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  • Joseph2409
    14 posts

    @reichsadler5829 what are your full pc specs?

  • DancesWithTramp
    7 posts

    @joseph2409 it looks as though it is using slots 2 and 4

  • lennestal
    9 posts

    Kind of doubt it being an issue of insufficient RAM, seeing as I'm also getting the semi-constant freezing with 16GB of RAM.

  • Joseph2409
    14 posts

    @danceswithtramp alright well your ram is installed in series properly

    Others are commenting saying they have more ram but get constant drops so I can not say for certain if for you ram is the actual reason.

    I will note though that you really are maxing your ram usage, this is likely causing you to not get the performance you could be getting.

    Just for your own sake since the rest of your pc is pretty decent,

    Upgrade your ram

    You'd want to keep your ram consistent. But that's for a further discussion.

    Maybe let's wait to see if there is any common trends before having to spend some dollas

  • lennestal
    9 posts

    I've started getting the constant freezes aswell, after being able to play for almost ten hours without any appearent problems (was before the patch).

  • PrinceznaAriel
    3 posts

    @nicksheperd do u have any solvetion? i have same problem

  • Weeev
    5 posts

    Does anyone have a solution for this?
    I'm not on ubi+, but the game just goes black for a second then back to desktop and nothing. It keeps running in the background (the music) but I can't do anything to recover it, forced to kill the process. Every 15-30 mins 😞

  • monkeyman477
    2 posts

    I was able to play the game just fine for the first 7 hours then out of nowhere every 15 mins to an hour the game would freeze mid gameplay or cutscene, i can still hear sound but i have to force the game to shut down via task manager. My specs are 2080Ti with an i9900k cpu 32 gigs of ram, had this issue as well in Odyssey and sad to see it still persists as i am a die hard fan of the game and have 100% AC every game.

  • Basic-Pita
    6 posts

    I have now found out that (SPOILER ALERT) I only get the freezes in England. Not Norway nor Asgard. Just England.

  • BendelaBoombr
    42 posts

    I really have a problem here, you were still lucky to be able to play 3 hours in a row after every 15 minutes the game freezes from nowhere.

    I hope that a correction will come soon for this, because it is sad to see many people playing I cannot

  • PrinceznaAriel
    3 posts

    my game just crashed after 15-30min and nothing else.. just quit..

  • CloakedDrifter
    3 posts

    Same with the crashes. Although I'm often getting them on the title screen, before I even get in to start playing. I am not on ubi+, but playing retail owned game. The most stable gameplay I've gotten so far was with Ubi Connect in offline mode. Was able to get through the entire first mission (get your crew back, sail to your settlement), at which point I thought all was well and closed the game to make lunch or something. When I came back and loaded the game, it kept freezing on the title screen enough to the point I just gave up. So maybe playing offline is the way to go once in the game. But it doesn't seem to stop my menu/title crashes. *shrug* I was looking forward to this game, but I have plenty of other things to play. I'll come back in a week or so and hopefully there will be a couple patches to clean this up.

  • Mrdefectiv
    2 posts

    So, unsure if any of y'all are also on pc. I found out my issue was just due to the Adaptive. I have not had a crash in 5 hours after having 5 within the first 30 minutes of gameplay. I turned everything back up to high 60 fps and turned off adaptive quality and it no longer crashes. Mine i guess was having issues changing settings drastically during some motions or options.

  • Psych0_Trauma
    51 posts

    @basic-pita still freezing on my end. i'm only in England atm, but that patch def botched something. Leave it to booisoft.

  • DaikengoXX
    2 posts

    Yes, I can confirm several freezings after the latest patch too. Simply unplayable right now. Please Ubisoft fix It ASAP!!

  • LampTLDR
    2 posts

    After verification of files, re-installation, and updating all graphics drivers, AC Valhalla continues to crash at random points, in-game. There is approximately 15 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay each time before randomly crashing with no error messages. Anybody else have this issue? Any fixes?
    I do not believe this is a hardware issue, as I am playing on a brand new Razer Blade ( 6-gb RTX 2060 Max-P, 10th gen i7, 16 gb RAM). I have modified many graphics settings to reduce load, but it has no effect.

  • Rood783
    1 posts

    I have been experiencing the same issue. I'm not sure when the update was but yesterday I was playing and it froze once, but today its happen upwards of 10+ times with no rhyme or reason as to why. I am still in the first area, so it is not just when playing in England that's the issue. i9-9900k CPU, RTX 2080S GPU, 16GB of RAM, so the issue is not my PC. Although I do find that it last longer after not playing for a while, then once the first freeze comes I cannot play for more than 10 mins anymore.

  • LampTLDR
    2 posts

    I have the same issue. Ubisoft+, game runs great for precisely 18 minutes 30 seconds and then crashes randomly. All drivers, files, etc, are up to date. I have found no fix, but glad to find others with the same problem.

  • Oatsoda1981
    6 posts

    @mrdefectiv i'm on pc and I'm going to try this now. Thanks for the info, here's to keeping the fingers crossed.

  • Bondkek
    2 posts

    hey ive been trying to troubleshoot this but couldnt find a solution. i dont have any problems with the game except one that is just keeping me away from this game, it crashes all the time after 15-20min of playing no matter what i do the timeframe is the same. game runs smooth and its for sure not a prob with my specs as i have 16GB of ram ryzen 3700x and 2070s

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