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  • Asryan2a
    73 posts

    I haven't played in a while but my last games were fine. I relaunched the game today and it froze after a moment 😞

  • Satoby89
    9 posts

    Eheheheh this game is broken bro....

  • longjohn119
    770 posts
    I haven't played in a while but my last games were fine. I relaunched the game today and it froze after a moment 😞

    Try doing this, it's not 100% but for me i knocked out 95% of my crashing problems.

  • rapozaum
    13 posts

    Some news:
    I played all of Odyssey and vanilla Valhalla on this rig (8700 + 2080S + 16gb ram + nvme ssd).
    As per my other replies, I'm having my gameplay harmed after purchasing the Season Pass.
    Today I decided to do a clean install of my drivers, did a DDU uninstall, installed 471.68 drivers. This plus UbiConnect on offline mode are making be able to play the game for a while, just had an hour long session but I gotta do some errands now and closed the game.

    Will update this later.

  • Ryusennin
    105 posts

    Switching UbiConnect offline or disabling cloud saving is a known workaround which improves stability but doesn't completely prevent random crashes.

  • BattlezEye
    1 posts

    This might not be for everyone but worked for me. 
    There also may be a better way to do this but just sharing exactly what I did so I apologize if this write up is messy.

    I was frequently getting a random Crash to Desktop with no error message. The screen would freeze, about 20 seconds later it would close to the desktop with Ubisoft Connect app up. I would see the Ubisoft message Synchronizing game settings but no error message.

    I found a post about Red Dead 2 crashing under Custom Virtual Memory settings.
    Per their instructions you want Windows to Automatically manage paging file.
    I was already using the default Virtual Memory settings but toggling the setting seems to have cleared it up for me.

    HERES WHAT I DID: (Basically Toggled it OFF and back ON)
    Windows 10 Settings - Search "Advanced System Settings" - Advanced Tab - Performance (Settings Button) - Advanced Tab - Virtual Memory (Change Button) - Deselected "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" - Click Ok - Receive the message "The changes you have made require you to restart" - Click Ok - Click the Change button Again. - This time I Selected each hard drive in the list and selected "System Managed Size" radial button below then Select the (SET) button on the right - Click OK - Finally click the change button for the third time except put a check back in "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" - Click OK, OK, OK, and this time reboot.

    After I restart and loaded Valhalla my graphics settings had changed. 
    I was basically using medium but there were several several changes I hadn't made.

    I know for sure I had been playing with the following settings.
    Graphics Quality: Custom
    Adaptive Quality: Off
    Anti-Aliasing: Medium
    World Details: High
    Clutter: High
    Shadows: Medium
    Clouds: Medium
    Water: Medium
    Reflections: On
    Environment Textures: High
    Character Textures: High
    Depth of Field: Low
    Motion Blur: On

    BUT.. After I Toggled the Virtual Memory Setting Off and On the graphics settings had changed to the following.
    Graphics Quality: Custom
    Adaptive Quality: Off
    Anti-Aliasing: Medium
    *World Details: Medium
    *Clutter: Very High
    *Shadows: High
    *Clouds: High
    Water: Medium
    Reflections: On
    Environment Textures: High
    Character Textures: High
    Depth of Field: Low
    Motion Blur: On

    It appears toggling Virtual Memory OFF and ON effected the graphics settings some how, like it had the wrong settings cached.
    I set my graphics settings back to what I always use and haven't had a single Crash since.
    Hopefully this can help someone or possibly help the Devs track down a problem.

  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1749 posts

    Hello @battlezeye,

    Thank you for sharing this! We're glad that the issue has been resolved for you. Happy gaming!

    @rapozaum - thank you for an update - can you please confirm if you're still experiencing crashes or has the clean install resolved this issue for you?

    @longjohn119 - thank you for sharing this with us!

    @Satoby89 - sorry to hear about your experience. Have you contacted our team with your diagnostic files, so we can investigate it further for you?

    Official Response
  • rapozaum
    13 posts

    @ubi-mark No luck, crashes came back.
    I'm still testing stuff tho. Gotta do some work now but I plan on testing a bit more later. Will keep posting updates.

    Last thing I tested was killing all my OCs on Afterburner. Game opened, loaded my save and was able to run around for a bit. Will try to play more later.

  • Lovemonkeyz
    3 posts

    I'm having frequent crashes to Desktop since.. I'm not sure, 3 months ago? Possibly longer. This event shows up each time. Looks to be related to DirectX 12

    Fault bucket 1706366862578377812, type 5
    Event Name: D3DDRED2
    Response: Not available
    Cab Id: 0

    Problem signature:
    P1: VEN_10DE
    P3: 0x887A0006
    P4: 7
    P5: ACValhalla.exe
    P6: Unknown

    Analysis symbol:
    Rechecking for solution: 0
    Report Id: ef9b791e-91de-4df8-9991-83a159501739
    Report Status: 268435456
    Hashed bucket: bb8a87f59586e67e87ae3b9eec7b6454
    Cab Guid: 0

  • rapozaum
    13 posts

    Yeah, after my post yesterday, I came back to the pc and got crashes again.
    Googled a bit more, found the windows clock fix (just sync it), didn't really work.
    Read somewhere that overclocking your gpu might make the game unstable.

    Remembered one thing: when I did the clean install after the DDU wipe, Afterburner didn't jump into action after the restart because there were no nVidia drivers in action. It was open, but couldn't read anything from the GPU until I restarted it after installing the drivers. Thing is: I was able to play the game for an hour before restarting Afterburner.

    Today, I killed the OCs on it (clicked the Reset button to stock settings) and am playing the game for more than an hour already.
    I'm yet too afraid to call this a victory, but this is improvement on my end: killing the overclocks on my GPU makes the game stable enough to play it.

    I will post this on a proper thread so it may attract more views and possible help others.

  • longjohn119
    770 posts

    @rapozaum This game engine does not overclock well with either the CPU or GPU .... It never has .... You don't really gain much anyway, maybe 2 or 3 FPS and you can do almost as well by leaving the clocks alone and making a more aggressive fan profile to keep the temps down and let the boost do it's thing

  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1749 posts

    Thank you for the update, @rapozaum!

    If you're still experiencing crashes, I would suggest getting in touch with our team directly. Please provide us with your diagnostic files as well, so we can investigate it further. Many thanks!

    If you have any other questions, please let us know!

    Official Response
  • longjohn119
    770 posts

    Here is an interesting video from a former Microsoft software engineer explaining Windows Blue Screen crashes and why/how it works like it does. Important things to note is most drivers were moved from Kernel Space to User Space with the exception of video drivers. Modern video drivers have a Kernel Space of their own which works much like Windows Kernel Space and will crash the drivers (The  D3DDRED2 crash above is an example of graphics driver kernel error) because if they didn't then the Windows Kernel would would crash and take everything down (and sometimes with some errors still does

  • peteycrnk
    1 posts

    I figured getting the game a year after its release would see all these bugs ironed out, but apparently not. My game's constantly crashing, too. I verified the game files when it wouldn't even get to the main menu before crashing, which fixed that particular issue, but it still crashes at an unacceptable rate. I have an nvidia 3070ti.

  • ElectricSquall
    25 posts

    Well, it's almost an year since my first report about this issue.

    The Division 2 has the same problem since early 2019. Nothing was done there neither here.


    It's time for a collective lawsuit. Ubisoft should stop selling garbage to customers. They sold us a broken software and they just don't care. Forum threads leads to nowhere, we need to make Ubisoft lose money.

    What do you think?

  • WeekEndRonin
    1 posts

    I bought the game 2 weeks ago and started experiencing constant crashes every 5-10 mins about 15 hours in. I was using reshade 4.9.1 for screenshots, once I completely uninstalled reshade and my presets and did a clean install of the game, I haven't crashed in over 2 hours. Hopefully this will help those who are using reshade and experiencing constant crashing.

  • Tribble82
    1 posts

    game was working with few issues until i got a 20gig patch now 35+ minutes to get into the game. the game crashes and freezes. unable to us in game features like the wheel which wont load in so i cant summon my mount or any of the other features. I get issues with now being able to access NPC conversations and it locks my camera from the npc perspective. what the [censored] did you patch into the game that [censored] the optimization so bad it is acting like an alpha release.

  • longjohn119
    770 posts

    @tribble82 Verify your game files in the Connect App. I do that after every title update and this one broke 39 Forge files and 4 sound files. It will only tell you that it fixed some files but afterwards if you go into the game folder you can tell how many and which ones by the file date and timestamps

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1258 posts

    @peteycrnk - Welcome to the Discussions forums! I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing frequent crashes in Assassin's Creed Valhalla on PC. I would recommend that you run through our PC troubleshooting to begin with, to eliminate the possibility of any common problems impacting your ability to run the game without issue. In particular, make sure that there are no software conflicts, that background applications have been disabled, and that both Ubisoft Connect and the game .exe are running with administrator rights. If, after completing all of these steps, you are still seeing persistent crashes occurring, please open a support case on our website and submit your MSINFO, DXDIAG and log files to us for review and further investigation. Thank you!

    @ElectricSquall - For your information and reference, Ubisoft Support are unable to provide any legal advice, nor discuss any legal complaints you may have with you. If you'd like to raise a legal dispute, you will need to contact a legal representative who can represent you and communicate with our own legal team on your behalf. Thank you.

    @WeekEndRonin - I'm really glad to hear that you were able to identify the cause of your crashes, and resolve them! Thank you for taking the time to share your solution here in this thread as well for other players to refer to. Just in case you weren't aware, it is possible to capture screenshots directly in-game by pressing F12. Your screenshots are saved within a named folder inside your Pictures directory - please let me know if you have any issues with locating this if you try using it! 🙂

    @Tribble82 - Welcome to Discussions! I am sorry to hear that since the deployment of TU 1.3.2, you have been experiencing frequent crashes in-game. Can you please advise me of your system specs in brief, as well as confirmation of whether you have completed our basic PC troubleshooting steps already? Have you tried verifying your game files within Ubisoft Connect as suggested by @longjohn119, in case any files were replaced, moved or corrupted following the update? I'm happy to investigate the issues you're facing further with you as soon as I can acquire some additional context and information. Thank you! 🙂

    Official Response
  • vfilipc84
    3 posts

    Game crashing randomly... even without being on crowded areas where the GPU is more utilized..
    I have monitored my GPU and my temps are the ones expected.. I used the DDU tool to try different drivers.. all of them with the same issue.
    Today I have updated my VBIOS as well as I wanted to try the new feature resizable BAR and hoping that would fix this issue. Nothing.. still the same
    The only error message I get is Display 4101 under windows events registry.
    I have the 3080 TUF OC 10gb graphics card.
    I was worried about my GPU but seems the rest is having the same issue.
    I never experienced any issues with Anno 1800 fortunately... only with Valhalla! Please fix it!

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