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  • raphaelzoren
    24 posts

    This has happened to me on PS4 at least 4 times. Weirdly enough it is during exploration or right before starting flyting/orlog so I don't think that there's a consistent reason behind it. Any insights? It's not game breaking but it surely is annoying to have to constantly re-start the game.

  • uFamas
    25 posts

    Played for about 12 hours with little stutter and no lag.
    About 30 mins ago I updated to the latest Nvidia driver (457.30) and RIP game performance; stutter all over and lag when turning character/ship and after about 15 mins of dealing with it the game crashed.
    Funny how an unsupported driver performs better than a driver that has optimizations for this game 🙄
    Not gonna bother with it, revert back to older driver it is.

  • RedIndianRobin
    186 posts

    @ufamas Nvidia drivers have been pretty crap lately. All their game ready drivers actually runs like [censored] for the specific game.

  • Mrthirdeye
    2 posts

    I have the game downloaded on ssd playing 5700xt amd 7 3700x 64g ram ect ect.. and this game crashes for me every 5-25mins constantly . SO GLAD I DIDNT BUY THIS POLISHED T-U-R-D of a game got it in a bundle with my amd proc . GODFALL is another title I got with my 5700xt and it runs but the gameplay is trash. Need a big patch to fix AC val it looks like tons of main questline stuff is broken too, I had a quest bug out when I crashed in the middle of it now it won't complete. Have to wait month or two to actually enjoy the game I guess.....PATCH THE GAME UBISOFT!!!

  • ForgetfullBeast
    3 posts

    Validate the game files and make sure your GPU drivers are up to date. It worked for me and now my game runs fine. It hasn't crashed till now. Do let me know if it works for you also.

    Also make sure that your machine meets the minimum requirements to run the game.

  • a.ovidiu
    6 posts


    Your solution worked for a while, but when I started the game the next day I had the same problem with freezing 😧

  • JohnWeakAimBot
    10 posts

    @forgetfullbeast i have verified the game files times since day 1.
    Game reinstalled twice in different drive.
    Gpu driver DDU to latest, beta and 3 previous version.

    I have also reinstall windows with older OS build

    My PC can play warzone at 130fps without lag, so i believe this game have some serious problems.

  • doguhanpala
    4 posts

    My pc reboots while playing game. It happens randomly. Tried other games(doom eternal, control) no problem. I also ran a benchmark test (furmark) but no reboots. I had suspected my psu but it would happen on other games too. This issue seems to happen on ac valhalla only.

    I play on 2k ultra settings. My gpu is rtx 3070 so i assume it is more than enough.

    It started on king haralds cutscene in the big wooden house. Each time cutscene ended my pc started to reboot. It also happen in a cave. Each time i have entered cave my pc rebooted. I decreased the resolution to 1080p and passed those areas. Now i am getting pc reboots randomly on a quest with Birna. I don't know what is the problem or how can i fix it. Any ideas?

  • Etny2k
    16 posts

    @doguhanpala It is a cpu problem. Put your windows in maximum performance mode in power settings. I had to do this with my 6700k but not with my new cpu.

  • ForgetfullBeast
    3 posts

    Then raise a ticket at customer support with your dxdiag and msinfo files attached. Hope your game starts soon.

  • glenni83
    1 posts

    Im not sure why i have this problems, i stumble on many bugs in later game. But the worst problem i have had last few days, is crash to desktop. Ive been looking into it, but its an unknown error in the logs

    Prosess-ID: 14dc
     Starttid: 01d6bccb9a1bb0a5
     Tidspunkt for avslutning: 4294967295
     Programbane: F:\Assassin's Creed Valhalla\ACValhalla_Plus.exe
     Rapport-ID: 08c5d4ef-4dbc-495e-85f2-1bab05e2442e
     Fullt navn på feilpakke: 
     Relativ program-ID for feilpakke: 
     Hengetype: Unknown

    This is the only info i could extract so far. It happens close to every 30min now.

  • Asryan2a
    55 posts


    since this morning I often have freeze during cutscenes / dialog; The sound continues but the image just freezes and I have to kill the game process.

    i9 9900k
    Asus strix 3090 OC
    maximus Hero XI

    I am the only one experiencing that issue?.

  • JohnWeakAimBot
    10 posts

    @forgetfullbeast raised few days ago, no reply from ubisoft. ntg much i can do now other than wait

  • BonzoSPB
    17 posts

    This was happening to me. The issue was caused by the game being installed on a Storage Space so I was advised to reinstall on a normal volume.

    The game now progresses past the initial splash screen but I now have a game where the longest I've been able to play without a crash is ~15 minutes.

    I can safely say it's the most unreliable game I've ever experienced!

  • fantazyz78
    3 posts


    Hello, This post is for all of you who have Crash to Desktop after around 20 minutes issue with Ubisoft Games (the ones usíng Denuvo DRM, more or less all the newer games from UBISOFT)

    There are many guides and help out there but as many have experianced they just dont work and are very popular on youtube reddit etc etc, they might work for some but for the majority, games just keeps crashing.

    I too had this issue with Assassins Creed, Watch dog: Legion etc etc and i found out some interesting and very easy fix:
    Your internal clock in Windows is not synced with time.windows.com (The live time sync feature used to set accurate time in windows).

    Yes, if your clock is not accurate the DRM used in games might actually think the game is being tampering with and the DRM does what it is meant to do, stop you from using the license. Mine was 8 minutes behind realtime and this was enough for the DRM to just autoclose my games.

    You can easy check if you have this issue by looking in the log file located in your PC, for me it is as below:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\logs launcher_log.txt
    and if you scroll to the bottom in this file and you find something like this:
    [10188] 2020-10-31 21:47:35 [18108] ERROR DenuvoGetGameTimeTicket.cpp (157) Unknown game response.
    My belifes are that the DRM is monitoring time localy and time on server to determine if the client should proceed with game, and if it differs much, it just belive that there are some tampering and just auto close the game.

    To adjust the clock in windows: right cllick on clock at start bar -> adjust time and date -> and push the "Sync" button.

    Hope this helps you. Thanks and good luck!

  • doguhanpala
    4 posts


    thank you, i doubt it is the cpu problem (i5 9600k) but i will try that.

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Ubisoft Support Staff 420 posts

    @crum1515 I am sorry to hear that you were encountering crashes in-game. Have you been able to play the game since you encountered these issues?

    Official Response
  • M4tchitehew
    2 posts

    I also seem to have random crashes to desktop. I have a steady 50 FPS and it occurs random. I had 3 crashes yesterday.
    If I restart it works fine until it freezes/crashes (could send crash report)

    Tried the TS pointed out in the forums but everything is updated and repaired all the files

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Ubisoft Support Staff 420 posts

    Sorry to hear that you are encountering crashes while playing.

    Is this still an issue for you, or have you been able to play with no further issues?

    Official Response
  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Ubisoft Support Staff 420 posts

    Hey folks,

    I am sorry to hear that you have had issues getting the game running.

    Are you both still having problems launching the game?

    Official Response

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