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  • meanhx
    11 posts

    @invidia_90 Not as bad for me with my 3080, but it happens about once every other day, been playing 1-2 hours per day since a bit over a week now and had zero crashes with the launch version, but 1.1.1 keeps crashing. No other game crashes and no OC on the card so probably a problem with Valhalla.

  • Asryan2a
    73 posts

    Still the Same issue for me.. Random game freeze and sometime it just freezes the pc. No issue with other games, i have a strix 3090

  • longjohn119
    774 posts

    @invidia_90 Oh it's definitely the game ...... I'm 46 hours and 33 minutes into an Odyssey playthrough on a RTX 2080 Super and have yet to have a single crash I have everything cranked to max except Depth of Field is off because I don't like it and always between 70 and 80 FPS ..... The only problem I had was once starting it up it dropped all 8 cores to 600 Mhz which is especially odd since I use a High performance power profile and have it set in the BIOS so it never drops below 3.6 Ghz (It still uses wait states it just doesn't downclock) and took almost 5 minutes just to load the game and then I immediately shut it down but had to reboot the computer to get my clocks back to normal but I couldn't repeat the problem and it hasn't happened since. Since I can't get it to repeat I can't diagnose what was going on in there

  • Asryan2a
    73 posts

    I never saw this and the lack of interest of the devs.

    I just played for 15m and freeze again, music continues, black screen and then crash


    Erreur matérielle

    ‎14/‎02/‎2021 12:14

    Non signalé

    Un problème rencontré avec le matériel a provoqué un dysfonctionnement de Windows.
    It seems the games just mess up with the drivers and crashes the GPU. It's a SHAME.

    on cyberpunk which is supposed to be buggy as hell i had 0 ISSUES.

    Please FIX IT !

    Signature du problème
    Nom d’événement du problème : LiveKernelEvent
    Code: 141
    Paramètre 1: ffffe20b98d91010
    Paramètre 2: fffff807815d71c0
    Paramètre 3: 0
    Paramètre 4: 3fc
    Version du système d’exploitation: 10_0_19042
    Service Pack: 0_0
    Produit: 256_1
    Version du système: 10.0.19042.
    Identificateur de paramètres régionaux: 1036

  • Asryan2a
    73 posts

    And this issue isn't even in the bug list : https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/81608/updated-11-02-reported-issue-megathreads-check-here-for-your-issue

    I am never buying one of your games again.

  • Mike8Bir29
    4 posts

    I spent about 16 hours in the game (judging by the in-game statistics). Most of this time (according to estimates, 99 percent) I went through the prologue and studied the starting region - Norway. Throughout the entire prologue until the arrival of the main character in England, the game worked perfectly, without any crashes, freezes or errors.

    However, as soon as the main character's drakkar moored to the Ragnarsson camp and the story quest "Unwelcome" started, during which the battle began, the game froze, and after a second or two, my PC monitor went out and the system reboot process began.

    I thought that the problem might be in the CPU, but in a number of other games this never happened, but just in case, I still ran a benchmark test (in the OCCT program), and after the test I made sure that everything was in order with the power supply ( the video card and power supply were loaded for 15 minutes, and the system did not give a single error). I also tried to play with the settings in the NVIDIA control panel (with the settings for low latency and power management mode) and in-game settings (such as limiting the frame rate to 60 fps) - nothing helped. After about 10-15 minutes of playing, the game continues to freeze and reboots the entire system.

    Thus, it is almost impossible to continue to play and advance through the plot.

    But do you know what helped me in the end?

    Disabling Cloud Saves in Ubisoft Connect. It helped me.

    So try this. Hope it helps you too.

  • Asryan2a
    73 posts


    I will try that ! Thanks.

  • braudrist
    22 posts

    After TU v1.1.2, the game STILL crashes.

  • Skylinee87
    27 posts

    Seriously? Would have thought it would be fixed in this update. What's taking so long?

  • longjohn119
    774 posts

    I played for about an hour without any issues (other than switching bows really sucks) ..... I'll probably give the game another shot but not until I finish my recorded playthrough of Odyssey which will probably take another week or so ...... It's been so long since I've seriously played it I may as well start over from the beginning ... Cripes it took me 5 minutes just to figure out how to trigger eagle vision, I was basically doing it right the first time but wasn't holding the stick button down long enough .... It's kind of laggy compared to Odyssey

  • Ryusennin
    105 posts

    Oh no! It crashed...! Again!

    Since 1.1.2, it's gotten worse for me. I've had 2 random crashes in 1 hour of playtime. There's no particular pattern. One time I was around Glowcester walking in the fields. The second time I was preparing my crew for a river raid.

    Faulty config you say? Yesterday I spent 2 hours in the discovery tour of Odyssey without any issue. (As a matter of fact, I never had any crash in Origins nor Odyssey when I replayed them 3 months ago). Valhalla is becoming increasingly unstable with every update. I also noticed it seems more prone to crash when cloud saving is activated in UbiConnect.

    [Win10 20H2 + Ryzen 2600 X + Vega + latest Radeon drivers]

  • TAJ1964
    5 posts


    Well, the problem with the game crashing to the desktop is back again. Not every 5 minutes, but once in a while - several hours or just one hour, there is no apparent order or interval.
    Bugs and glitches have taken a break for the better - they still appear, but not so frequently and much less seriously.
    I am still not allowed to attach my DXdiag to this posting - I do not have "the privileges" to do so...?
    Below the specifications of my gaming corner - I left out my coffee and bisquits.

    Tower; Corsair Obsidian 500D RGB SE – Miditower
    Motherboard; ASUS ROG STRIX X570-E Gaming
    Processor; AMD Ryzen 7 3800X Wraith Prism 3,9GHz
    Harddrives; Seagate BarraCuda ST400DM004 – 4 TB HDD x 2
                        Corsair Force MP60 NVMe Gen4 M.2 – 2 TB SSD
    Soundcard; Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 PCI Express
    Speakers; Logitech Z-5400 THX 5.1 Surround
    Headset; Audio-Technica ATH-AG1X Gaming
    Graphics; ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 ROG STRIX OC – 8 GB GDDR5 RAM
    RAM; Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR-4-2400 C16 BK DC - 32GB x 2
    Powersupply; Corsair RM1000x – 1000 Watt-135m
    Screen; ASUS 24” VG248QE – Black
    Keyboard & Mouse; Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000/Comfort Mouse 4500
    Seat; DX Racer RACING PRO R131-NR Gamer Black/Red
             Florpad Silver Line

    Having updated the game to version 1.1.2., I will try to update my graphics driver again. The gaming files still check out 100%. It is not a huge problem, but if it starts occuring more often again, I would appreciate some good advice/assistance.


  • DadoBlob
    1 posts

    Can confirm still the crash issue.
    CPU:AMD 5900x, RAM: 2x16gb 3200mhz, Mainboard: X570 Master, GPU: Sapphire rx 6800xt, PSU: 1200w Seasonic.
    Nothing seems to impact the crashes, Overlays, different drivers. For sure no overheating or psu Issues , System is rock stable under OCCT for 6h and 4h Prime95 with Furmark.
    Cp2077 also not a single crash in more than 80h.

  • Gomez_1984
    1 posts

    It chrashing again.
    After 15-20 sec play
    Conf: 3080, 10700F

  • longjohn119
    774 posts

    @ryusennin I'm 54 1/2 hours into an Odyssey playthrough all of it recorded and have yet to have a single crash and one minor AI bug that was more funny than game breaking

  • Durrf
    7 posts

    I was very disappointed to see not a single mention of crashes fixed in the patch notes for v1.1.2. I don't know why this game is crashing and the rest of my library is fine. The only thing I can really point to is bad DirectX 12 coding/implementation in Valhalla since all the other titles in my library don't use DirectX 12.

    Could it be my system?! I guess, maybe... but it just seems odd that many others are encountering all kinds of issues with this game even on other platforms (i.e. PS4, Xbox etc.). Hell, I was watching their live stream a few weeks ago on PS4 and even on stream the game crashed twice during a raid. /shrug

  • Kill_Burst
    13 posts

    Done several stress test passes with dx12 spyglass benchmark and got no CTD, so do not think its a systemic fault with my GPU or anyone else's system for that matter. It could still be a problem with NVidia drivers as their recent drivers are terrible, just full of bugs; wonder how prevalent this issue is with AMD cards though.

    But it does look like a DX12 issue for sure, its like Ubisoft doesn't want to take responsibility for the problem.

  • dimchri1991
    1 posts


    Other than all the above the game was amazing when it was working, really like this game ! 🙂

  • longjohn119
    774 posts
    Done several stress test passes with dx12 spyglass benchmark and got no CTD, so do not think its a systemic fault with my GPU or anyone else's system for that matter. It could still be a problem with NVidia drivers as their recent drivers are terrible, just full of bugs; wonder how prevalent this issue is with AMD cards though.

    But it does look like a DX12 issue for sure, its like Ubisoft doesn't want to take responsibility for the problem.

    Well Microsoft did change large parts of the DX12 APIs when they unified it across PC and Xbox so I suspect something they are doing for the Xbox isn't porting over correctly for the PC or they are trying to mix old and new APIs specs ..... A lot of people are blaming GPU drivers or CPU usage but I'm beginning to suspect it's something to do with the way it's streaming assets .... This game engine was never very efficient at that on PC because it's a console game engine at heart and never did scale up to PC correctly

    Hopefully the next Anvil Engine will be completely rewritten from the ground up because this version is basically End of Life on newer hardware, both console and PC, it just can't take advantage of the extra CPU and GPU power we have now

  • ConJohn0321
    2 posts

    I haven’t had any issues with AC Valhalla until patch 1.1.2. However I now cannot get through an hours worth of play without the game crashing and kicking me out. I like that Ubisoft is adding new content like the River Raids, but what is the point if players cannot make it through one without getting kicked out and losing all their progress. This is an issue that needs to be addressed. It’s disappointing and is a disservice to the franchise.

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