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  • Gurkenlord
    Original poster 6 posts

    @zhead_ Not only the water ist the "problem" the most effects are low res 😕 fire is really bad.

  • alphamachina
    40 posts

    Yeah, when setting fire to a building, it looks REALLY janky. Like 15 year old graphics, janky.

  • RedIndianRobin
    186 posts

    This low res fire has been there since Origins, looks like they still didn't fix it.

    However, water looked amazing in the previous games. It's only in this game feels low-res.

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Ubisoft Support Staff 359 posts

    Thank you for the extra information.

    I have passed this onto the team to look into further.

    Official Response
  • Gurkenlord
    Original poster 6 posts

    @redindianrobin The fire was bad in previews games but not THAT low res. And also Odins SIgnt ist really blurry af

  • alphamachina
    40 posts

    @ubi-swaggins Thanks, Ubisoft support has been on top of it with this game. Awesome to see, cause this is going to be quite the adventure!

  • Lann094
    2 posts

    Just wanted to add my evidence to this, playing at Very High 1440p. The effect is somewhat mitigated with Nvidia sharpening, but is still extremely detrimental and I will probably be shelving the game until an update is made.

  • exitwordlgamer
    4 posts

    Yes, same here, every effect is very blurry, pixelated

    odin sight

    I'm playing in max settings as well

    ryzen 7 2700x

    res: 3440x1440 120hz

    Fix this please, and performance 🙂 The game is REALLY GREAT

  • immoralwombat27
    1 posts

    I am having exactly the same issue. Overall the game looks like it could have come out 10 years ago. It blows the mind that people could publish something this unpolished. ubisoft please fix this luke warm mediocre mess so it can hold us over until cyberpunk.

  • Cyberpsychosis.
    3 posts

    i got that issue on distant textures, looks indeed like a 10 year old game at eevrything that is over 100 meters away. and i am playin gthis on a rtx 3080 paired with a i7 10700k in 1440p ultra

  • NabroleonXXI
    1 posts

    has someone found a fix for this yet?

  • Wersatus
    3 posts

    Sir,many of players all got this problem......When can we have it fixed?

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