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  • Daniel2131991
    Original poster 6 posts

    I am just re-playing RDR2 again and I have to say that even the small comments from townsfolk when you come back after having created massive destruction in their town some nights before, just adds so much immersion.
    Some will even be hostile, or if you kill store owners, the store will be closed and some time later someone else will re-open the store. Those are details which make a world feel alive.

  • Gravelmead
    62 posts

    @daniel2131991 I spat my coffee all over my little dog at the 'fun mini games' part.

  • Apocalypse1126
    4 posts

    @dbgager Enter; Red Dead Redemption 2. Literally does all of these things. It's not that hard. Ubisoft open worlds lately feel like when a friend shows you a song that you're not really interested in, you'll listen to it just because they want you to hear it but you don't actually pay attention to a second of it. Similarly you'll run, swim and ride through a Ubisoft world just because you have to to get from point A to point B, but everything in between is just white noise. There's nothing interesting or engaging going on in the empty spaces between quests, world events and activities.

  • Apocalypse1126
    4 posts

    In my opinion the biggest let down in Valhalla is the RAIDS. Aside from the fact that the combat in this game is clumsy, slow and honestly just not engaging or exciting in any way, the raids don't feel like raids at all. Where is the noise and the hype? The screaming monks and civilians, the clashing of swords and kicking down of doors? Even the music added for dramatic effect is shockingly boring and quiet. You practically run through the town in almost silence wacking a few guards here and there to get them out of your way, all to flog off a few bits of supplies to build something in your settlement. Where is all the looting of silver and sacred symbols, where is the pillaging and burning of churches and the general VIKING feel of it all? It's about as un-authentic as it can get I think, done one you've done them all.

  • Vlerk2020
    29 posts

    @apocalypse1126 All sounds are below average in Valhalla, including those from Raids.
    Raids are a nice addition to the game but after 10 or so you know the drill, there are some i even didn't fight and let the *crew* fight and i just watched and opened chests/doors, this is how exiting and *difficult* it was.
    Raids should be difficult and *adjust to your level* and even your viking crew could be killed or wounded so they need to regenerate in settlement and we need to change / select other joms viking to take with us.

    And from your previous post **Similarly you'll run, swim and ride through a Ubisoft world just because you have to to get from point A to point B, but everything in between is just white noise** i agree, this is why i quit the game at 28% progress.

    It's just a boring empty world, farmers standing still in the fields, no hunters shooting wildlife(example), people walking the roads, traders (like Origins had camel traders) running around, barely any patrols.
    There are some npc fishing on the rivers but that's about it.

    This world is just *unfinished* in many ways - my honest opinion, and it's empty enough to quit the game for it.

  • Daniel2131991
    Original poster 6 posts

    @vlerk2020 I think the sounds were poor in Odyssey already. The squishy-squashy footsteps were one reason I quit the game (besides combat, the non-interactive world and the bland combat).
    "Similarly you'll run, swim and ride through a Ubisoft world just because you have to to get from point A to point B, but everything in between is just white noise" I completely agree with that too.
    And it's so sad, because Ubisoft has so much money, they could easily spend on making a good game. But for some reason they seem to keep making the same mistakes over and over again.
    I opened a similar thread at the release of Ghost Recon Break Point, after seeing gameplay (never bought the game), but to no avail - none of the patches adressed any of the real mechanical issues (except for the rollback of the levelled gear).

  • UltimatePowa
    61 posts


    They actually do hide a bit, its just the really important stuff that isn't hidden.

    Do you play pathfinder?

    Maybe have a difficulty above that?

    32 posts

    Icons and screens full of a 1995 interface kill open game worlds and noteworthy what you try to a chief in an open world game. Audio is key. Unfortunately, in Vallhalla the audio interface is not as good as it should. Try playing without icons and see for yourself whats missing.
    Beside this I think Valhalla is the best AC and fun to play.

  • Aetheogh
    22 posts

    On my second play through.

    During my first through.

    1: Raids: Really enjoyed that, collecting supplies and Treasure. Con: Once a place has been raided, it cannot be raided again. Though Enemy NPC's will respawn the treasures and supplies do not respawn.

    2: Not enough raids. By the time got my character to 111 my settlement was stuck at 4/6. Could not raid the other areas due to higher level like 130+

    3: Lot of treasures could not be gotten to. Could not reach them due to small windows that cannot shoot the door, cannot carry oil barrels up ladders, climbing up buildings. Throwing oil barrels to hit a rock door from above does not work, barrels does not fly if even if you point up at 45-90 degree angle, always falls at ground next to your position. (very poor mechanics). No oil barrels in settlement. Tried getting a oil barrel from market in next area, ended up at reload screen since could not defend myself from attack while still carrying the barrel <--- another poor mechanic design

    4: Not sure if lot of those greyed animals are bugged. One time at level 88 try to kill a pack of 4 greyed wolves (level 20 area). Was sent back to the reload screen in less then 4 seconds of combat. <-- using both melee and ranged.

    5: Muddy waters. It obvious that Ubisoft has either forgotten or on purpose punishing those of us who have disabilities. Am vision impaired, cannot see in muddy waters. (my own brother-in law who also plays this game says he can see fine, he has perfect vision). Lowered all graphical settings to LOW and still have same problem with unable to see in muddy waters.

    6: DENUVO : Remove it. Even though I use Malwarebytes, ran it several times on my game drive. Though it did not pick up Denuvo as malware considering that it has already been cracked/hacked (Google Search Engine for Denuvo). Malwarebytes been notified and they are investigating this. Note: Any anti-tampering software that has been cracked/hacked will consider it malware unless proven otherwise.

    7: ACP: Animus Control Panel, played Origins without it and with it on. Quite fun to use. So I wonder why it was never added to Both Odyssey and now Valhalla does not have it. I wonder why. It would have been very useful for the game Odyssey since never completed it due to problems and being sent to reload screen way to many times that I gave up and uninstalled it. So love to see Animus Control Panel for Valhalla (added benefit that it gives players who like to cheat from using possibly malware infected cheat trainers) .

    8: Blue Tree, Put the node recovering arrows next to the stealth recon node, gives players option of recovering arrows in areas where are are no arrows around.

    9: Treasure, Gear and Hoard maps do not work, I get them they but DO NOT SHOW ON MAP. Using the Revan does not pick it up.

    10: Roaming unbeatable bosses. Level 100 and roaming level 90 roaming boss that has infinite shield block and stuns send character to reload screen in less then 5 second after combat started. <--- NOT FUN AND GAME BREAKER

    11: This is related to being vision impairment, had same problem with Odyssey. Lot of areas underground, crypts, tunnels are too dark to see even with using torches. No gamma settings, brightness not bright enough (have it set at 10 max, Contrast at 1). Once again am getting the impression that Ubisoft is punishing players who have vision disabilities.

  • Daniel2131991
    Original poster 6 posts

    @ultimatepowa I play pathfinder, but that's not what I mean. The open world is not designed for the player to know where treasures are. If you look at RDR2 or Zelda BotW, if you travel through the world, your eye organically gets stuck on points of interest, and there you will find treasures. In Valhalla, you see a village, but you have to guess where the stuff is (if there is any). Sometimes it's in some pig farmer's cellar, sometimes it's in some random house or tower, sometimes it's in some cave you are only able to spot properly with Odin's Vision (highlighting the treasure).
    That's my problem. The world isn't built to be organically explored. They put markers on the stuff because otherwise you wouldn't be able to find it.
    It has gotten a bit better in Valhalla, but the problem is still there.
    Do you know what I mean?

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