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  • surgoshan
    1 posts

    Yup. Logged in to find my game not making any sound. Quit out, reloaded, lost a couple days worth of play. Frustrating.

  • BlitzBStone
    7 posts


    I just experienced the same issue. I fast traveled and upon loading into ledecestescire, I was able to start the leap of faith and before I hit the ground the screen went black and pulled up the Xbox dashboard. I started the game back up and when I hit continue, it loaded me into a manual save from 2.5 hours earlier. I’d completed multiple stages of a story mission and began killing members of the order and upgrading Ravensthorpe. All of my auto saves disappeared at the crash, and when I checked to see that they were all gone, I had 5 auto saves from having just loaded the game. Playing on the Xbox one, and have been using only two manual save slots, one for my current glitch free play through and one for my 90 hour bugged play through that’s still awaiting a fix for sons of Ragnar

  • ZoFarrZoGood
    1 posts

    I'm about 45 hours into the game on xbox one and now I am unable to save my game.. I have tried saving manually, but I get a message that I cannot save game right now. I have moved into different locations to make sure it isn't caused by something around me. The game is also not saving automatically as I completed a quest that should have had auto saves at each stage.

  • Danshawuk5
    2 posts

    Can't save the game or fast travel

  • Guitarguy212
    4 posts

    Playing on Xbox One X here.

    Just recently went to load my last autosave to retry a mission, having played for about 5 hours until that point. The game entered an infinite "loading, please wait..." screen, which I could not leave.

    So, after having no choice but to restart the game, I come back to my last save being aaaallll the way back to when I first started playing 5 hours before. All manual and autosaves, gone. Not the first time it's happened either.

    With the amount of people I've seen complaining about this issue online, losing saves due to having to quit or game crashing, I'm surprised this hasn't been fixed. This needs to be priority number 1 right now, because me and multiple other people don't feel like they can continue playing until we know it is fixed.

  • RomsXz
    1 posts

    Just lost about 12 hours of progress. Won't be playing for awhile 😞
    Btw I'm getting "could not sync with the cloud storage " error all the time

  • ltarqsuperbus
    6 posts

    I started a new chat (after waiting 10 days for a response to the previous one) and the new Ubisoft rep told me they couldn't refund me (even for a broken game) because I had already "accessed" it. Luckily, I explained the situation to my credit card company and they were happy to start a dispute / chargeback. Specifically, I explained to them that I did not receive a functioning product because the save feature (an essential part of the product) is not working properly. I also told them that over 100 people are on the forum complaining about this issue (so it is a known problem) and Ubisoft has not replied.

    If Ubisoft is not going to do jack [censored] about this, perhaps others should consider calling their credit card companies to discuss a chargeback. I know I didn't pay >$100 for a malfunctioning product. I will try to remember to come back and post an update if I hear anything about my chargeback.

  • ltarqsuperbus
    6 posts

    @ltarqsuperbus Update: Apparently Ubisoft changed their mind and decided to give me a refund after I mentioned a chargeback in a help chat with one of their reps. Since Ubisoft is now agreeing to refund me, I will cancel the chargeback I started.

  • guest-SGF51zGI
    4 posts

    @harlow_hh I have got same problem. I uninstalled the game but it doesn't work. 10 hours of play lost. Incredible.

  • kizza0721
    63 posts

    I wish i paid by card. Glad you got that sorted.

  • arymanik
    32 posts

    Ubisoft its exactly 7 days after release Patch 1.0.4 which was crash down game to unplayable status.
    Why You didn't make fast patch for example which will delete problems with Auto-Save ?
    How long we will wait more for this???
    After next 10 days World will see new game, to much better than AC:V and You don't care about this ?
    Irs was be my first collectable version of game, and You just taking my three letters how You want without anyone gel *.*.....
    It's not fair....
    I want new patch wich will allow me continue play and fun for 150$

  • harm841
    2 posts

    Just lost 4 hrs of Valhalla [censored] I own every one of your Creed games this is ridiculous.

  • macfarlane1313
    3 posts

    I am playing on Xbox One X and had a similar issue last night. At around 20-21 hours in the game suddenly froze and then crashed to black. I restarted it from the home screen but when I did it loaded up a save from the afternoon prior, a solid 3-4 hours of gameplay behind where I'd been at the crash. Before the crash I had witnessed at least one manual save that was closer to my crash time, I'd also made lots of story progress so lots of autosaves, and I frequently quick save.

    There was no error code for the crash, however I had observed a "Online Service Error" or something several times over the course of playing (not sure when it started but I last saw it shortly before the crash). The first few times it happened I checked my network status to make sure I was online, I was, so I didn't over think it, I just assumed it would impact how UbiConnect challenge progress was recorded. I didn't realize it was removing my ability to save.

    I am coming to terms with the fact that those few hours of progress are gone. But how can I keep playing if I have no idea if this will keep happening? How do I play a 60+ hour game if I have to re-do four hour stretches of gameplay?

  • Waleedov90
    1 posts

    @ubisoft , i just lost 15 hours of progress. You really think i want to repeat it all? Is it that hard to fix your cloud or to retrieve it? I demand a full refund ( i got the pass too) and a compensation, my time isn’t for free I can’t waste 15 hours of My life again and lose progress again. Thank you for ruining my experience , money and most importantly my time. If I don’t get this sorted i will go the legal route for all the distress caused by this .

  • methltryp
    3 posts

    Another 16 hours lost. My own fault for believing they had fixed the issue with 1.0.4. Unbelievable. Beyond words.

    Correction. It’s even worse than I thought. 18 hours. Gone.

  • Iamneo1289
    1 posts

    I had this issue too on Xbox One S, I had my power mode on “instant on” so I could just jump back into the game but I would find it would eventually have issues saving. So I went into settings and changed my power mode to “energy saving” and I haven’t had any more problems with it. It sucks because now you have to wait for the Xbox to start up and the game to load but it’s better then loosing hours of progress.

  • minamina7
    1 posts

    It’s been almost a week since the patch released but I’m STILL losing my saves!! I just lost 6 hrs ;-; feeling discouraged from playing right now especially if this is gonna keep happening

  • MOJayhawk
    4 posts

    Today my husband's Xbox version of Valhalla crashed to home screen. When he opened it to resume play, all his saves for the previous 3 hours were gone. There were no messages that the saves were corrupt, they were just gone. Restarting Xbox and going back did nothing, they are gone for good. "He's not happy" is putting it very mildly. He's quit playing the game. A fix would be good if only to save my marriage.

  • AHGee1990
    1 posts

    Same here. Another 8 hours lost. Really just makes me not want to play anymore, what's the point.

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 730 posts

    @guest-sgf51zgi We're sorry to hear that's been the case.

    Are you able to provide a video of the issue as mentioned? Where are you located in the Save where this occurs?

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