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  • longjohn119
    617 posts
    I've been playing CBPK with the latest drivers and absolutely no crashes in 30 hours. Ubisoft needs to get their heads out of their [censored] and fix their [censored].

    I've been playing too but only have about 10 hours in mainly trying different graphics setting to get the best performance/visual compromise .... I haven't had any crashing problems but there is a major flaw for Ryzen CPUs in that you have to take a Hex Editor to the EXE and enable SMT although I expect that to be fixed in the next update because all that happened was someone forget to set a complier switch when the recompiled the EXE for the 1.04 update ..... There was also a goof in the memory pooling, basically it was set for the same settings as consoles so it wasn't properly taking advantage of the extra memory most PCs and PC graphics cards have to offer ..... The SMT bug fix bought me an extra 20% FPS and the memory pool fix gained me another 5% or a grand total of 25% increase in framerates ....I expect both problems will be resolved in the update later this week because they are both a no-brainer to fix and likely caused because these guys are overworked trying to rush out these patches so quickly (4 patches in as many days) and a lot of dumb mistakes like that happen ..... I've been in high pressure situations like that myself too many times to count and it's not fun and extremely stressful but sometimes you just have to suck it up and do what you gotta do

    They do have some real problems with last gen consoles though and I wouldn't be surprised to see over 1 million units having to be refunded but at least they are willing to take the hit and do the right thing ..... Frankly as an Electronics Engineer I really can't see how they'll even make CP2077 work on those old decrepit Jaguar CPUs when the game demands 8 cores and 16 threads and anything less just tanks the performance in many parts of the game

  • camokillo
    12 posts

    @redindianrobin bro, its crazy. how many sequels of Assassins Creed and they still cant create a game stable right out of the gates. I'll look back into reinstalling the game but as of right now, I wanna see more people saying their game is stable for me to load Valhalla back up and try again.

  • longjohn119
    617 posts

    I'm not loading it back up until they fix the Aim Assist ...... Which is looking more and more like I'll never load this game back up ever again .....

    How come this game is so damned buggy and broken while Immortals on the exact same game engine with less development time is relatively stable with minimal bugs? The Aim Assist works in that game, at least in the Stadia demo I tried .....

    Frankly I wish I could trade my copy of Valhalla for a copy of Immortals which actually looks like fun and that is my main goal in games, to have some fun ..... If I want a challenge I'll go do something that makes me money .....

  • Naazgoul
    1 posts

    Its the conflicting software especially on Ryzen products...I ended up putting it in windowed mode and max graphics and its running great.

  • DRock_Kill
    3 posts

    Guys, this new patch 1.1.0 fixed the freezes for me, I played for another 2 hours and I didn't have any more random freezes because of Ubisoft Connect! I have an updated Nvidia driver! I5 7400 and GTX 1060 6GB playing smoothly at high! I hope he fixed it for you too.

  • RedIndianRobin
    186 posts

    @drock_kill Yeah I played for 15 minutes and went back to CBPK. I need to do some extensive testing.

  • D4rKy26
    64 posts

    I can confirm aswell i also have more random crashings to desktop. Before the big update it was way less.

  • RedIndianRobin
    186 posts

    @drock_kill Nah. It froze after 40 minutes of playing lol. I have to play with this with old drivers but I have Cyberpunk to beat first.

  • Gilarin
    1 posts

    Hello, This post is for all of you who have Crash to Desktop after around 20 minutes issue with Ubisoft Games (the ones usíng Denuvo DRM, more or less all the newer games from UBISOFT)

    There are many guides and help out there but as many have experianced they just dont work and are very popular on youtube reddit etc etc, they might work for some but for the majority, games just keeps crashing.

    I too had this issue with Assassins Creed, Watch dog: Legion etc etc and i found out some interesting and very easy fix:
    Your internal clock in Windows is not synced with time.windows.com (The live time sync feature used to set accurate time in windows).

    Yes, if your clock is not accurate the DRM used in games might actually think the game is being tampering with and the DRM does what it is meant to do, stop you from using the license. Mine was 8 minutes behind realtime and this was enough for the DRM to just autoclose my games.

    You can easy check if you have this issue by looking in the log file located in your PC, for me it is as below:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\logs launcher_log.txt
    and if you scroll to the bottom in this file and you find something like this:
    [10188] 2020-10-31 21:47:35 [18108] ERROR DenuvoGetGameTimeTicket.cpp (157) Unknown game response.
    My belifes are that the DRM is monitoring time localy and time on server to determine if the client should proceed with game, and if it differs much, it just belive that there are some tampering and just auto close the game.

    To adjust the clock in windows: right cllick on clock at start bar -> adjust time and date -> and push the "Sync" button.

    Hope this helps you. Thanks and good luck!

    This worked for me - synced the clock. Havent had a crash in 2 days.

  • longjohn119
    617 posts

    You guys do realize that Windows can be set to automatically sync your clock at least once per day ......

    Just click on the clock/calendar in the tray ---> Click on "Date and time settings" link and a widow will pop up with a switch that says "Set time automatically" ... Set the switch to On and never worry about it again .....

  • BonzoSPB
    17 posts

    After another Nvidia update, Ubisoft Connect and game updates the game still continues to crash but it now crashes gracefully with a 'Oops, i've crashed' message and the option of sending a crash report.

    Quite simply the most unreliable game I've ever had the misfortune of playing.

  • premi_pulkit
    19 posts

    Latest NVIDIA Driver (460.81) is optimized for "Cyberpunk 2077". I can't believe it.. not only that game is a problem on its own.. even the drivers optimized for this game are a problem for the player.. Hopefully next update for NVIDIA drivers patches this issue..

  • premi_pulkit
    19 posts

    @bonzospb - Nope.. Try "Cyberpunk 2077". Its way.. way worse. They haven't even given the options of key remapping.. imagine..

  • RedIndianRobin
    186 posts

    @bonzospb There's new drivers?

  • YazX_
    164 posts
    @bonzospb There's new drivers?

    nope, new drivers are for laptops.

  • BonzoSPB
    17 posts

    Hi Ubisoft,

    You should have received 7 crash reports from me over the last two days because Valhalla won't play for any longer than approx 15-30 minutes.

    I also get this in the launcher logs which may be linked:

    [ 9952] 2020-12-22 12:19:57   [20180]   INFO    UplayGameConnectionHandler.cpp (364)       Game with process id 3224 connected (API version: 2.3.0).
    [ 9952] 2020-12-22 12:19:58   [20180]   INFO    UplayGameConnectionHandler.cpp (317)       Game with process id 3224 disconnected.
    [ 9952] 2020-12-22 12:20:00   [20180]   INFO    UplayGameConnectionHandler.cpp (364)       Game with process id 3224 connected (API version: 2.3.0).
    [ 9952] 2020-12-22 12:20:00   [20180]   INFO    UplayGameConnectionHandler.cpp (317)       Game with process id 3224 disconnected.
    [ 9952] 2020-12-22 12:24:29   [20180]   INFO    ApiProcessConnection.cpp (289)          Game with process id 3224 disconnected.
    [ 9952] 2020-12-22 12:24:29   [20180]   INFO    UplayGameConnectionHandler.cpp (317)       Game with process id 3224 disconnected.

    Please get this sorted.

  • Saniok_988
    1 posts

    i had similar problem, to solve this i did the file check (option from a launcher application), it actually found bad files and redownloaded them.

  • RedIndianRobin
    186 posts

    @bonzospb It is hilarious. I have played over 80 hours of Cyberpunk and there is literally no crash. And then there's this game, which doesn't work unless I roll back drivers to ancient ones.

  • BonzoSPB
    17 posts

    After getting nowhere with the constant crashes I removed every Nvidia driver from my Windows 10 installation - everything. The lot!

    On restarting Windows the OS identified my RTX 2070 and installed Nvidia driver version dated 24/07/2019.

    On starting Valhalla I received a warning from the Ubisoft launcher telling me that I'm running on an unsupported driver.

    Valhalla hasn't crashed once since. It's as sweet as a nut!

    So, over to you Ubisoft or to you, Nvidia. Who's to blame for this one?

  • Mosca_Zz98
    1 posts

    Hi all ... My pc isn't overkill but I can hit 60fps without crashing after changing a stupid setting in the graphics menu. It crashed a lot ... whenever there was a cutscene or something during gameplay the game would crash and close without error. I tried everything I could find online and anything worked for me. so i tried to turn down all the details and turn them up one by one. so I found that setting the clutter setting to High instead of Very High didn't crash even after hours. Hope this helps you guys ...

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