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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] Unable to progress with "A Wise Friend" as Randvi does not meet with Valka | POST HERE

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    apparently you just have to ride a horse into her a few times.

  • DukeLuke2187
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    I upgraded my settlement to Lvl 3 which unlocked the Wise Friend mission, however, I hadn't returned to Randvi following the Grantebridge alliance missions. Valka now stops just before the longhouse and I cannot progress further. The option to speak to Randvi is no longer available and I have done many side missions since so I cannot return to a save point before this. I have noticed a number of people have had the same issue, will there be an update to correct this? I would hate to have to start the game again.

  • mikewiggles
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    @dukeluke2187 I had the same issue with my game. I fortunately was able to load a save point prior to the mission though and just skipped it for now. Hopefully it can get fixed soon. I don't want to start over either

  • cilgineben
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    @daniel_chi did they tell you when will they update? there is too many gamebreaking bugs they make the game unplayable

  • adryyanvs
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    @mcfrln me too. this is ridiculous. Ubisoft.... wake up !!!

  • grasum
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  • Daniel_Chi
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    @cilgineben they said it will be soon. That means weeks at least i think.
    I'm very frustrated, i cant even play the game because of this bug, nothing worked to fix it

  • Rodich
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    When Valka arrives the top of the hill, near the Longhouse), she stops and doesn't interact, move, or nothing. It's like she's waiting for something or someone. I try load again, close the game and start over, but nothing seems to function. When I try to fast travel to another location it tooks so much time and when "arrive", the HUD is weird. The snow seems buggy, there's no people, I have no weapon menu, etc etc.
    I have this problem since yesterday. I don't knon what to do. I don't want to reinstall the game and loose all my progress. Can someone help me please?

  • guest-X9s2vueo
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    @ubi-woofer Just worked for me! Loaded the game (still drunk) and travelled to Norway. Travelled back to England and immediately picked up the crate at the docks to escort the Seer to her home. As we walked up the hill, Randvi was already there and they began the conversation immediately. Finishing that quest allowed me to finally talk to the NPCs in the settlement again (I hadn't been able to talk to any of them).

  • ReDawn87
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    does anyone else think that issue and others is caused by the yule festival event? i can only talk to the few event NPCs for the festival but i cant talk to the npc to edit my boat my crew the stables trading post or even start the feast bell. im getting rather annoyed that the support team is thinking its having to do with my PC C++ files when i know damn well its not or else the game wouldn't run at all.

  • ReDawn87
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    @kingdavidlll dude thanks for this i was able to get passed this issue.

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    after completing a quest with Ubba and Ivarr(completing the are having their alliance) I returned to my settlement and I started a wise friend quest I couldn't complete this mission due to that valka stops and dosn'tr want to walk no more, and I can't talk to my settelment NPC.
    The walk around suggested to load an old save file is impossible for that I don't have one before accepting the quest.
    Traveling to Norway and Comback Again won't work too
    Adding to that the issue with appearing drunk every time I start or travel
    Can you please Help

  • c1985j
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    I found a quick and easy fix after 2 days of not being able to progress...

    Go to quests and deselect all so you have none marked on the map (while on that page press R stick and it shows you completed quests...scroll over them all so that none have a 'new item' mark on them)

    Ranvi then appeared at top of hill,
    Don't select any quests...just go to where you collect the luggage to start the 'A Wise Friend' quest and it will start automatically....Ranvi was at the top of the hill still and I was finally able to complete and continue.

  • Ubi-MrM
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    @DeaconRayne Thanks for replying! Just to confirm, is the issue resolved now after a hard reboot of your console? Or do you mean that rebooting the console may have caused the issue?

    @nestaz1988 @rowerek156 @fatherjimbo @briggseyjnr @Alexander1312 @KingDavidlll @ReDawn87 Very glad to hear that the graphics workaround I posted was effective in resolving the issue for you on PC! I hope that you'll enjoy the rest of the game! KingDavidIII, what is the reference number of your case that you opened, so that I can retrieve your submitted save files and pass them to the developers?

    @Saastan Yaaaay, very glad to hear that it worked when you gave it another try! We're still looking into a proper fix for everyone at the moment, and will continue to update this thread with news on this as it becomes available to us. (Never put the baby in the oven!)

    @Big_Daddy_KS1 Very glad to hear that the workaround worked for you as well! Happy gaming!

    @crueljack3281 @aowam Great to hear that you have both been able to progress now as well! Thanks for contributing your advice regarding the workaround to the thread to help other players as well, it's great to see members of the community helping each other out!

    @cyberchp If wishing to submit your save files for further investigation, you will need to compress your save files into a .zip/.rar folder, and this can then be attached to a support case or during a Live Chat by following these instructions.

    @CostlyTurtle336 I am sorry to hear this - have you tried rolling back your save and trying again to progress to the same point? It may be worth completing a different quest or contract first to test if it the issue still occurs afterward. Please let me know if this is possible for you to try!

    @Creepy-sPox Thanks for letting us know that the workaround involving pushing Randvi with the horse was effective for you! I hope that you'll enjoy the rest of the game!

    @EOMYDIOR Thank you for sharing this additional workaround - I hope that it may allow further players to proceed if other workarounds haven't helped them! (If anyone can give this a try and confirm, that would be great!)

    @guest-X9s2vueo Thank you for letting me know that you were able to proceed after fast travelling to Norway and back! Happy gaming!

    @ReDawn87 Troubleshooting is always our first step and we will exhaust the possibilities of the issue being localised before submitting a report further - I do apologise for any inconvenience caused by this procedure. Regarding not being able to speak to the NPCs, if you are currently within the "A Wise Friend" quest, others have mentioned this is the case and may also be the cause (as the objective is ongoing as soon as you pick up the crate and after speaking to Valka at the docks). You've mentioned that the graphics workaround allowed you to proceed; are you now able to speak to the settlement NPCs again?

    @c1985j Thanks for sharing this additional workaround - glad to hear that this worked for you!

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    Update: I followed this solution found in a comment in FB and it worked (A workaround)
    this bug must be fixed

  • lebelge2499
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    HI Ubi,
    I encounter the same problem as everyone, but my problem is that i saved over my files so I have no acces to previous save files and the other problem is, is that i play with Nvidia Now so i have no acces to my gaming folder so i cannot share my saving folders to show my problem. I tried litterally everything but because i didn't talk to Randvi to start the Alliance map quest nothing works and i have no way to return to previous saves except of starting all over, but after 20h of gaming that is not really what i want xD. Is there another way that i can be helped or need i to wait for a new patch note?

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 930

    Hey there! I am glad to hear that you were able to find a workaround for this! I am unable to view the workaround with the link provided. Do you think you could send it again so that I may forward it to the Development team? Also, in regards to the drunk effect that is happening, this is currently under investigation and has been posted to our Known Issues list with a workaround. I've provided the workaround below as well.

    For the drunk status effect, try meditating or sleeping in your bed, or you can try walking it off as well. Thanks so much for your patience in the meantime!

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    Travel to norway
    Travel back to england
    Push randvi down the hill using your horse(she'll be outside the longhouse)
    Run to valka
    Carry the stuff
    Run to the blacksmith(because by the time you carry the stuff randvi moves back to the long house, she stops when you reach the blacksmith)
    And walk with valka
    There's a YouTube video of this just look it up

    this is the text of the image

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 930


    Thanks! I really appreciate that!

  • CostlyTurtle336
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    @ubi-woofer thanks for the reply. I don’t have any save old enough to reset back to before the issue began, unfortunately. My only other save is from 37 mins of gameplay in the very beginning. I have tried all the suggestions people have said in the thread, as well as trying to push randvi down the hill but she won’t stay there because she walks back up to stand next to Sunniva for the yule brawl quest. Interestingly, I actually had Valka stop walking down by the blacksmith when I tried to grab her stuff and run ahead of her. As far as other quests, I was coming back from completing the Grantebridgescire alliance quest (which I did before going to meet Sigurd) when Valka arrived at the settlement so I can’t do any other main story quests since Randvi is not at the alliance map

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