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  • Patriot9102
    1 posts

    Game crashes randomly to the desktop with no errors. Sometimes during raids and once during a cutscene.

    i7 7700k
    32gb RAM
    Win 10 Latest Build

  • Peystaz
    8 posts

    I have done a few thing this evening and was able to play for almost 3 hours in a raw without issue (and stop because I want to not because game crashed 😉 )
    So i don't know which one help the game to not crash but here is the list of what I have done:

    So far, it was the longer run I was able to do without any crash. Fingers crossed that tomorow, that will be the same 😉

  • ValantorCiD
    1 posts

    Hello guys,

    No idea if this will help for anyone but I noticed that my game start crashing after last nvidia drivers update (457.30) and after I back to the previous version (457.09) there is no more freezes crashes etc.

  • klaus_stein
    1 posts

    Got the same problem while having a lot of error messages for connection errors. I dont get why ubisoft forces that stupid and buggy always online feature on their mainly singleplayer games. If you want such a useless feature then you better get your servers working all the time properly.

  • kirbc
    14 posts

    For those who has a crash issue with a disconnected server message that pops up. You might wanna try to fix the issue with Ubisoft launcher, instead of the game. There is nothing we can do with denuvo, why do we have to be always online to play it? I don’t know. Anyway, try opening the launcher for a few minutes, don’t do anything else, and if you see a yellow text below saying that it’s trying to reconnect to a server. Then Ubisoft’s launcher is the problem, not the game. You would be fine if you bought the game, as you can play it offline. But because you and I are cheap bastards, we have the Ubisoft+ version of Valhalla, which has a more aggressive denuvo. But don’t worry there are several tutorials to fix this issue on YouTube. In fact, hundreds of thousands has this same issue. Many people has solved it. but I’m unfortunately the unlucky. Why Ubisoft is the only launcher that has this issue? I don’t frigging know. Why does Ubisoft not fix an issue knowing that there are hundreds of thousands known to have this issue? I guess they don’t care. So I’ll continue my search tomorrow and hope I fix it.

  • allijaytor
    12 posts

    been enjoying the game for days now and all of a sudden the game wont let me play, sent tons of crash report, seconds to minutes the game crashes, my drivers are all updated ...everything, verified files reinstall etc etc but nothings working, i guess ill stop playing and wait for a patch to fix things up 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞

  • m.alhayek
    2 posts

    hey i play a 2 hours and its all fine
    then today just start the game and every 16 min its crush and go to desktop and can't play until i close the uplay and relaunch the game
    i try everything i can all driver reinstall and win last update 
    also i reinstall uplay 
    and same 
    what i should to do ??

  • m.alhayek
    2 posts

    @nicksheperd ya same here in yesterday i just play almost 3 hours all fine i have some FPS drop but its ok
    today start the game and after 20 min its crash i try everything i reed on net but nothing work with me
    it's really shame 

  • TheBalance1016
    2 posts

    Same problem, tech support was no help, Ubi+ can't be refunded.

  • TheBalance1016
    2 posts

    Same problem, tech support couldn't help and Ubi+ isn't refundable. Pretty cool stuff. I hope we figure out why soon!

  • Bondokb
    1 posts

    @lamptldr Seems to be an issue with a lot of people. Ive seen a couples posts about this pop up. I too am having the same issues. My game worked flawlessly for 6 hrs last two days and now it crashes every 15min or less. I too have reinstalled and done everything with no luck. Supposedly the fix is to go offline in the Ubisoft launcher and then open the game. I tried it and it crashed even faster so who knows.

  • axesdenyed
    2 posts

    @lamptldr wow was looking around its nice to see its not just me, i just ran the game twice and got 19mins 30 seconds almost exactly.. so odd.

  • KcMx117
    1 posts

    Constant crashes every 30 minutes or so on Xbox Series X as well.

  • RedIndianRobin
    186 posts

    Anyone here still facing crashes, downgrade drivers to 442.59. Worked for me. No more crashes/freezes.

  • ZenLikeCalm
    1 posts

    I've played AC: Valhalla for a total of 2.5 hours so far. Each time the game ends in it freezing up to the point that I need to reboot my PC. Now the game isn't even booting up to the start screen. Any help?

  • axesdenyed
    2 posts

    @axesdenyed ok so i might have fixed my problem, i am on uplay+ but it was crashing every 19mins or so.. and apparently my pc clock was 10mins behind somehow, so i turned off auto time and back on and it fixed the time and no more crashing so far. Will update if it happens again.

  • sunejoergensen
    13 posts

    3 ways to get PC V1.02 running at all on my system 3090/3900x:
    1. Remove all background task
    2. Run program with realtime priority
    3. See Hardware Unboxed video

  • Ubi-Spud
    Ubisoft Support Staff 675 posts

    @palmerc309 Hey there, I'm sorry to hear this! If your PC is fully restarting, it may be an overheating issue with your CPU or GPU. Please test the game after a clean boot, and use the F1 menu in the game to keep an eye on temps.

    Official Response
  • Xaelur
    7 posts

    @allijaytor same here, my game also randomly freezes

  • Telperion21
    8 posts

    Same for me this game needs a patch

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