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    Its worse for me, I lost 3 saves like this. Couple of days ago, I was playing a Halloween mission and closed the game. When I started back It took back 12 hours of game play. At this point I was thinking there must be something wrong with my xbox. So I started again, but when I reached the part of the game where I interact with a priest, its not allowing me to intercat with anything. I can see the priest inside the building but I cant open th door because there is not F'ing way to interact. Since then I was playing all other missions except Glowecestrescire. Again today, I lost all of my progress from the last 12 hours and this time I am sure its not my xbox. This is when I reales Ubisoft release a half baked product into the market.

  • hfahrenheit
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    I just lost an entire weekend’s worth of progress—literally was at power 120, and an now back to 83.

    this is an enormous issue, when will it be fixed?

  • LiangGB
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    @frailunicorn Thanks for posting this, I was absolutely gutted when it happened and after seeing the same affect on others it made it less painful.
    I just lost 9hrs doing a murder mystery

  • TheYell0wOne23
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    Lost about 4-5 hours of meticulous looting/searching/story play and not very happy with the amount of grind I’ll have to do if my saves aren’t restored. Restoration of these saves should be top priority for Ubisoft at the moment as there are hundreds of players with even 15+ hours lost which is hard to even fathom. Other than this huge bug I have been really enjoying the title which only makes the lost progress a little more vexing. On Xbox one please hear us Ubi!!!

  • mtrolley
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    Happened to me tonight as well. I just finished 100%ing Norway and went to make a manual save to be safe and the game froze. Restarted it and all my progress for like 2 days is gone. I’m glad I’m done the story because I now have no incentive to play anymore for the mysteries, artifacts, etc. that I was looking forward to collecting.

  • shyam3010
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    @billataco did the fix save bug actually work for watch dogs though?

  • Seiden7212
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    I just lost like 4 hours of progress. This is the 3rd time this has happened to me. Why are we losing game time? This is [censored]. Ubisoft needs to fix this problem

  • zeus1988s
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    Just lost over 10 hours of gameplay. This is crazy. I don't feel safe playing now because I could be completely waisting my time. Fix this! Basic function of a game!

    I'm about a second away from demanding my money back.

  • Rorplup
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    Another problem with Ubisoft games. I have lost a bunch of progress as well. Not as extreme as others in here but still a few hours completely wasted.

    I cannot believe they can get off with this.

  • BeerDrinker3000
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    Xbox SX: 2 times i lost progress now. Can't manual save because it freezes on the 'loading' dialog so i have to restart the game. After reload NO autsaves are there (i would be fine with that). Happened just now. I finished the East Anglia arc and the autosave icon did not go away, i knew this would be bad news. Did a manual save and bam freeze again. Lost anoher 2 hours.

    Im not playing anymore, this is bs.

  • CagriBayram
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    Got an Ultimate pack on Friday for my Series X and realized I lost 2 days of progress on Sunday. Got a very fast refund thanks to Microsoft and Xbox. Game is full of bugs and save/load not working, are you kidding me? You dont have a right to waste our limited free time like this. I will think 3 times when I see a Ubisoft game.

  • billataco
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    @shyam3010 I don't actually own Watch Dogs, so I don't know if it truly fixed the problem. I just follow updates for various games.

  • billataco
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    Update on my previous post:
    I lost about 2 hrs more yesterday. It coincides with the cloud saves, which I've noticed only update when you exit the game. I exited the game expecting the auto saves to update as usual, but got a data corrupt error and it wiped 2 hrs of saves.

    This makes sense with my previous loss as it had been a longer amount of time before I closed the game (been using the quick resume feature). At some point the game exited itself (I'm guessing quick resume's fault) and didn't properly update the cloud files.

    This is all speculation of course...

  • billataco
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    Online service error 0x70000041

  • Kurt718
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    It has been over a month. Every "patch" &"fix" so far hasn't worked. At this point; I think that Ubisoft can't fix it. It's tied into the stupid transfer saves across all platforms feature.

    I guess that they wanted players from XBOX One to pick up where they left off when they upgraded to the XBOX Series X/S. Or if you purchased for XBOX and wanted to purchase it for PlayStation; you'll be covered too, but instead they destroyed their own game. Simply turning off the feature might through things further into a hizzy.

    This is a perfect example of being too smart for your own good. Can't wait to see what they have planned for the next installment of AC & WD, because this one is a dub. How do we go about getting refunds?

  • Kurt718
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    Also the dragging of feet by Ubisoft might be due to the problem being contained to this message board. Amongst people that already own the game. We need to bring this to the public via IG/ Twitter/ FB/ Youtube, keep flaming that the game is unplayable and would be a waste of money. Tell people who already purchased these games for their loved ones to take it back for a store refund ASAP. Do this wherever there are potential future buyers. Ubisoft might be more inclined to actually try and come to some resolution then; if future earnings might be affected. I'm heading over to Amazon, Walmart, GameStop and leaving reviews that this game is unplayable and Ubisoft is doing nothing to fix the problem. Urging people to return it, before it is too late. Hopefully I will see you there.

    I mean we have the time now; its not like we could be playing a game or anything.

  • TheYell0wOne23
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    Edit: I was told by support that there is basically nothing they can do about restoring my progress in the slightest. Cool!

  • billataco
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    Update 1.1.0 tomorrow! Perhaps our saving woes are finally over.

    Addressed an issue where players wouldn't be able to create or load a manual save anymore.

    Addressed an issue where Layla's laptop couldn't be navigated with Focused navigation.

    Named Cloud saves appropriately.
    Cloud saves will now be named Autosave/Manual/Episode Save CLOUD

    Addressed an issue where Saves could be displayed as corrupt when saving when the internet connection is lost.

    Addressed an issue on where the pathfinder setting resets to Custom after rebooting the game.

    Addressed an issue on where cloud saves could disappear under certain conditions.

  • Abigator15
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    Just lost HOURS of progress when the game just crapped out on me randomly. I had so many points on the map cleared during exploration as well as part of my village leveled up, new skills, new gear, new abilities, and a portion of a large arc story completed and it’s all gone now. And I’m reading here that this has been going on basically since the game’s launch and Ubisoft hasn’t done a thing about it?? This is unacceptable! What a joke. I don’t even know if I can continue playing this game after what just happened. Two years since the last game and this is what we get? I am so upset right now.

  • Kaelenyo
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    Broken product, still not fixed after update 1.1 what a joke.

    Ubisoft absolutely refused to give me a refund, but I contacted PayPal about it and they promptly snatched my money back from the thieves.


    this is the least they owe us. They are very aware of this bug and that it has cost hundreds, probably thousands of hours combined to paying customers. That they refuse to issue the refunds themselves is disgusting. Please do not let them do this to you. Dispute the payment.

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