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  • RidRack
    4 posts

    @acessigepps where are you seeing that in the DX Diag?

  • GanarothLes
    13 posts

    Whenever Eivor gets anywhere in the region of the "Rock of Fertility" mystery in northern Suthsexe, my game invariably crashes. Exactly when varies. I've gotten as close as a few yards away from the objective (close enough to begin hearing conversation), but I've also crashed simply crossing the border towards it from Lunden. Either way, the crash seems to be confined to that area, and happens every time, after dozens of attempts from different angles. I am playing the PC version of the game.

    Thought you should know. Not being able to complete a mystery is... annoying... after all that time I spent stacking rocks.

  • RedIndianRobin
    186 posts

    @n00l3ilici0us This is possible. Some games are very sensitive to RAM overclocks. But then again, downgrading drivers eliminates all crashes so there's something wrong with API coding I reckon.

  • crazychick777
    1 posts

    Please, PLEASE patch this game. The bugs, CTDs and freezing make this game unplayable and at the price I had to pay for this game, it is unacceptable. Baldur's Gate III is in EARLY ACCESS and it is more polished than this game! Honestly, at this point it makes more sense to ask for a full refund.

  • tG-Mendien
    1 posts
    @acessigepps where are you seeing that in the DX Diag?

    He didn't, he is guessing.

    However, with that guess...in Win10 when you do clean boot with msconfig, note it will not disable "startup" items, just services, so you have to go to Task Manager and disable all startup items on the Startup Tab.

    So do taht, run msconfig, go to services, check hide MS servcies, then click disable all, reboot. Now nothing should be running except needed Windows stuff. Give the game a try.

  • D4rKy26
    64 posts

    Its completely random after 30 min or after 4 or 5 hours, my game is just going to freeze, and the only way to resolve it is doing control-alt-delete it, but i wont close straight away i have to wait for @ least 2 to 3 min, then it says aplication error.
    I have seen allot of freezing problems even on consoles, when will this gets fixed ? I can play games like metro exodus or any other games without any issues.

    my system is a gtx 1080 ti with a 10700k and 64 gigs of ram.
    Did already used DDU and got latest nvidia driver 457.30 also nothing is overclocked here all stock settings, eventried the ram runnning on 2933 mhz. this makes no difference.

    I think dx12 is causing tehse problems, i have seen more dx12 games these days and in the past that making systems crash or make weird graphical corruptions. Like weird lines in skybox and such i also have that sometimes aswell or flickering faces while in cutscenes.

    This game is buggy, its playable but its not nice please fix this ubisoft.
    Also i fixed the blood from a stone quest to glitch true the wall to complete the quest lol.
    These two things freezings and quest bug are gamebreaking i dont like it.

    Please comment if u have similar problem community thank u.

  • Painshadow
    18 posts

    Game still crashing randomly! I can't even enjoy the game. MY CPU and GPU temps are fine. All drivers up to date, to include Windows. I tried reinstalling both on SSD and on main drive and the game still crashes randomly to desktop while playing. Never in almost 40 years of gaming have I had a game crash this many times before.

    Edit: I have an EVGA 2090 FTW GPU
    Windwows 10 Pro
    i9-10900k @3.7GHz
    32.0GB Dual-Channel TForce @ 1800MHz (18-22-22-42)
    ASUS Maximus XII HERO motherboard

  • Painshadow
    18 posts

    Think I may have found the solution to this problem. It has to do with page file system. In watching a tutorial video, it describes how to fix it. This seems to have worked for me, so far. No crashes in 1 hour of gameplay as it stands right now.
    Follow along and see for yourself. The narrator may be hard to follow due to accent. You can turn down the volume and enable captioning "CC" on the video if you want.

    Skip to 1:52 of the video as the first part isn't really necessary. Thanks to PCHelper for this!

    6 posts

    Hey sir how did you get those logs showing Ubisoft connect losing connection?

    6 posts

    Same here. I am running a 5700xt, with 32GB of DDR4 RAM. The game is installed on a 1 TB MVMe SSD drive and it just wont work for more than 20 or so minutes. It randomly dumps me back to the desktop. And on one of my crashes, it just rebooted my whole PC. I've tried so much random crap to fix this and I can't. I am ready to give up and just not play any more future Ubisoft PC releases if they aren't going to respond or at least show some sense of urgency.

    6 posts

    @painshadow Man I tried that too, no change... 😞

    6 posts

    @fantazyz78 Tried this and a million other things no change for me.

    6 posts

    @camokillo Same man. I can't get this thing to run for more than a few minutes. Tried even rolling back drivers for my 5700XT and nada...

  • k453222
    1 posts

    So I was 4 hrs into this game and the problem surfaced after I finished the mission where you kill Kjotve's spies. Every time I open the map the game crashes and the screen turns black(though audio still runs).
    The only way to restart is to press and hold the power button, and I have to do this several times otherwise it just freezes on windows welcome screen.
    I've tried lowering the graphic settings, verifying game files, running offline and reinstall the entire game but none of these worked.
    My specs are:
    intel core i9-9900k
    intel Z390 chipset
    32g ddr4 2666mhz RAM
    512g ssd
    Geforce RTX 2080ti-11g
    Anybody experiencing similar problems?

  • Asryan2a
    55 posts

    @ubi-litten i've formatted my pc since then, ran the game in admin mode, tried a lot of magic and for now it seems to be fine but I did not had time to play for hours yet, i'll keep you informed 🙂

  • Soxxflor
    1 posts

    I have travelled to Vinland and now every 3-5 minutes the game crashes, I spent 45 hours into this game now it just feels like a waste of time. On top of that I seem to drop down to 15 FPS quite frequently. I am on PC with a 2070 super and 16gig of ram. Please find a way to fix this.

  • avernjuras
    7 posts

    And still Ubi dont do nothing.. iam getting angry 😞 after almost 100hours i still have sooo many game crashes 😞

  • Plan3tCrackr
    46 posts


    launcher_log.txt file. Default location is C :\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\logs

    I have many crashes too and am showing the same connects and disconnects of the same files, using Ubisoft+. Unplugging or disabling internet will eventually cause the game to stop working with a Ubisoft error from Ubisoft Connect stating an active online connection is required to play games using Ubisoft+. Unfortunately only one crash report was identified by Ubisoft out of the 30+ crashes I have had so without crash reports good luck on this being fixed.

  • avernjuras
    7 posts

    I have these too... its soooo mess.... i played about 100 hours and maybe this happen 100 times 😞 sooo many crashes, bugs, lags... when i play odyssay i havent this kind of trouble...

  • ParadoxSax
    2 posts

    Increasing the swap helped me. I noticed that the game crashes when my 3GB swap is 100% full. Having increased the swap up to 6GB, the dropping stopped.

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