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  • MirkoID
    9 posts

    Yeah! I was able to load a previous saved data, when the game started the previusly manually saved data was be automatically deleted! There is sure a saving issue in the new patch

  • OzoneHeals
    22 posts

    @mirkoid Yeah that's the common problem I've been seeing. I can't even get into the game. None of my saves are working at all.

  • Raggz67
    9 posts

    Same problem on PC. Works a few mins then crashes.

  • Hydenight
    1 posts


    I have the same issue as other people here. I verified the files, reinstalled the game and nothing seems to work. Please look into it. I hope you will succeed in doing it ASAP. Fingers crossed.

  • OGSithLrdMalgus
    26 posts

    i had 50 hours of play time and after update the only save is the one i did at 16 hours aint that a [censored]

  • atoboleski
    12 posts

    I can load but it won't save and crashes regardless in just a few minutes!

  • OzoneHeals
    22 posts

    @atoboleski Wow. I have 90 hours but my saves from last night are still there. However none of them work and the game will crash as soon as I select one. No idea what to do. I guess I have to wait and see what Ubisoft decides to do about it, which could be nothing.

  • camokillo
    12 posts

    @redindianrobin Do you have an nvidia card or Radeon?

  • camokillo
    12 posts

    @killerkabron what graphics card you got?

  • ILLL88
    1 posts

    After last update got a freeze and two crashes to desktop.
    Kinda sad after 40 hours of nearly no problems.

  • Shdw_Phnx
    16 posts

    Game has been crashing multiple times since this last update. Didn't have the issue before

  • veehexx
    8 posts

    PC here. i've had it before & after 104 patch. no change for me unfortunately.
    for the sake of accuracy, the crash is crash-to-desktop and appears to be truly random when it occurs although that 15-30minute period does seem to be a common thing

  • guest-0JGqKkyF
    3 posts

    Just did a complete reinstall on xbox and it is working now, FWIW

  • incubeezer
    1 posts
    @killerkabron what graphics card you got?

    I am on an RTX 3090 and I also experience crashes about a half hour in.

  • HayBai
    4 posts

    So, after update 1.0.4 my game have crashed 5 time today. Before the update I had only one crash. (with over 40 hours game time). It don't let me send crash report.

    Game launch issues I have had from launch day & I have fixed, but new update broke it again aand I had to fix it again.
    What I mean about this: Sound and video files must be in (C:) file. Then you make "hardlink" of these in to real gamefiles.

    • Ubisoft, I have already made clear about that game launch issues with multiple people, yet still I cant found anywhere official announcement about this issue. Are you just wiping this issue under the carpet...?
  • Sgt-Halibut
    4 posts

    I was crashing to desktop about once every 2 hours, it is now every 2o minutes.


    How do I get a refund please? As usual your products are unfinished at launch.

    This trend of the last 15 years must be reversed.

  • vpitchawut
    1 posts

    It never happen before until I update to 1.0.4 recently. Now the game is keep freezing and unplayable.

  • Blasse-Diablo
    2 posts

    I am experiencing similar behavior after the update. A combination of freezing or crashing to desktop

  • dyahn31a
    2 posts

    My game is still freezing or CTD as much as it did before today's patch. Several other things "fixed" also did not fix.

  • RedIndianRobin
    186 posts

    @camokillo Nvidia 1060 6GB.

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