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  • fearface
    2 posts

    @ubistorm I did the basic troubleshooting steps for windows, yes. The came mostly crashes in relationship to indoor areas. Yesterday I was outside, shooting guys that we're inside. And also once where I was inside.
    It also crashed once outside a fortress during a mission.

    So in total I had 3 crashes yesterday: two times in relationship with indoor, and once without.

    It seems quite random. I sent all the crash logs.

  • grooners
    23 posts

    Yet another random freeze then CTD with the usual "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered." warning logged. Luckily It can be days between crashes for me and its not related to any game version, Nv driver version, the weather or whatever. This dosent happen with any other game.

    Although I'm playing 4K with highish settings I always vsync 60 and the GPU load is kept below 80% - this game doesnt even use the RT and DLSS parts of the GPU. The crash was when bringing up the map soon after battling a target.

  • AnolinMcGinnis
    25 posts

    This game is as stable as a drunken clown on a unicycle. When you guys resort to suggestions such as turning off your own in-game overlay, you know something is broken. AC Valhalla has only been out about year now, please get your act together.

  • weeswolf
    3 posts

    My game crashes randomly as well and without warning, some sessions I can play for hours, and other sessions I can only play for minutes, then the game freezes and returns to the desktop. Windows and all drivers up to date. Also disabled the Geforce Experience overlay but nothing helps. I don’t think I had a crash before the 1.2.0 update but now after the 1.3.1 update the crashing is getting more frequent.

  • SkarrLorn
    2 posts

    Crashing about every 5 mins; immediately after I sync a new spot, climbing up to sync a new spot, fighting something in the wild, after fighting something in the wild...

    Just started after the latest patch.

    Win10 21H1, 32g, Nvidia RTX2080, SSD 970

  • UbiStorm
    Ubisoft Support Staff 377 posts

    @fearface Thank you so much for confirming that for me, and for clarifying where you were when those crashes seemed to happen the most. I appreciate that you've sent up those crash logs, but I do also recommend uploading your MsInfo and DxDiag files to a ticket on our Support Site. That way, we can get a closer look at what's going on in those system files when those crashes occur.

    I do understand that this is a frustrating issue, everyone. If you haven't already, I still highly recommend running through basic troubleshooting steps for your platform, whether it be PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One or Series X/S or PC. If you have done those, and you're not on a PC, could you send over any error codes or video clips of this happening?

    Official Response
  • Inventor22x
    1 posts

    @skarrlorn Even worse for me, before the patch I could play maybe 5 minutes before a crash. Now, I can't play longer than 1 minute.

  • PH-Genesis29
    1 posts

    also experiencing crashes, i have tried EVERYTHING, as in EVERY tip, suggestion, method out there for a fix but to no avail, i have tried playing in offline mode, rolling back drivers to diff versions, disabling overlays, running as admin, disabling xmp for ram, turning the graphics to the lowest, nothing worse. i also doubt that its a hardware problem coz i play horizon zero dawn and rdr2 on very high to max settings and ii have never experienced crashes on those games. i really feel that its something in the game itself coz we all know how ubi is now, from a great company to a money making focused [censored] company now.

  • Satoby89
    9 posts

    I had a crash every 2 minutes, for those who are interested I solved by setting the details of the world on High, as I set very high or maximum it crashes every 2 minutes, I hope it will work for you, but I assure you that the crashes are related to the graphics settings, try to set and play a bit until you find stability.

  • grooners
    23 posts

    As the Nv driver reports an error then if it was just one person then I'd agree it was that person's PC - but it's lots of systems.
    If it was the Nv driver then reverting it would help or Nv would fix it - so its likely not the driver either.
    If it was the game itself - art assets and data - then the improvements theyve made each release would help - but they havent.

    That leaves the game engine (AnvilNext ?) which is close enough to the driver to cause crashes but maybe not part of the game that gets updated each time. It's been around for years now and is quite possibly struggling at 4K very high settings.

  • grooners
    23 posts

    Crashed again in the exact same way - when opening the map - had been playing an hour before and had completed a river raid
    When a game crashes doing the same thing but never in any other game it does point to the game / engine being at fault and not the PC

  • grooners
    23 posts

    Two game freezes in the same place - the cursed object area near Chertsey Abbey. Different from my other crashes as it's just the visuals freeze with no CTD or driver error logged and its triggered by location.

  • jesusenrique17
    1 posts

    Downloaded a week ago, games has crashed at least 9 times since (once a day at least), it crashes mid raids or missions, not saving any of my progress. It has countless bugs in-game like not being able to get off a rock or other object after moving it. I spend hours getting some progress on long missions and it just crashes, deleting all I did in that time. How am I supposed to want to play a game that simply deletes my progress almost every time? Love the story and the gameplay but it is literally impossible to be motivated to actually play and put the effort into it. I've seen more than a thousand comments of people having the same issues and have never offered a refund, thats crazy. I have screenshots of the 9+ times I have had to send a crash report due to random mid-mission crashes.... SO disappointed in this game, so much potential and really want to play but its not worth it.

  • Skylinee87
    27 posts

    Following up from my earlier post, it's been 9 days now without a crash, played 20-25 hours during that time. Seems to me at least, the latest patch improved things for me. I actually crashed two days before the patch released and i have changed nothing since then. Using the same driver etc. Also using the video settings listed in this video:

    I'm about to complete the game and then start the expansions, will report here if i end up crashing. Still, a vast improvement for me, i usually crashed more often than this before the patch released.

  • kolliasl21
    8 posts

    OK. So I updated my motherboard bios to the latest version, updated AMD chipset drivers, reinstalled AMD GPU driver with DDU, completely disable the XMP profile, reduced maximum GPU boost by 100+mhz. After all this effort trying to eliminate any variables on my end the game still crashes to desktop. Everything else runs crash free. Stability of my system, even before updating the motherboard firmware is excellent. SSD health is excellent. The game is broken. After the 1.3.0 version it's broken. Before this version I had about 55 hours of gameplay with no issues at all. STOP blaming customers for your buggy game. My system specs: ryzen 7 3700x, 16gb DDR4 3600c16, rx 5700xt. The game is AMD sponsored, so work with AMD to try and resolve the issue. I don't have time for this anymore ubisoft.
    Edit: psu: rm650i gold running in single rail mode and I connected seperate pcie 8pin power cables.

  • nekrobob
    1 posts

    I started the game again with a fresh installation and got maybe 8 CTD`s. All complete random. Good job.

  • Skylinee87
    27 posts

    Ok, got my first crash now since 1.3.1. Took 11 days this time. Still not 100% stable then.

  • Skylinee87
    27 posts

    @skylinee87 Ok another two crashes shortly after the first. This is so random after going 11 days without a crash.

  • weeswolf
    3 posts

    @skylinee87 I played about 80 hours prior to title update 1.2.0 - no crashes, rock solid. Then I played Watch Dogs: Legion and encountered no issues. In between I also played Days Gone and Warzone; no issues. When I returned to ACV I had to update to version 1.2.0 and the crashes started for me and from there it has only been downhill. F5, quick save, has become my new best friend. Luckily I'm 95% complete but I'm going to give the DLCs a miss. I run the game at 1080p, high preset, on a 10700K, 32GB, 1080TI, dedicated M.2, G-Sync and V-Sync enabled in nVidia control panel, FPS limiter and V-Sync disabled in-game, no overclocking and Windows plus all drivers are up to date. The only overlay I use is the Geforce experience FPS counter but I have tested with and without it and it makes no difference. I can play an entire day without crashing, exiting the game normally, and then the next day I get like two crashes in a matter of minutes.

  • mistergeek
    3 posts

    Yep, over 300 hours in game, after latest patch 1.3.1 the game has been almost unplayable since you lose so much progress. Crash type is always during action/combat, graphics freeze, audio continues then CTD in about 2 seconds every time. I have never had a problems with Valhalla, Origins or Odyssey, so something is very wrong. I also tried OFFLINE mode, made no difference, same CTDs occurring.

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