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  • MCT1
    3 posts


    Not to mention that i would NEVER downgrade my Graphicsdriver for a single buggy game. Especialy not for an AC Title...

  • rinks3611
    10 posts

    @temtu omfg! Are you serious! Ubisoft needs to do better. 😠

  • rinks3611
    10 posts

    @razorchain apparently they're rolling back to 1.02 today but all that progress you've made if you have saved since the 1.04 update is about to be completely unusable and people are losing hours worth of progress, some up to over 100 hours with the game already, completely gone.

  • MCT1
    3 posts


    • I'm not on Ubisoft+. I baught and downloaded the Game in Ubisoft Connect and i'm on Win10 20H2 with latest updates

    Hardware: Ryzen 5 3600, RX 5700, 16 GB Ram, 1TB SSD.
    Latest Drivers and everything.

    • Game Crashs randomly before and after update 1.0.4

    • There is no specific ingame action i'm going when this happens. It crashs in random different ingame situations. Sometimes i'm just walking arround in the field. Sometimes in the middle of a fight. I've tried to determine if there is something noticable going on when this happens, i watched the framerate, i tried to find out if some input on the gamepad causes this, but there is nothing special. sometime it crashs on 60 fps. The lowest framerate i've ever hat was 30 fps.

    Every other Game runs fine and stable.

    Thx for your response, hope you are working on it and you can fix it. Keep us up to date. Some community work by Ubisoft can not hurt 🙂

  • Elicit85
    17 posts

    @rinks3611 of course they create more problems lmfao. They owe the players something. Money back, something. Wasting our time with their game they should have had fixed by now. The hell was the point in beta testing if they didn't fix any problems that have existed since then. The game is literal garbage right now. Hopefully I have a save before the patch "I think i do".

  • Shadywack
    40 posts

    @mct1 I fully agree.

    This is a systemic issue, @UbiExcellent I really hope this floats to the top. It looks like it's a showstopper that's affecting a significant amount of the customers after doing some searching around on the internet, and nobody has found a workaround.

    I would argue this should be top priority for the devops teams. Thanks for your posts here and I hope we can get an update on acknowledge of the issue and/or progress soon.

  • Shadywack
    40 posts

    I think they should merge this thread with AC Valhalla crashes every 15-30 minutes. | Ubisoft Forums

    It's systemic and affecting everybody.

  • Wiking_Division
    4 posts

    I'm reporting crashes after the update 1.04.
    Before it worked fine with previous game version. Never had a single crash.

    Ryzen 3700X(stock), mb Asus X570+latest bios, Geforce RTX2060 latest drivers, 16Gb DDR4 mem

  • Shadywack
    40 posts

    @rinks3611 I wish mine rolled back, I'm stuck on 1.04. Based on your post though I wondered if they did some kind of hotfix, I got 25 minutes in with no crash. For a while there I thought I was out of the woods and could enjoy the game. Unfortunately the crashing just took a little longer this time.

  • Red-Harmonic
    4 posts

    Finally, it worked one day, and random freezes again... 😒

  • Bob__Gnarly
    49 posts

    I don't know what Ubi changed with 1.0.4 but it definitely upset something.

    To stop the constant crashes I had to lower a bunch of graphics settings, not sure which one did the trick as I don't feel like doing more testing for Ubi, but that fixed it for me.

  • RidRack
    4 posts

    Same issue I've been having. I've tried all the latest advice. I'm on a Ryzen 3700x with a 3070. No other games are crashing.


    • drivers
    • power settings Nvidia control panel
    • Downloading a game slowly in the background
    • Time settings
    • and more!

    My own thread, before finding this one

    Please fix this bug!

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 788 posts

    @samsongg Thanks for getting back to us.

    Did you also make sure the program was running with Admin rights, that you tried a Clean Boot to make sure that there was not another programs interfering with the game on your system?

    Official Response
  • Incabuloss
    12 posts

    And before a member of Ubi ask to do all the troubleshooting stuff, yes, i did all the steps and my game still not working.

  • WoodyBrewer
    1 posts

    I also have this exact same problem. Very frustrating.

  • Daredemo
    1 posts

    Given that "frequent crashes" haven't made it into the "known issues" list, I might as well add to the pile to see if it elicits a response.

    Since the last title update, the game crashes randomly after 5-10 minutes of play, usually after a dialogue. I got around these crashes by following a suggestion to delete the cache folder all saves after loading the game, but this is rather unreasonable thing to do every time I run the game after shutting down my PC. That'll teach me to buy an Ubisoft game on launch.

  • Shadywack
    40 posts

    I'm kind of blown away that they haven't added this issue to the megathread. Its systemic and very much a showstopper bug.

    If the game crashes every so often it's effectively unplayable, I can't progress in the game because of this issue. I'll end up linking to this thread and several other sources and requesting a refund if it isn't even acknowledged.

  • Xive
    1 posts


    I have the same issue with crashes since the last AC:V Patch 1.0.4. Before the patch, I was able to play for 3-5 hours without any problems. Now it crashes after a maximum of an hour, mostly before.
    I've checked the Windows Event Viewer and found for every crash a warning: Display driver "nvlddmkm" stopped responding and has successfully recovered. (in german: Der Anzeigetreiber "nvlddmkm" reagiert nicht mehr und wurde wiederhergestellt.).

    Windows 10 Pro Build 19042
    Geforce RTX 2080 TI, Driver 457.30

  • Shadywack
    40 posts

    Other people posting about bugs, this issue completely kills the whole experience. It's on both AMD and nVidia, something about this game in particular is crashing two different IHV's drivers, and the devs aren't talking about nor acknowleding it.

    This needs to be front and center, all other investigation into the other bugs should come after this critical issue is resolved as it's breaking the fundamental function of the game working in the first place. What good is investigating quest issues when this breaks the entire game?

    Since I see other posts bumping above this thread, I have all day, I'm going to keep this bumped and front and center. I had today earmarked to play Valhalla, so I'll bump this thread instead. That or get a refund started.

    Bumping this thread as Ubi is intentionally ignoring this issue, it does not show up on the megathread and affects the most users.

    Across Reddit, here, AMD and nVidia's own forums, this is an issue that appears to affect ALL customers and Ubi hasn't added it to the known issues list. Game is unplayable for many people until this is resolved. 1.04 has made it worse and Ubi is not acknowledging it.

    Keeping this post high as Ubi is intentionally ignoring this issue, it does not show up on the megathread and affects the most users. This needs more visibility until its acknowledged, clearly there are many users affected given HOW MANY threads there are about it!

    Across Reddit, here, AMD and nVidia's own forums, this is an issue that appears to affect ALL customers and Ubi hasn't added it to the known issues list. Game is unplayable for many people until this is resolved. 1.04 has made it worse and Ubi is not acknowledging it.

    Bumping as it sure is disappointing that the issue still isn't acknowledged. Way I see it there's three choices, ban me, acknowledge the issue, or pretend it's not the most severe issue impacting the game and I'll just keep bumping these threads.

    Bump, game's unplayable, I realize other people are reporting issues but this isn't a quest progression bug, the game literally doesn't function. As of this writing still no acknowledgement in the issue tracking threads by Ubi.

    This issue appears to be the number one problem for AC Valhalla gameplay on PC, as of this writing Ubi Support is not tracking this issue on either of the megathreads. Bumping given the severity of the issue.

    I've got all day here, because I could've been playing Valhalla.

    Issue tracker: I see you can't find this one particular item, we're right on it and investigating it immediately! Meanwhile, here's a workaround.

    PC players: game crashes and is unplayable

    Issue tracker: *crickets*

    Ok, this is absurd, there are MULTIPLE threads about this, people on BOTH AMD AND NVIDIA are reporting this issue, it's CLEAR THAT THE GAME IS [censored] BROKEN.

    HEY UBISOFT, why in the hell are you investigating [censored] quest issues when the [censored] GAME IS [censored] BROKE AS [censored] [censored]!?!??!

  • samsonGG
    6 posts

    I did. Amazingly, the problem isn't on my end. Who'da thunk?

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