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  • kivapo
    2 posts

    I just crashed twice in Canterbury Cathedral(same hard crash to desktop for no apparent reason), is this this some sort of feature that comes with the game? Because I am certainly not being immersed by being transformed to my desktop...Seriously the game is over a year old now, how is it still crashing? I do like the game but this just takes my enjoyment out of it. Hope you guys look into this issue because it's certainly STILL in the game.

  • S7igma957
    52 posts

    @kivapo Yes! Game have problem with this. I've tired to send reports.

  • Kurea_Hasumi
    7 posts

    This game crashes to desktop all the time when I am flying with the raven trying to survey the land.

  • CrypticRat
    1 posts

    I get random crashes to desktop as well. Sometimes I go hours and nothing goes wrong. Then I have days like today where I have 4 crashes in the span of 2 hours. I went through the first 12 hours of the game fine then the random crashing started. Can't see where the crashes come from and cannot find any error messages when the crashes happen or logs in my windows system. No help from support either. The one time I opened a ticket I got the same nonsense and no actual help: "Update your drivers", "send us your logs" (I did and I doubt they looked at them because they didn't mention them at all after), "Reinstall the game".

  • cambell123
    2 posts

    Games been crashing on me... judging from the 1600+ replies it's likely happening to quite a few people. But well here are my details since support chat isn't open and it won't let me log a ticket.
    Get anywhere from 15mins to a few hours in game before it crashes. Doesn't seem to be any commonality to the crashes, some in cutscenes, some just walking around. Though I will say I didn't get any crashes before I came to England. Which was about 9 hours for me because I spent a long time riding around collecting [censored] before leaving.
    PC is 5 days old.
    i9 11900k
    3070 Ti
    32gb @ 3200mhz
    Game on SSD on PCIE port.
    850w power supply.
    Been running the game on max settings but I'm only running a 1080p screen so its not very hard for it.
    Bench mark tests show around 100fps average on max settings. GPU temps around 80c.

    Weird because the error I get through windows makes it look like its a driver issue, but I've tried backdating and uninstalling and reinstalling driver.
    Makes no difference to it crashing or not. I got sick of it and ended up doing a clean reinstall of windows and installed a fresh copy of the latest drivers on the PC. Redownloaded Valhalla and it still crashes. It's also not occurring in any of the other games I've tried on the pc since I purchased it. Error is below. (Driving me absolutely nuts)

    Problem signature
    Problem Event Name:   LiveKernelEvent
    Code:   141
    Parameter 1:   ffffa18c91468050
    Parameter 2:   fffff803219f0630
    Parameter 3:   0
    Parameter 4:   fe0
    OS version:   10_0_22000
    Service Pack:   0_0
    Product:   768_1
    OS Version:   10.0.22000.
    Locale ID:   5129

    Extra information about the problem
    Bucket ID:   LKD_0x141_Tdr:6_IMAGE_nvlddmkm.sys_Ampere
    Server information:   2fa648b3-4ac4-439f-9fd3-6ccec24de81a

    3 posts

    @cambell123 try to start uplay and ACV as administrator. after ive done that the crashes dissapeared.

  • S7igma957
    52 posts

    I don't remember any CTD in Asgard or Jotunheim and when playing Master challenges ( i did them all ) .
    I don't care anymore because i did all achievements and now there is nothing to do in this game. As a player i did all i can! I've send about 60+ crash reports already and maybe even more. I think this is all about game protection. As i said before, i have zero issue with any other game. CTD is unacceptable in any game! I can understand stuttering, graphic bugs like flickering textures which Valhalla does not have, but not CTD. I will not be wasting my time for searching a solution, because i just want to play. This game deserves the best!

    Fix CTD and add DLSS. This all what game needs.

  • Johannezzzz
    3 posts

    Same here, after 20 hours gameplay or so i get every 15 min crashes when doing a questline in Ravensburg and Walden (helping the 3 vikings).
    Tried reinstalling, verify game files, update drivers but not change.

    This sucks and the game is unplayable after only 20 hours or so.
    Can't finish the questline cause each time in Walden when i need to kill the priest it crashes and can't save when i am doing the quest.

    Fix this or refund cause this is [censored] !!

  • braudrist
    22 posts

    Clearly, the Gods don't favor us. I stopped playing this game 6 months ago because of the frequent crashing and long loading times. Still crashing a lot and loading times are even worse. I'm mean, [censored] takes like 10 minutes just to launch the game.

  • Homer9Simpson
    2 posts

    OK, so I am not alone in this [censored]. Because, the game is crashing sometimes, but it is ok. I can't reload where I was. But now I was on River Exe getting the stuff of Georgius, and then the game crashed... come ooooon. The game is one year old and it still keep crashing. Can't you do your job? Because I payed a lot of money to play the game, and not to be frusteded because of crashing.
    Far Cry will be on hold for one year, because I think you have the same s... on that game too.

  • Kaldire
    10 posts

    @dhl_nasty This doesnt work
    new uplay connect has so many exe's and you can look at windows and still see failed permissions even running this as admin,
    so thats not a workaround, If I play for 1hr i have about 3 crashes to desktop sometimes even a reboot.

    even tried increasing my pagefile to 45GB like some moron kid suggested on youtube..
    DONT DO THIS.. its idiotic and doesnt work

    again all this is UBISOFT saying its our fault so.. hugs

  • cambell123
    2 posts

    @dhl_nasty Welp I've actually set a hard limit to frame rate in the game at 60fps.
    Not exactly what should be required since I've got a 144 hz screen and a system capable of well over 100fps.
    So far though it seems to have resolved the issue. I mean I say that but basically its survived two sessions of 2 hours each without a crash.

    NEVER FUGGIN MIND. Crashing again today. This pos game honestly.

  • longjohn119
    775 posts

    @kaldire Let Windows automatically adjust your Page File ...... A fixed sized Page File hasn't been relevant since Windows XP .... If you allow Windows to set it automatically you'll never run low and when you quit out of a game or other memory hungry application it will downsize the Page File which tends to defrag it. A fixed size Page file gets fragmented like crazy and over time the performance drops

  • Homer9Simpson
    2 posts

    One more time. A was on a river quest, just got all what I needed, and the game crash. Problem? You can't save the game on river quest. Ubisoft you are patetic. Getting so much money from us and making buging games. Just patetic

  • S7igma957
    52 posts

    CTD today about 5 times!

  • SoulReavrr
    1 posts

    Every damn time. No errors in the damned error log, but crashes so often, I feel like using my credit card to do a chargeback on this.

    This game is an absolute dumpster fire. I have played and enjoyed 300+ hours of odyssey never crashed once, but this game is horrid on stability. Absolutely atrocious. How do you guys even test, if you even test?

    This game crashes on every console and pc spec as per this thread. And what has Ubisoft done? Even this weekend it crashed about 5-6 times in matter of a few hours. What are you guys doing?

    I am running a 5900x with 3080ti.

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