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  • VIrumZz
    4 posts

    @ubiwan As expected these steps did not work. Please resolve this in the next patch.

  • Ubi-Wan
    Ubisoft Support Staff 631 posts

    @blemiglute Hello there! Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear this is happening. I'd like to know if this freezing issue persists after completing the steps found here, as well as the troubleshooting steps listed in this FAQ. I've experienced this issue once before, and disabling other applications while running the game has helped resolved the freezing for me!

    Official Response
  • Plan3tCrackr
    46 posts

    @ubi-baron I refuse to be required to create Twitter or Facebook accounts to get preferential treatment for a game purchased by giving the creator, Ubisoft, money. Such a request is an insult to paying customers.

    The best method of feedback for a crashing game would be for the game to generate a crash report to send to Ubisoft, which I think it has done only one time out of tens of crashes.

  • EggsnJakey
    1 posts

    @plan3tcrackr Man it has crashed on me twice today and there's no way it's my hardware. I've played 70 hours of this game and it has only crashed once before and that was because I was running stuff in the background and today it's acting up. The first time it crashed it actually did produce a crash report and sent it to uplay but 5 minutes ago I had to open task manager to exit the program. I updated my 2080ti drivers after the first crash and it did run a little better in benchmark. Who knows maybe it's the city Im in? So who knows but hopefully they stop setting games out before they are bug and crash free like ya Cyber punk 2077 took an extra ya but heres to hoping it plays better than this has. Good luck!

  • znipah123
    3 posts

    @redindianrobin Sorry to hear it's still crashing. For my particular case and PC though it has not crashed once in a 4 hour playsession with updated drivers. I should add that I set ACValhalla.exe to "Disable fullscreen optimizations" and "Run as administrator" prior to updating the drivers and start the game directly using the exe.

  • RedIndianRobin
    186 posts

    @znipah123 Yeah I did all those. Nothing worked. I can unfreeze the game by alt tabbing or pressing the Win key. This is such a weird problem. It is happening only in 45x.xx iteration of drivers. 44x.xx is smooth. Not a single crash in 100+ hours.

  • AnolinMcGinnis
    19 posts


    My crash report log files are empty as well. And there’s nothing in event logs either.

    i have an open ticket with their support, but they haven’t been helpful at all.

    The thing is, why haven’t they acknowledged this as a known issue when there are multiple posts here, Reddit, etc?

    This is getting ridiculous.

  • AnolinMcGinnis
    19 posts


    Mine is freezing randomly too on PC.

    Last time it happened I was just changing my tattoos.

    Ubisoft needs to acknowledge this ASAP and put it on their list of known issues and stop ignoring all the posts here and elsewhere!

  • Red-Harmonic
    4 posts

    I did the same as you and its working fine for few days now. I just lowered the clouds setting from ultra to High.
    Not sure what they did with 1.0.4 or with the latest nvidia driver, but apparently this game is very demanding on GPU resources.

  • blemiglute
    9 posts

    @ubiwan Hi, yes, nothing has worked. Also, this is not related to any of those because I had no crashes at all prior to the last TU.

    The only thing that seem to work so far is the trick found on reddit to manually allocate the maximum VRam you can through system properties.

  • davidho719
    3 posts

    @blemiglute Try to switch off D.O.C.P for AMD or XMP for Intel if its on. No more freeze/crash after turn it off for me

  • ScorpNL
    1 posts

    Same issue here. Crashes after 10-20 minutes or so. Worked great before the update. Now the game hangs or just suddenly quits and Windows event log has entries at the time of game crashes saying the display driver has stopped working. I updated to the latest Nvidia drivers now but the problem remains the same so it must be related to the game update.

    Running version 1.0.4 on W10 Pro 2004 - AMD Ryzen 5 2600X with GTX 1060 6G with Nvidia 457.51 drivers

    I'm unable to play the game anymore because of these problems which is really frustrating. Gonna try to reinstall the game but I don't think it will do much good.

  • synN9810
    1 posts

    Hey guys.. My game launch to a point, but a black screen comes, and i can hear the background music og the game playing.. i've tried so many things, nothing works.. bought the game yesterday... and i havent played it yet to the black screen... plz help..

  • Tr27sky
    1 posts

    hi, i have this problem with the game, it won't run right after the last patch on pc.
    the game ran nice and smooth befor the patch, but when i installed the update i suddenly miss some fil's to my windows 10.
    It was something like mfread.dll - mfwriteread.dll (something like that)

    The things i'v tryed

    • Re-install windows 10
    • install DirectX 12 (again)
    • installed the mfread.dll and mfwriteread.dll fil's
    • uninstall valhalla (more then 5times now)
    • validate valhalla
    • update all the drivers on my pc
    • run the game as admin
    • intalled vc++

    so i don't know what els i can do, anyone els having this problem? and pls HELP

  • Breakabletie
    6 posts

    your lucky that you game even gets to launch mine freezes at the launcher screen so i have spent 10+ hours trying to fix this issue and have no time in game it sucks that i bought this game a week ago and i still have not even loaded in

  • nexiuzzz
    1 posts

    I had the issue after updating the nvidia drivers to 457.51, crashes every 10-20 minutes. After reverting to 457.30 the crashes stopped.

  • ChewbaccaDefenc
    1 posts

    I am trying so hard to finish this game, but the further I progress, the more the game crashes to desktop without the option to submit a report or freezes requiring alt+tab and task manager to close.. Today, I have tried 5 times to start my game, trying to continue after a crash that ended my play last night. Restarted my computer. Opened from both Epic and Ubisofts launcher. All CTD on load.

    They got exactly what they wanted. My money prior to the launch of Cyberpunk.

  • eniora
    23 posts

    Same issue here after updating to 457.51, for the first time the game froze after ~1 hour of playing. I have 20+ hours without a single freeze before updating the nvidia drivers.
    In event viewer and at the time of the freeze, I have the Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered. So it's definitely related to the drivers. But I still put the blame on Ubi because no other game is freezing or crashing with new drivers for me except for Valhalla.

  • Ryusennin
    93 posts

    I've just had 3 freezes in Canterbury in less than an hour. Each time, the sounds were still playing in the background, and I had to force quit the game through the task manager.

    I have a Radeon Vega, so the issue is not specific to nVidia drivers.

  • triesonyk
    1 posts

    This happened to me too. Before update 1.0.4 I had no crash at all, now after the update it crashes after every 15-30 minutes, and some times it restarts my computer.

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