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  • hukoper7
    1 posts

    I've been trying to play the game proprely but it keeps crashing. It just closes randomly after 10/30 min, I have the ubisoft "synching save" message and then cant start the game again, i must close and reopen ubisoft connect...

    I'm playing with Ubisoft+

    Pc specs :
    R5 3600 - RTX2070 - 16gb ram

    What I've tried already :

    • Re-installing /updating GPU drivers
    • Re-installing the game/ubisoft connect

    Any ideas to help ? 🙂

  • Luenz17
    1 posts

    @murderdude1 Yes but why it would have something with internet connection ? I mean the game can be played offline right ?

    My girlfriend just had her first crash randomly, game closed with no error.

  • Oatsoda1981
    6 posts

    AC: Valhalla every 10 mins while playing. No warning, no issues, just closes window gone. Everything is updated on my pc, I have followed the guides I've seen online. Running as administrator and so on. Still every 10 mins the game just dies. Kinda frustrating to be honest.

  • Mrdefectiv
    2 posts

    @oatsoda1981 I have the same issue, Following for fix. I decided to get of ubisoft + and now i'm scared that was a bad idea and i'll have to fully purchase. It doesn't crash but it freezes exactly 10 minutes in. I can't get anywhere. 2060 rtx. ryzen 3200. 16gb ram. No other game has every crashed on this build.

  • Oatsoda1981
    6 posts

    @mrdefectiv from everyone I've talked to, it's not a plus problem directly. Guys on steam and that bought the game outright are having the same issues. A couple guys had their Xboxes shut down and dump every file on the xbox, for every game. Seems ubisoft servers can't stay connected so far from what I've read.

  • kirbc
    14 posts

    @oatsoda1981 same issue here. From what I saw in the Ubisoft launcher log. It seems like denuvo is causing the game to close. When you start the game it connects to a server and after a while it gets disconnected. Then after failing to reconnect denuvo closes the game. Don’t know why Ubisoft requires an internet connection all the time. Even gamepass allows you to play games offline without requiring you to connect to the internet 😩

  • Jartap
    4 posts

    any help? any help at all?

  • Nathanieljvk
    1 posts

    Im getting the same problem with the PC version of the game and i cant seem to find a pattern to its behaviour.

  • Peystaz
    8 posts


    We hare a lot apparently, find a lot of tips everywhere in internet but nothing is working.

    Sometimes can play a hour without any issue, sometimes can't play more than 10 mins.

    Apparently, for most of people that I have seen complaining about crash, they have very high performance and good gaming PC (as me, X7 - 3700 and 2070 Super). With game running very perfectly but still crash randomly.

    My friends with [censored] old PC have no issue ...

  • KKhanz
    3 posts

    @jartap Same here, the game completely freezes every 5-10 minutes, I have to alt tab and end task with task manager. I feel like I freeze more often during cutscenes and in the inventory menu (it took me 4 different launches of the game to equip an item after fighting Rikiwulf). I just want to play the game but it will not let me.

  • Jartap
    4 posts

    i guess we all need to wait for a new graphic card driver update

  • kalpdal86
    8 posts

    @nicksheperd Same for me except i can only play for 5-15 minutes. Looked at the log for Ubisoft connect and it says my game disconnected from the server just before crash.

  • Psych0_Trauma
    51 posts

    It's because of the last patch. There was a 600 something patch earlier today or yesterday, and ever since then it's been freezing after so long. I smell a memory leak.

  • kalpdal86
    8 posts

    @hukoper7 Same problem here. Suspecting something in Ubisoft connect is the issue.

  • Aries_Warrior
    1 posts

    I can download and I can load it up, but when it gets close to starting it always crashes. I've tried making more space for the game, I've tried restarting my PC, but it never works.

  • Basic-Pita
    6 posts

    @psych0_trauma I forgot about that, thats true! atleast in my experience

  • KawasakiZedHed
    2 posts

    Playing PC, with i7 9700K, RTX 2080 Super, 32GB RAM. Almost every single time I enter the menus my game crashes to the point that I have to restart my system in some cases. This includes browsing tattoos, trying to apply skills, viewing quests... I've spent hours just reloading the game to play the same part over and not really progress at all, this is highly frustrating. I actually attempted to refund but Epic says I have played it for too long... I only just got to Fronberg or whatever the bloody name is.

    Is this bug acknowledged, is there a fix planned?

    So far I have tried all the advice, changing settings, turning off all my background apps, limiting FPS, nothing works. I juyst want to binge what looks to be an amazing game, and sadly, I'm getting to the point where I want to just leave it in a corner like Fallout 76 and forget it ever existed.

  • DancesWithTramp
    7 posts

    Hoping if anyone can help/having the same issues as i am, the game sometimes will run for up to 10 minutes and then just freeze i have to task manager to close. Once it has done this I cannot even get a minutes worth of game play in before it crashes again. I have tried all the various forums and spent almost 2 days now trying to get this going but to no luck!

    Hopefully somebody can help or advise if this is bug Ubisoft are investigating.


  • uzeen
    2 posts

    @kawasakizedhed I have the exact same problem, game runs fine, I even left it in game for hours without it crashing. But if I go to the menu, as you have to do, the game crash...

    Have tried all the tricks I know when troubleshooting games, but nothing seems to work....

  • pedroagaf
    1 posts

    I'm having the same problem. It's almost impossible to play

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