor anything buggy in the game
    kid, steam api uses webhelpers too.. tons of them.
    so going via steam or epic to uplay connect just alone isnt good.
    uplay direct is the best method

    all you are doing is showing LEGIT key infos back and forth to make sure you have the real game, and cloud auto saves.
    this is ALL.
    its normal, and no way in HELL is it causing any strife

    look elsewhere as in, the games code.. which you and I cannot.
    But seriously anyone thinks this runs better in OFFLINE mode I find silly and contrite

    Sir you dont know how to use windows or you would know those keys are all over your pc, and registry too.
    hugs and no..

  • Kaldire
    44 posts

    so you think ssd is worse than Standard hd?
    or the other way round?

    read write function is also NOT a factor in any crashing.
    load times sure... but thats about it.

    again look elsewhere sheesh

  • Kaldire
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    again why is everyone doing these odd things

    No it wont matter where anything is located...actually the opposite.
    its best to keep games OFF the OS drive if they use heavy copy protection.
    I have ac Val on my 😄 aka boot..
    it still sucks badly, the worst in the franchise and the buggiest... with many parts still unplayable.
    also its no longer 100GB but ok.

    AND stop increasing page file as morons say to.. just let it be .. with all of our ram this isnt the issue either. UGH
    its ubisofts game.. this is the problem. stop trying to think there is some workaround or solution its not in our grasp.
    they refuse to let us mod.. any denuvo game doesnt let you mod anything
    so we cant fix it.. they wont fix it..
    it is what it is.. soon infitinty will be out before that more dlc, yeah they arent fixing ANYTHING any time soon

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