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  • Sparhawk122
    69 posts


    Ubisoft Connect. My guess.

  • Sanuku
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    I would like to add the following:

    After someone hinted that this might be indeed an issue that the Game is causing with the latest Nvidia Driver (460.89) regular crashes i went back and installed instead the 457.30 Driver from early Nov. with the result that i am now InGame since freaking three hours without an single issue and the Game seem to be running like a freaking tank again even i have been Alt-Tabbing the [censored] out of it to see how the Game is performing or if i can force a Crash to the Desktop.

    I strongly would therefor advise that if you had an similar experience with the Game since the lastest Update to roll back (Download the 457.30 Driver and just install it over your current Driver (i did choose without the Geforce Experience this time to be sure nothing can cause those current issues i had since last year) and do an restart of your System so the older Driver does kick in.

    Preparting an Log File of my System Reports for Nvidia so they and Ubisoft can look into it, since i can go back and forth and each time i install the 460.89 again and load up Valhalla i can repeat the same Crashing Experience witht he current Driver.


    The current Nvidia Driver (460.89) from Mid Dec. caused my Assassin's Creed Valhalla (1.1) Installation to crash each 15-20. Minutes, installing the 457.30 from early Nov. (9th) and an reboot of the System fixed those issues.

  • BonzoSPB
    17 posts

    One of the factors I hadn't considered when trying to work out why AC Valhalla crashes is that I run a three monitor system.

    So, as a test, I disabled the two monitors that aren't used for AC Valhalla in the Windows Device Manager and I've enjoyed a crash-free Valhalla experience ever since.

    I've never experienced issues like this with a game before but it looks like there's an issue with multi-monitor setups. Is this Valhalla or Nvidia?

  • Guamat91
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    the error is not indicated in the event viewer..i've had a crash just 5 minutes ago and no error or critical error is shown..in fact the system don't crash, it just return to desktop and ubi connect is closing

    I'll wait the next update and see if the situation will be better..

  • k4n3_93
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    I have experienced 2 complete system restarts, several blue screens and innumerable crashes either with crash report or not or had to kill the process.
    I have tried many things: reinstalling NVIDIA drivers, also back to the oldest ones my system could accept for re-installing. I reinstalled the game itself, deleted contents of /cache folder, reinstalled ubisoft connect and turn it to offline as well as set the game process to high priority and synchronized windows clock.
    Some helped for a few hours or so, but it was then back to crashing again.

    What really fixed the issue (2nd day without single crash) was to clock back my RAM back to 3200 MHz CL16-18-18 from 3600 CL16-16-16. Funny stuff, I checked my RAM by running Memtest64 for 8 hours without a single error. Seems AC Valhalla is very susceptible to overclocking.
    My specs: R7 2700X@3950MHz, ASUS TUF RTX 3060 Ti@performance bios and 16 GB Crucial Ballistics AES, PSU Seasonic 550 W Focus Gold Plus.

  • BendelaBoombr
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    debug mode on the nvidia panel,
    1 open panel
    2 click help
    3 below system information, check debug mode,

    good I played for hours without crashing but after restarting the game pc I give error again

    D3D12 Device Removed Extended Data

    Problem signature
    Problem Event Name: D3DDRED2
    GpuManufacturer: VEN_10DE
    DeviceRemovedReason: 0x887A0006
    DeviceExecutionState: 7
    AppName: ACValhalla.exe
    AppView: Unknown
    Operating system version: 10.0.19042.
    Location ID: 1046

    Additional information about the problem
    Memory Compartment ID: 6e5fe5bad6907a69791b6cab9e3547ba (1809159159668885434)

    honestly i don't know what to do anymore, i'm already with 30 hours of play there are days that i play for hours without problems there are days that hang every 5 minutes

  • t34416l31
    10 posts

    I experience crashes during cutscenes frequently

  • OverHaze
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    Any improvement with today's Nvidia driver update?

  • michalinos1390
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    Crash every few minutes nvlddmkm not responding on RTX 3080. Only Valhalla crashes.
    Trying to play offline helps but not solve the problem completely.
    Ubisoft any answers ?

  • cavveman
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    The 30 series is rather new so it might be more of an issue with the driver rather than game. As an example my 2070 card works with no issues at al. And I have the driver 460.89 installed. And I the game running all day yesterday without crashes.

    Which driver do you have installed?

  • michalinos1390
    14 posts

    461.09 now and 460.89 before.
    There is no visible error. Just desktop crash. Event viewer shows "nvlddmkm not responding".
    My card is gigabyte rtx 3080 vision
    Lastest windows 10 pro with all updates
    850W Titanium PSU

    The problem is that valhalla crashing randomly sometimes 5 minutes and sometimes 2 hours.
    Trying playing offline helping a little.

    To be sure i testem the whole pc by benchmarks tests for hours.

    Prime 95, OCCT, Furmark, Memtest,
    I testet it again with to be sure that the whole pc is at full load in one time.
    So i run:
    Furmark (gpu torture test)
    Prime 95 (CPU /ram and ram controller test)
    99%gpu usage / 100% cpu usage/ 95% ram usage. Run for 1 hours without any problems.
    I try increase gpu core clock to be sure that is not a gpu problem.
    Msi after burner and +70 MHz and again furmark plus prime 95 (cpu, gpu, ram)
    24 hours test passed without any problems.

    Trying valhalla after that- 10 minutes and crash.
    Its not possible that the issues are hardware problems.
    Valhalla is not hardware heavy.
    In game 61 degrees on gpu and 55 on cpu.
    In game gpu core stay at 1980 MHz.
    In gpu torture test with oc gpu stay at 2030 without any problems with higher temp then valhalla - 68 degrees.

    I dont know what is wrong with with this game.
    This game made me sick.

    I loose a week to find why this game crashes with nvlddmkm.
    I tried every fixes 4 different drivers and nothing works.
    Maby its a denuvo or something.

    Why no one care about this problems?
    Because valhalla is amd friendship or something?

  • michalinos1390
    14 posts

    @k4n3_93 btw u should check ur ram at full pc load.
    Why? Because its possible that when ur GPU and CPU draw a lot power u have voltage drops in RAM and that can cause problems.

    U need to start furmark gpu torture test and then with the same time prime 95 memory test or occt memory test.

    Its possible that the game crashes for you at full load because of voltage dropping on ddr4 ram and become unstable. Thats why single tests like just Memtest its good only if ram is broken but not if u have volrage drops what shows only when alk components are at heavy load

  • eniora
    23 posts

    Don't bother testing your PC for any issues, your PC is perfectly fine.

    My RTX 3090 TUF is crashing in Valhalla the same as you with the nvidia stopped responding driver in event viewer every time it happens. (sometimes hours without a crash and sometimes every 5-10 mins), every other game I played is perfectly fine including cyberpunk which should be much more demanding than valhalla. I suspect the issue is that the drivers and the game isn't compatible with each other, causing an exception to be thrown and hence the game crashes.
    I remember the same happened with wolfenstein ii the new colossus (with even BSODs not only crashes) and back then it was fixed by a game update (wasn't a driver issue).

    I tried underclocking the core or raising/lowering the power limit, at first I thought my problem was fixed but it was a fluke and after few hours I got the same problem.

    I built a new PC for my brother with RTX 3060 Ti and I tested Valhalla on it, and not to my surprise, exact same issue. The PC is new with everything on stock, the ram is even set on default, no XMP. So I gave up for now and probably won't be playing the game until Nvidia or Ubi fix this problem.

  • ildafkam
    12 posts



    I play for stretches on end with no crashes and then suddenly it starts to crash - often several times in a row. I’m playing on a pc with top end specs and which has flawlessly passed every gpu, memory and cpu stress test I’ve thrown at it.
    The game definitely has serious unresolved technical issues.

    whenever it crashes, it does so to the desktop and I get a Ubisoft pop up asking me to send a crash report (which I always do - not that it does any good!)

  • BonzoSPB
    17 posts

    @eniora I've uninstalled Valhalla due to the constant crashes and will try again in a few months time. I've spent too many hours trying to fix the only game that's crashed so repeatedly on my PC so can't be arsed to waste any more time.

  • Theo10011
    1 posts

    Alright. I seem to have had the same issue as everyone else here. Constant crashes within 15-30 minutes - made the game unplayable. I have an rx 580 with 8 gigs of ram and tried as many drivers and settings as I could, got all the updates (1.1.1 title updated), ran through all the usual suggestions. I tried other fixes online like deleting the cache folder in the game folder. I've had zero issues with every other current gen game including ubisoft games, valhalla was the only one that kept crashing - no matter what setting I tried.

    I looked up the event viewer and saw constant warnings about memory whenever the game ran. I locked down my issue to memory management, so I changed the pagefile (virtual memory) that was auto/windows managed to manual. That did it - FIXED. No issues for the last 3 days - absolutely zero crashes. I haven't had a single crash or hang. I noticed that valhalla is a real memory hog too while running - taking up almost 15 Gb committed in resource monitor. This helped me, your mileage may vary.

    You can google how to increase virtual memory in Windows 10. Goto start -> settings -> type performance -> adjust the appearance and performance of windows -> advanced -> virtual memory -> change. I changed it from automatic/system managed to my value. The ideal is 1.5x your ram. so 12 gb as initial and max (same for both). Ok/save -> restart. Hope this helps.

  • NiaMariae
    2 posts

    Made a thread about this yesterday but can't find it? This forum isn't very intuitive and I say that as someone who lived on boards for years. Keep having crashing. Just had my fourth one today. I'm really sick of it. Just played through Cyberpunk with no issues and coming from that to this is staggering. I just want to play the game. I can't play the game if it keeps crashing. I'm not even playing on ultra settings or anything and I definitely meet the recommended specs.

  • eniora
    23 posts

    Didn't help for me and I tried that a month ago or so. I believe some others already tried that as well as it was mentioned in this very same thread, it helped some but not all of us. Your issue has the same symptoms as ours but the cause is apparently different. Our issue is caused by the drivers, not memory leaks. For me event viewer says that the driver stopped responding and crashed, not memory management related.

    Thanks though, it may help someone else.

  • longjohn119
    769 posts

    Yeah that's probably more relevant to people running with limited memory .... Personally I've considered 16 GB to be the minimum for Windows for almost a decade now .... I've been running 16GB or more since the FX 6100 came out

  • Froshelito
    2 posts

    Everyone, do this for the specific App and LCSID warnings you get in event log. Stopped crashing for me thus far. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/error-the-application-specific-permission-settings/da844c2a-e451-48e7-9795-f07066f2497e

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