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  • longjohn119
    470 posts
    Ok guys I think I may be on to someone suggested here, lowering the monitor refresh rate or turning off gsync may stop the crashing, so just for the heck of it I lowered the ingame refresh from 120hz (My Monitors default refresh rate) to 60hz and Ive had 4 sessions of about 5 hours each playing the game for the past 2 days with ZERO crashes. Now, I told a friend of mine who was also experiencing these crashes to do this, he has a 60hz monitor however so Ive told him to lower it to 30hz, I know that eww for PC gamers but I really want to try out this experiment in order to get some concrete evidence which may lead us to the main culprit, which is to my understanding atm this: The game simply cant work on a monitor's default refresh rate. This means that if you have a 60hz monitor, the game will crash at 60hz unless you lower it, same applies to 120hz 144hz etc.

    Now, although this is currently just my hypothesis and I aim to continue playing the game for a couple more days in order to extensively test this out, but I want all of you to try this as well, lower your refresh rate INGAME to any number other than the highest your monitor can output (Which is the default for your desktop). Also, keep in mind I am using the latest graphic drivers.

    Apologies for the long post but I just wanted to share this cuz Im feeling really confident about this, I think we may be close to cracking this. I'll keep yall updated of me and my friends further testing with the lower refresh rate gaming.

    One thing you could try on 60 Hz monitors is go into the Nvidia control panel and in the program settings for Valhalla set the Max Frame Rate to 59 and leave refresh at 60 Hz

  • michalinos1390
    14 posts

    @longjohn119 i'm playing on 2k 240 hz monitor without problems and finish the game.
    The only thing that i do is disable g sync in monitor.

  • eniora
    23 posts


    As I said before but people kept ignoring me for some reason, the latest nvidia drivers and especially with this game are crap and don't work well with some monitor(s) configuration. I had two monitors connected and all the crashes stopped for good after I disconnected my second monitor. I am not saying this is a definite fix for everyone because some of you don't have have two monitors, but something is up with the drivers and they aren't stable at all.

    It has been said in many forums that the nvidia drivers since the 3000 series broke many monitors setups with blackscreen crashes/hangs and what not, Gsync is almost broken for many as well. And those drivers are bad even for non-3000 series cards.

    Valhalla itself is a bugfest with their new ubi connect app, and with these new drivers it just got worse.

    More proof regarding monitor compatibility issues with these drivers:

  • MrkillerhomerxD
    4 posts

    i had my game crashing as often as every 3-5 mins sometimes. also while in main menu.
    For me the fix have been setting power target at 90% and disable Nvidia OSD.
    Nvidia OSD helped with crashes but the power target was the real problem for me. the moment i set it to 90% my crashes stop.
    In total i have had i think 1-2 random crashes since, this being after about 10 hours of gameplay

  • RedIndianRobin
    186 posts

    @eniora Very interesting find. Also someone in this forum pointed out that turning on debug mode fixed crashes on recent drivers. I did that and it worked although it runs at Nvidia reference clocks and thus less FPS.

  • XTrior
    15 posts

    @eniora That is interesting, however I do not have a multi monitor setup and I also used the 446.14 drivers as well, but my game crashed regardless. Now Ive been running the latest hotfix (461.33) and the only thing I did was reduce the ingame refresh rate from 120 hz to 60 hz. I didnt touch the refresh rate or gsync option in the Nvidia Control Panel, and so far my game hasnt crashed ever since I changed the refresh rate. This is definently some Monitor related problem. I will continue playing the game and update you guys but I think we're are close to finding the real culprit.

  • BendelaBoombr
    42 posts

    someone tested the new driver: 461.40? corrected? I'm just going to be able to play Thursday I'm curious

  • Skylinee87
    19 posts

    Haven't tested the latest driver, no. If anyone notices improvements, please let us know.

  • Sodalyte8
    9 posts


    Not sure if it's the new driver, but the game didn't crash on me since.
    I'm still playing in medium settings as it helped me longer the duration between crashes and I'm afraid to change anything lol

  • braudrist
    21 posts

    Guess I'll try medium settings on my RTX 3090. And the 461.40 didn't fix [censored].

  • XTrior
    15 posts

    Well guys, Im here to update that ever since I changed my ingame refresh rate from 120hz to 60hz my game hasnt crashed once! And Ive been playing it in multiple 4 to 5 hour sessions, whereas before the game would crash within the hour. I hereby declare this as the main culprit of the crashes for me atleast.

    Has anyone else tested this? Has anyone tried lowering their ingame refresh rate? Did it fix the crashes? If so, then we can notify Ubisoft of this and they may fix it in the next patch.

  • Sodalyte8
    9 posts

    I did try to lower the refresh rate in the game and in the monitor settings, but that didn't fix the crashes for me. also the virtual memory thing didn't help.
    Using RTX 2060 Super with the new driver, I turned g-sync on and my refresh rate back to 144 on medium settings and not a single crash since.

  • Frauss79
    1 posts

    i've the same problem.

    last driver nvidia not solve.

    delete cache not solve.

    any solution?
    ps log windows report multiple crash on driver video

  • crocodilebundy
    7 posts

    Even the latest nvidia drivers (jan 26th) don't fix it. Crashes to desktop or bluescreen every 10 min.

  • longjohn119
    470 posts

    Generally as a rule the reason drivers crash is not the fault of the drivers but caused by the game trying to access memory in a wrong way ..... Just like illegal memory access will cause an OS to puke to a bluescreen an illegal memory access on a graphics card will cause the drivers to puke .....

  • XTrior
    15 posts

    @sodalyte8 DAMN! Thats really unfortunate! Because I was so sure the Monitor's refresh rate may have been the main culprit. Did you try changing ONLY the ingame refresh rate while keeping the desktop's native refresh rate? (Like If your native refresh rate is 120 hz, you keep it at 120hz at nvidia's control panel but change it to 60hz INGAME)

  • braudrist
    21 posts

    @xtrior Thanks a lot man, that fixed it for me. It's just too bad I have to play on medium settings at 60hz with a RTX 3090 and a 200Hz monitor.

  • BendelaBoombr
    42 posts

    in your win error report, do you happen to have this error?
    3D12 Device Removed Extended Data

    Problem signature
    Problem Event Name: D3DDRED2
    GpuManufacturer: VEN_10DE
    DeviceRemovedReason: 0x887A0006
    DeviceExecutionState: 7
    AppName: ACValhalla.exe
    AppView: Unknown
    Operating system version: 10.0.19042.
    Location ID: 1046

    new driver didn’t solve for me, put in 60hz I could play for half an hour but soon I had CTD

  • BendelaBoombr
    42 posts

    updating good case I believe my problem is the direct x 12 all games dirctx 11 or vulkan work perfectly all games dx12 not working all I have CTD with the same error D3D12 Device Removed Extended Data, today I changed BF 5 to dx12 to test and I had CTD with same error D3D12 Device Removed Extended Data.

    my doubt and defect of the graphics card? driver ? or defect with windows?

    already formatted computer 2 times and did not solve

  • RedIndianRobin
    186 posts

    @bendelaboombr If all yours games are crashing in DX12, there is something wrong in your end. Did you try removing XMP profile or is your RAM overclocked? Is your GPU overclocked?

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