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  • chocoaddict1
    2 posts

    From yule festival until this druid dlc, I'm still waiting for the fix but nothing happened so far. The game will crash the DRIVER no matter what my gpu clock speed at, oc, default, or downclocking the gpu and memory clock.

    The crash is completely random, the longest I can get is after 2 hours gameplay, arround 30 minutes is the shortest. After the FIRST crash, the second crash can occur between 2-5 minutes of gameplay. So after each crash I must restarted my pc to prolong my gameplay after the previous crash.

    Oh my god ubi, my system can run metro exodus enhanced and control with full rtx with 2040mhz overclock and still can manage without crash in 3-4 hours gameplay. Your ac odyssey is never giving me this mess before.

    My system spec

    8700k @5.2 Ghz
    Rtx 3080 gaming x trio
    16 gb ddr 3600 cl15
    850 w corsair hxi platinum
    970 evo 500gb, patriot vpn 2tb, adata sx8200pro 1 tb

  • MarkoWheels
    1 posts


    The only thing that works to remedy this crashing issue for me is unchecking Ubisoft Connect setting 'In game overlay' and setting the max frame rate in game to 75fps. I've not tried
    different fps limits because the 75 works fine for me. Some areas will drop below that for sure on my rig. I7 9700K GTX 1080Ti, 16GB Ram, 1440p.

    I don't install any 3rd party GPU software and never use or install Geforce Experience.

    I'll try a few more things later, but so far, none of the standard ideas worked posted here or all over the internet with those similarly taxed with this problem.

    Hope this helps someone as well and if I do finally get another crash with these settings, I'll repost or update this one.

  • chocoaddict1
    2 posts


    Thanks for the reply! Disabling in game overlay is the thing I haven't tried it yet, but I'll try it once I'm in the mood playing this ac again. This crash really turned off the experience.

    I think i'm gonne keep my fps as max as my gpu can render, since my monitor is 1440p 144hz, otherwise I just played this game in my ps5, lol. I've never installed geforce experience, that software is a menace if we don't use its features. Speaking of troubleshooting, I once tried offline mod in ubisoft connect while playing valhalla but doesn't give meaningful result as well, the game still crash randomly.

    The next troubleshooting I have in mind is trying to play with every graphic setting combination as possible, I'll try to eliminate the possible graphic setting that can cause this issue.

  • ElectricSquall
    7 posts

    Why do you ask for content that you know that wont provide the necessary information for Application Crash troubleshooting? MSInfo and DXDiag only provide system and hardware information. This content is only valid to measure if the PC can run the game or not, nothing else. Every time the game crashes, the Uconnect asks for the crash dump report, if that's not enough, why do you ask? We already know that Ubisoft does not solve ANYTHING. The Division 2 DX12 is broken since release, and ALL YOU DO, is keep asking for MSInfo and Dxdiag.

    Dont treat us like we're fools. This is an app crash, your game is broken, specially after the last updates. If you don't like to support your broken software after release, sell the titles to a decent company, like Capcom, Sony, Codemasters and many others that do not deliver garbage to their consumers.

    The Division 2, AC Valhalla and almost every Ubisoft games would be fixed really faster out of ubisoft hands. Please, sell your titles to companies that know how to work, we beg you.
    If you need to collect data, ok, no problem schedule a call with ANY of us here, to troubleshoot the problem together. We are tired of this, Ubisoft fix NOTHING, and treat the situation as if it isn't happening. 

    There are OCEANS of threads from both Nvidia and AMD users, reporting driver crash.



    Do your work, or please, again, we beg you, sell your titles to competent companies. Your games would be a lot better in the hands of capable professionals.

    Bugsoft, as always.

  • ElectricSquall
    7 posts

    Another one. Google is full of reports about AC Valhalla crashing to Desktop and stopping the GPU driver.

  • mathis.adam
    3 posts

    @electric_squall Preach

  • Balerion316
    1 posts

    @chocoaddict1 You can clear your cache folder in Documents\AC Valhalla\cache, that should prevent the need for a reboot after a crash. I am experiencing the same issue and am going to try disabling overlay as others suggested next time I play.

  • chewie_24
    1 posts

    Hey, I just bought the game the other day and installed for the 1st time, after installing, it always crashes on startup whenever I open it. I tried verifying the game files, running it as administrator, my gpu driver and system is updated, I made sure my windows firewall wasnt blocking it and I already uninstalled and installed it. After the 2nd installation, I repeated all the suggestions on how to fix it but still it crashes everytime on startup. Can someone help me, I love playing AC games and it sucks that I paid for a game that wont even let me play. I also made sure that my pc can run the game, here are my pc spec Ryzen 5 2600, Gtx 1650 super 6 gb, 16gb ram 3200 mghz and I have 2 ssd storage drives and 1 hdd. I even tried installing it on the ssd first then installed it again on the hdd. Hoping for answers on how to fix this thanks

  • DefiledDragon
    3 posts


    Were I in your position I would try to refund it tbh, unless you have a high tolerance for crashes to desktop. I've got too many hours in the game now to qualify for a refund, but I would if I could.

  • Benjaminroos01
    1 posts

    This game crashes regularly for me, after about 1-2 hours of gameplay.
    Ive ben lucky once and played for about 3 hours wich resulted in gpu crash i think since the screen went black and everything else worked.
    I have 10+ hours on this game and bought the gold edition in high hopes of it being enjoyable.
    Never happened with any other games, maybe once in the span of 14 hours on doom eternal at ultra nightmare settings but thats it.
    If you got any ideas feel free to comment, thank you for reading and have a nice day.
    My pc:
    GPU Asus TUF 6900 XT OC edition
    CPU is cooled by an Kraken X63
    CPU I9 10900k
    32 GB ram
    Game runs on an m.2 ssd at 100-120 fps, 1440p

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