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  • RagnarBeorht
    2 posts

    Literally nothing works and I'm so disappointed cuz this looked like it was going to be my favourite game ever. Bought the ultimate edition for £91 on the beefiest computer I've ever owned (and I'm literally a game designer). Loads up to title screen, fine. Loads up options, settings & game set up, fine except for the one time I managed to load up the first level & it was glitchy to the point of freezing the screen every 5 secs. Try to load up a new game however and it all crashes, freezes or just glitchy to the point where it may as well be frozen cuz everything's moving in extra slow motion.

    Adjust everything to get better performance by literally reducing everything to the lowest setting & optimising performance over quality, still can't load the first scene in without the whole thing glitching out. Worked once but the second I tried to move & boom Eivor's right back to being virtually frozen & half the walls disappear. There's no NPC's loading & it's ominous cuz the sounds still playing so it's just an empty room laughing at me.
    I try to stay impartial but this has really annoyed me. Can anybody offer a fix cuz I asked Ubisoft & they only have the we're investigating the issue notification & none of their support claims/help desks are responding.

    On top of that to play you have to sign into Ubisoft, which is fine, but I entered the correct password for my account it kept saying it was invalid, so I change the password to the same one I use everyday when I log in & same error code until my 8th attempt when the exact same password worked. And it didn't seem to be an Ubisoft account issue it only seemed to happen with Valhalla. I don't know what's going on or if this game has been released too early & too glitchy or whether Ubisoft has attempted something to big for most people's technology but I'm not happy & I doubt people will be tomorrow when they start playing a broken game.

    And I can vouch for my last theory because as I said I work as a game designer so I know we're on the verge of a massive technological upgrade in the near future so I wouldn't put it past them to attempt something to early. Especially as Ubisoft doesn't have a history of great timing i.e. the post-Ezio era when AC3 & all of it's games until Ubisoft realised they were nose-diving all got released too quickly.

    If anybody can help me out it would be appreciated. I hope no one else has issues but seeing how many already do, including my gf who works for the Rainbow 6 department, tomorrow's gunna be a fun day for Ubisoft with a glitchy, expensive game & a bunch of extreme loyal to the AC franchise fans. I hope they fix it so that A) I can play the game I paid for & B) they don't get literally, and I mean literally, eaten by angry fans.

  • ziggystardust10
    4 posts

    @timocl yeah but that kind of stutter last only half a second or so, and the audio stops too, with me the audio remains steady, and if i keep playing the game ends up freezing like 8 solid seconds
    every 2:30 minutes

  • jmt20000
    2 posts

    Hey guys. I didn't realize there was a new Nvidia driver update so I downloaded it today and haven't had any problems so far. I haven't played a lot but I am out of the starting area. Hope that helps.

  • KusitFire
    1 posts

    hey ,.

    i was trying to search for older topic but didnt find.

    when i open the game and move between the menu its just freezing.
    sound and mouse are keep working . only "End Task" on task manager helping.
    im using epic games and ubisoft connect

    Mother board : Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming
    CPU : Intel i9-9900K 3.60Ghz 16MG
    Memory: 32GB Kingstone 3200Mhz
    GPU: Asus RTX 2070 Strix 8GB-Gaming

  • murderdude1
    1 posts

    @nicksheperd im having the same issue, i also have ubisoft+. i thinks its because their servers cant handle the load of people trying to play.

  • Extra1ite
    7 posts

    Тратишь деньги на игру и второй день подряд тратишь время чтобы искать как исправить проблему

  • NetQvist
    37 posts

    Played on release day about 8-9 hours in Norway without a single crash however I needed a restart every 2 hours due to stuttering getting worse which is a separate issue.
    Did about 30-60 minutes in England the same day and then ended my session.

    Next day I tried to continue and I did note a small patch in the client popping up at some point. Now however my game crashes every 5-30 minutes with standard factory clocks, this GPU has not crashed in any game before so that's interesting. I've tried old drivers, new drivers, DDU uninstall..... nothing helps.
    I tried to stress test the card at even higher clocks, no issues. It takes it like a champ, put on other games like HZD, Doom Eternal and so on. No issues.

    • Running AC Valhalla for over a hour with Furmark stressing in the background actually stopped the crashes. Tested the same with a smaller workload and then it crashed.
    • Lowering the clocks by over 100 on core and memory seem to help but it can still randomly go BOOM.

    I'll have to try and do some running around in Norway again I guess with factory clocks at some point to see if it's some specific to England... it has def been worse during battles/raids though.

  • Jartap
    4 posts

    hello, game suddenly starts freezing every once in a while and i have tried many different graphic settings but no affect. i could send you details about dxlog and msinfo but seems to me i can't send it here

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 730 posts


    Unfortunately we're only able to assist in English through these forums at the moment.
    If you can provide a translation of this message we can take a look into that for you, or alternatively you may receive assistance from another player or speak with our language specific support through the site here.

    Thank you

    Official Response
  • Basic-Pita
    6 posts

    Same here!

  • kynahret
    1 posts

    Same, game is completely frozen. I have to alt+tab, kill the process and relaunch the game to continue playing. I had 5/6 freezes today

  • hukoper7
    1 posts

    I've been trying to play the game proprely but it keeps crashing. It just closes randomly after 10/30 min, I have the ubisoft "synching save" message and then cant start the game again, i must close and reopen ubisoft connect...

    I'm playing with Ubisoft+

    Pc specs :
    R5 3600 - RTX2070 - 16gb ram

    What I've tried already :

    • Re-installing /updating GPU drivers
    • Re-installing the game/ubisoft connect

    Any ideas to help ? 🙂

  • Luenz17
    1 posts

    @murderdude1 Yes but why it would have something with internet connection ? I mean the game can be played offline right ?

    My girlfriend just had her first crash randomly, game closed with no error.

  • Oatsoda1981
    6 posts

    AC: Valhalla every 10 mins while playing. No warning, no issues, just closes window gone. Everything is updated on my pc, I have followed the guides I've seen online. Running as administrator and so on. Still every 10 mins the game just dies. Kinda frustrating to be honest.

  • Mrdefectiv
    2 posts

    @oatsoda1981 I have the same issue, Following for fix. I decided to get of ubisoft + and now i'm scared that was a bad idea and i'll have to fully purchase. It doesn't crash but it freezes exactly 10 minutes in. I can't get anywhere. 2060 rtx. ryzen 3200. 16gb ram. No other game has every crashed on this build.

  • Oatsoda1981
    6 posts

    @mrdefectiv from everyone I've talked to, it's not a plus problem directly. Guys on steam and that bought the game outright are having the same issues. A couple guys had their Xboxes shut down and dump every file on the xbox, for every game. Seems ubisoft servers can't stay connected so far from what I've read.

  • kirbc
    14 posts

    @oatsoda1981 same issue here. From what I saw in the Ubisoft launcher log. It seems like denuvo is causing the game to close. When you start the game it connects to a server and after a while it gets disconnected. Then after failing to reconnect denuvo closes the game. Don’t know why Ubisoft requires an internet connection all the time. Even gamepass allows you to play games offline without requiring you to connect to the internet 😩

  • Jartap
    4 posts

    any help? any help at all?

  • Nathanieljvk
    1 posts

    Im getting the same problem with the PC version of the game and i cant seem to find a pattern to its behaviour.

  • Peystaz
    8 posts


    We hare a lot apparently, find a lot of tips everywhere in internet but nothing is working.

    Sometimes can play a hour without any issue, sometimes can't play more than 10 mins.

    Apparently, for most of people that I have seen complaining about crash, they have very high performance and good gaming PC (as me, X7 - 3700 and 2070 Super). With game running very perfectly but still crash randomly.

    My friends with [censored] old PC have no issue ...

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