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  • mikeswcal
    5 posts

    @the_tr3nch Getting old. Have no idea why you just can't do a manual save. Especially after completing a milestone or something that was difficult.

  • bdifran567
    2 posts

    I just lost about 6 hours of game play?!?!?!!? I was in Asgard and the game froze so I restarted and when i did all my saved game data for at least 6 hours was GONE manual and auto i was kicked way back!!! This is a horrible bug! this should be priority over all other issues you are having, gamers losing all their work and progress is very unmotivating!! now i just have to redo all the same things and accomplishments over again for 6+ hours?! What a load! fix your system!

  • macfarlane1313
    3 posts


    From what I've encountered, the Ubisoft Connect app on my xbox seems to accurately reflect my progress as it is in the Ubi servers. If I think there's an issue with my saves I've been able to click over to Ubi Connect from the Valhalla menu to see if my progress is up to date. Most of the time it's been accurate, once it wasn't. I closed but did not exit the game and the next time I played it was up to date. So far I have not lost any progress since my initial issue.

    The main wildcard I have is the game crash. I haven't had any crashes since the initial issue so I'm unable to verify whether that bypasses the Ubi Connect verifying I've been doing.

    1 posts

    4 hours lost, 4 save files(cloud and manual) with varying times, all now loading as the save from 4 hours ago. The one thing you need to rely on to make a game playable is the ability to save progress. No one wants to waste hours replaying quests already completed with the risk of losing it all again, the game's unplayable.

  • SkeezyPeezy
    2 posts

    @arymanik I'd like a refund.

  • flaw7420
    1 posts

    This just happened to me as well. Played 12/6 for several hours. Didn’t have a chance to play yesterday. Came back to it today and hit “continue” on the title screen as always. Loaded me into the beginning of the arc I finished Sunday night. Checked the save file and the latest one is from 12/5, a full day before my last actual save. And I’ve been manually saving since I started this game.

    Now I’m bummed and don’t even want to play. I don’t want to go through that entire arc again, I want to start the next one. Guess I’ll just play FIFA, but god damn that pisses me off!!

  • bdifran567
    2 posts

    I lost about 5 hours of game play on xbox, and i manual save here and there so that doesnt help, those have disappeared as well. I dont understand how hours of saved game data just disappears and Ubisoft cant figure out how or why and just keeps saying "we are working on a fix for this issue" But i dont want to continue playing and risk losing all game data again so i wish they would be more clear or make a post about what is happening. I would love to be able to save on my hard drive and not rely on Ubisoft and there servers at all or whatever is at fault for this..

  • LatinoTigre
    1 posts

    I just lost 3+ hours of game time. It had happened to me before with Valhalla, so I've been manually quick-saving every 20 mins or so, as I don't get lots of opportunities to play. Even with my saving regime, the Xbox One restarted, and when I loaded the last save I was dumbfounded to discover that it had somehow wiped out a huge bunch of saves and took me WAAAAY back.

    I am not playing again until this is fixed. I love the series and as a father of two young kids, I'm sacrificing sleep time to play. This was really disappointing. I will now be catching up on sleep.

  • FacelissMan
    2 posts

    I lost over 6 hours of gameplay between Sunday and last night. I had completed the Oxenfordshire arc, all exploration, and begun the Lunden arc. Logged in last night... suddenly back at the Chipping Away mission at the start of Oxenfordshire arc.

    I am pretty OCD about saving too and I manually save after any wealth gains, gear changes, quest completion, mystery solving... pretty much anything. So for all those manual saves to just vanish... absolutely unacceptable.

    Ubisoft, you are better than this, or at least I thought you were. Address the issue. Let all your fans know why its happening across multiple games and platforms, and what you are doing to fix it. NOW!

  • macgruffus
    2 posts

    For the second time I list hours of playtime. This time I went to a stable, purchased some training, then went to look at what was for sale. The system (Xbox X) froze and then the game rebooted. When I went to load a recent save file they were from playtime five or six hours earlier but had the current time. All activity, etc. for the last five or six hours of playtime is gone.

  • Fun-Jon
    1 posts

    Hi Ubisoft. I play on Xbox one s. I just finished the story arc with Soma, and went back to my settlement to report. I was unsure of the choices i did during the dialogue with Dag and went to reload. Now, I save often, both regular and quicksave, but there was only savegames available from 6 hours earlier. I am setback somewhere between 4-6 hours, losing an entire afternoon/evning of progress. I can't accept that I have to suffer such loss of time and progress, and no certainty that it won't happen again. So if you could tell me how I can get a refund I would appreciate it.

  • guest-uGX5sHuG
    1 posts

    Same thing here on Xbox. About 3 hours lost. What if I play now and tomorrow it will be 8 hours minus. I guess I will not keep playing the game until they fix it

  • arymanik
    32 posts

    @fun-jon they don't must refund, license which You agree before first lunch game was said:
    "Ubisoft don't take responsibility for working software version on release date and after update, refund not exist after start a game"

    You buy product which they sold, and law it's at they site. It's one big [censored]...

    Also they don't telling anything for last 14 days, from patch 1.04...

    Ubi, You was do the worst thing in history of Your company...
    And believe me, no one will buy Your next products from shop, only from second hand.
    And I have big hope what Your financial report will be so bad in next Year's. It's my wish in this Christmas 🎄

  • ogluuk84
    2 posts

    @snipetildawn32 have the same problem. I was on a mission in Asgard. Game crashed. When i restarted the game, i had like 50 power points less. A lot of hours of progress down the drain. A lot of sync points gone. Won't be playing for a while. Never had this problem in any of the earlier games. This is game breaking for me. Awful

  • ogluuk84
    2 posts

    I have a lot of hours in this game. Just lost a lot of hours of progress. I think I won't play AC valhalla for a while. Tomorrow i will get cyberpunk 2077. Guess it's buggy but hopefully it won't erase my save file.
    Get your game fixed Ubisoft. This is not the first bug i encountered, but this is by far the most enraged I've been about a game in years. All these hours i lost. I work full time and have a family. I don't have a lot of time to play games. I don't need this.

  • mbreezy21
    1 posts

    im stuck on the big finish mission is Asgard . It won’t let me progress. I’ve finished everything in Asgard . It won’t continue the story to get the paint for the builder . I’ve done everything uninstalled and restart the game / box but the game won’t progress at all to the next point. WHY?! I’m stuck at this mission only every other mission works ?

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 639 posts

    Greetings everyone! I am sorry to see that many of you have lost progress in your games. I completely understand your frustration and know how demotivating it can be when this occurs. I have a couple of questions for all of you, and I apologize if they repeat information that you have provided in your individual post.

    1. Are you playing on Xbox One? If not, what platform are you playing on?
    2. Did you experience a crash before you lost progress? If so, did you receive any error message or code?
    3. Has this only happened once? If not, has it ever happened at the same part in your game? If at the same part, which Mission or Quest is this on?
    4. Are you losing progress every time you load into your game?
    Official Response
  • billataco
    6 posts

    1. Xbox Series X

    2. No prior crash. Though the quick resume feature works on and off (meaning the game occasionally starts from scratch). Not sure if that's relevant...

    3. Only one loss of save data so far (~5 hrs lost at roughly 90 hrs in). Have experienced online connection errors as well as data corruption errors on save files. If the data corruption did not fix itself, I restarted the game. I was on the lincolnscire questline and it sent me back to the cent questline (order I played: cent, essex, then lincolnscire).

    4. Just tested: Made progress, saved, closed game completely, restarted. Did this a couple times. No issues yet.

    Hope this helps with the debugging!

  • Kurt718
    7 posts

    After 2 years; this is what they give us? I just started playing this game last week and it just happened to me. I lost over 20 hours of play. I see this has been happening since launch and continues to happen repeatedly afterwards, regardless of manual saves. I lost 2 whole alliances campaigns and over half of my power. I can't even remember the powers I acquired, and the thought of doing all those missions over is making me nauseous. I'm not playing a minute more, if at at all, until I see that this has been fixed. At this point, I really want a refund. I'm scared to play Watchdog Legends for whatever BS might be hidden in there too....I might really be done with Ubisoft as a whole over this. This game was a complete waste of time.

  • Kurt718
    7 posts


    1. XBOX Series X. Lost over 20+ hours, and over half of skill powers, not mention treasures and other side missions.

    2. No prior crashes, no error messages. A few minor bugs of missions not ending until I saved elsewhere via synchronization or something.

    3. Never happened before.

    4. Dont know. I won't risk playing, this or WatchDogs Legions, again until I have confirmation that this bug is fixed.

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