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  • FinkJeremia
    3 posts

    Same here buddi i'm on pc 2080ti i9 9900k playing 4k game keep crashing every 5 minute impossible to play

  • captainall
    1 posts

    My game starts normall when i click it, it takes long but it starts. But when it comes to the warning before playing screen it just stay and sticks there and i cant do anything about it. help me pls, i wanted to play this game so badly, i was waiting months and now this, it takes my feeling for the game go away...

  • pdietrich89
    1 posts

    I've got an issue where after starting the game, I can't even get to the main menu. I'll get to the screen to initially change brightness settings, then the game window minimizes. Still have the game icon on my task bar, my cursor is still the in-game cursor. Also, after it does this, my system no longer recognizes my audio drivers until I restart my comp. I'm running a Ryzen 7 3700X with a Radeon RX 5700XT with 16GB RAM so I know its not a hardware issue. Anyone have something similar happen/have a fix for this?

  • Pleasure_Unit
    2 posts

    This game has already crashed two times and the fps only caps at 90 fps or sum. And the animation is beyond subpar. This is half completed fix it. It is OK to push back releases to fix this dog [censored] game. good lord.

    I have a GTX 2070 super, a ryzen 7 3700X and 16GB 3600 speed ram. HURB

  • Pleasure_Unit
    2 posts

    @pleasure_unit 3rd crash pog

  • Berior1983
    1 posts

    same issue here, I managed to get past the initial settings but it always crashes the same way in main menu. I'm also runnig this on a Radeon RX 5700XT with Driver Version 20.11.1
    A fix for this issue would be much appreciated...

  • Ubi-Spud
    Ubisoft Support Staff 675 posts

    Hey folks, are you able to replicate these crashes or are they happening randomly? I'd recommend running through this FAQ to resolve, and getting in touch with us if the issue persists.

    Official Response
  • kirbc
    14 posts

    it happens randomly for me. when it does crash it usually displays that i have been disconnected from the ubi connect.
    please let us have an offline mode, game pass allows you to play offline so i dont see any reason why this shouldnt be implemented when we know issues like this is going happen on every new game that comes out.

  • jmt20000
    2 posts


    Having some problems shortly after starting the game post the introduction in the area where you take control of the character and need to find your crew. The game has frozen 3 or 4 times and I've had to do a force close using the task manager. Running at 4k Ultra settings for the most part (shadows set to very high) at 90 percent scaling and FPS set to stay above 60 FPS. System is an i9-9900k with a 2080 ti.

    Will investigate more when able. Great looking game so far!

  • ziggystardust10
    4 posts

    got the game on Ubisoft +, it plays smoothly for a bit (60fps), but then the freeze occurs, it stays for a second then goes away, only to come back after a couple of minutes.
    Every time it happens ,the freeze gets worse and worse ( reaching up to 5-8 seconds) had few crashes too, i noticed also what I can only qualify as a memory leak, as my RAM usage on the game reaches 11GB... I lowered the settings, drivers are up to date, verified the files, reinstalled the game, fiddled with the antivirus, nothing works, can you help me please?
    the game is stored on an SSD
    pc specs : i9 9900k / gtx 1080 / 32 GB RAM 3000 Mhz

  • commiczar
    3 posts

    Game crashes on launch . Tried for refund . as I purchased in pre order , refund outside their limits , so have no money back , contact is abysmal . no phone . no online chat. no way to email them .

  • Qrixzter1974
    6 posts


    That is just sad to read......... , hope they gonna do fix everything , and next time wait for the game to be more ready for the gamer market, course this is just not allright

  • MindlessSet81
    1 posts

    I pre-loaded the game and when it finally dropped for us to play it crashed at the start, only took about five seconds and crashed. there better be a quick reaction fix from Ubisoft because I didn't just blow 120 dollars on a game that doesn't even work!

  • Fenzerdar
    1 posts

    Have you checked that the game is running on your GPU?, it happened to me that the game was running on the CPU and crashed at launch as you.

  • Nikosbe83
    1 posts


    I have a problem with this game, the freeze always. i some time i can play 5 minutes, some times is after just relaod the last save. It is just not playable.

    My computer is a i7 4790 and GPU 1080GTX, i played in 3840x2160 all in low.
    Is is possible to send you a log file ? if yes plaese tell me were i can find this.

    Edit : i run the test, and the test is ok no freezing during the test

    Sorry for my english i am Belgian


  • Tolkyyn
    52 posts

    @jmt20000 My game doesn't get that far before freezing. Just after the intro video, when the screen is all white, it just stops and you hear the loop of sounds, and nothing more. I've verified files, it's just not working. I have a high end PC, so that's not the issue. Not only that, when I try to go add to my ticket, the website freezes and there's an endless loop (has been going on now for one hour) of the Ubisoft symbol, but it never moves forward.

  • timocl
    1 posts

    For me this is often triggered when using Hybrid input mode, when switching between controller and mouse/keyboard on the fly. Since I changed input to only by Xbox controller instead of Hybrid, I have not had the freezing issues.

  • Ela_1s_Bae
    5 posts


    I have been playing Assassins creed Valhalla for about 9 hours, but until now it has been crashing after about 2-4 min of gameplay. And i have no idea why game just freez and it does nothing, i can still hear music in the background.

    Thanks for the help!

  • GeorgeMKane
    3 posts

    @ela_1s_bae Try setting the "Environment Textures" setting to medium, under graphics options.

    I'm not from Ubisoft, but this has fixed a number of issues for others already.

    (It has the picture of a leafy wall, with a few trees in the background).

    It could also depend on your specs. If you have a lower tier build, you may be looking at setting all graphics options to medium. Consult with the pc specs graph that Ubisoft provided earlier, and go from there.

  • Ela_1s_Bae
    5 posts


    Ill try that my specs are: 3080, 3700x, 16gb 3200mhz

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