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  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    I've completed everything in the game at the present, aside from the little resource chests spread throughout the world.

    Gear List (not including store items I've acquired, duplicates, or the pre-order Berserker stuff): Gear will also change appearance when you upgrade its tier with Ingots, with the exception of some weapons which already have their highest appearance by default, i.e. Hemming's Axe, Mjolnir, Gungnir, Excalibur, Vordr's Bite, Lagertha's Axe, Spartan Shield, Sepulcher Axe)

    10 Capes/Cloaks
    12 Torso Armors (including starter tunic)
    10 Helmets/Masks
    10 Bracers
    12 Pants (including starter pants)
    16 Bows (5 Hunter, 5 Light, 6 Predator)
    4 One Handed Bearded Axes
    8 Light Shields
    6 Heavy Shields
    5 Spears
    7 Two Handed Dane Axes
    4 One Handed Hammers
    4 Daggers
    3 Two Handed Swords
    3 Flails

  • topeira1980
    Original poster 23 posts

    @fylkirpanzer Is it just me or is that weapon list miserable?
    about 5 weapons of each type on average?
    even shooters have more than that. ACOD had way way more than that.

  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    @topeira1980 I was honestly hoping for more hammers, I especially wanted two handed hammers. But yes, this weapon list is miserable. I think we would have been better off to start off with only 5 of each weapon type (aside from bows, I'd say three of each). What makes the list worse, is at least three or four of those two handed axes are ripped directly from Odyssey, but they couldn't give us swords or two handed hammers. Lazy.

    Well, here's to hoping they can get their heads on straight and deliver actual content in terms of more armor and more weapon variety.

  • LaMOi
    88 posts


    I personally did not like the loot system in Odyssey. Felt like destiny. 100s of the same breast plate only slight stat variations.
    Made loot feel hollow.
    I also didn’t like the combat with regard to how grindy it felt.

    Much prefer games like Ghost of Tsushima — combat feels deadly.

  • LaMOi
    88 posts


    wait a minute tell me there’s two handed Hammers please!

  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    @lamoi Unfortunately there isn't.

  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    @lamoi I'm on the opposite end of this. I personally loved all of the loot variety with different stats, etc. I remember doing a NG+ and found a breastplate which actually fit my playstyle, and I'm talking hundreds upon hundreds of hours later and I immediately equipped and upgraded it. I was content with the gear I had up until that point, and got excited that I actually found something new in the massive loot pool the game offered. All those probably tens of thousands of breastplates were just broken down into resources or money.

    Those are aspects in which I feel would benefit Valhalla, because I don't like that we have only a handful of everything in terms of armor and weapons, instead of being able to freely decide what we want to keep and what we want to scrap, or what we want to store away in a chest. There was so much variety in ACOD, especially with armor that for me, Valhalla feels hollow. I found the armor that suited my playstyle fairly soon, and I didn't get excited when I found more armor because it had perks I didn't like or bother with, so it was immediately useless. So I ran around with the same armor for most of the game. I understand that's the intended design feature, but I actually liked changing out my gear in Odyssey, it actually felt like I was earning something or finding something useful, not to mention I was rewarded for side quests, battles, fighting other Mercs, etc. I don't get that feeling at all in Valhalla.

    I think the current system in Valhalla would only work if you had an abundant amount of armor sets to work with, instead of a measly 10, two of which you can't even use in England. It's my biggest gripe with the game, the absolute lack of armor sets or variety. If the game launched with say, thirty or forty unique and varied armor sets, and slightly more weapons; it wouldn't be as big as an issue.

  • JPABenites
    95 posts

    There is a lack of equipments, the guys already listed the number of gears, for while 10...
    Im sad because the major gears not seems historycal accuracy, many new gears probably will lauch by store... while there is only 10 gears inside the game! the open world seems no rewarding, the exploration is a grind to get material to improove just 10 gears...
    I miss the visuals to transmog, customise the atribbutes to create new builds... selling equips to get money, ... destroy to get material (more fast and easy than explore the world to get chests with metal and leather) like Odyssey.
    We have a post about, if you want to see:

  • Flanker1Six
    39 posts

    @topeira1980 Have you tried running a search for the various categories (armor sets, shields, hammers, etc) on you tube? I did for armor sets; because I wanted to know what each looked like, or just stick with the default Raven Clan armor (which is what I did). Good luck!

  • topeira1980
    Original poster 23 posts

    @lamoi I ACOD you could find the same exact sword mesh a hundred times in 100 different perks, and what im complaining here is not that I miss the variations but the variety in the meshes themselves.
    ACOD had many many different swords meshes, for example. each mesh had around 6 or more color variations and tons of perk variations. even if you take away all the perk systems and all the color variations, you are still left with many many sword meshes. way more than ACV.

    I am not a microtransafction hater. my mentality is - if the game gives you enough of something, it's fine selling a bit more as MTX. in ACOD the game gave you a LOT of different gear types and a LOT of ways to level up, so I didnt mind it sold us MTX of more gear and XP boosts for those who like it.
    BUT(!!) in ACV it looks like the game, deliberately, created very FEW gear\weapons so it can sell it as MTX!
    Granted, the Opals system is better than ever before (it takes about 10 days to earn enough opals to buy 1 weekly item, which means that if you do the dailies you can earn enough every 10 days, and there is usually one good item per week that's worth buying) , but thge new system is not better by enough to make me feel OK with this.

    I like the general idea of ACV - finding loot in specific places. it's like GR:Breakpoint. But GRB had a LOT more loot to find and a LOT more weapons and a LOT more options. ACV seems to have enough wearables, and even enough shields, but not enough weapons. not by a mile. and as a swords person, only 3?!

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