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    @kaelenyo glad you got your money back but I probably wouldn’t have any luck. Had it delivered from the store for £50 almost a month ago and they only accept refunds within 3 weeks of purchase, as per their policy. Even if I told them in detail about how unplayable this game is, well over a month since launch, I fear it’s too late to get my money back.
    I haven’t played in well over 2 weeks since my game kept crashing but I didn’t try and force a refund at that stage cos I had faith that ubisoft would fix all the major bugs soon. Well, this was a massive [censored] wake up call. I’ll just have to take this £50 loss on the chin and know to never buy a game from these jokers again.

  • Kaelenyo
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    @ubikobold Don't waste your time filling out a bug report survey. This is a critical error that should have been caught long before the game ever released. We are not beta testers, we are paying customers.

    Ignore this fool and dispute the payment with your bank. I was only able to get my money back once I disputed, Ubisoft support is a waste of time.

  • Kaelenyo
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    @shyam3010 That is unfortunate.. I was in that in-between area too, wondering if I should wait or try to get money back. When I contacted Ubi about a refund, they gave off a very "aww, that's cute. You think we're going to give your money back" response. So, I disputed it with PayPal. Provided them lots of info about the issue and Ubi's handling of it, including a link to this forum of course. Wasn't fully expecting a successful outcome due to the time that had passed, etc but they approved it rather quickly.

    Either way I think we've all learned a few important lessons here.

    1. NEVER buy a new Ubisoft game. Always wait at least a month. Maybe 3 just to be safe.
    2. Pay via a method you can dispute for when they pull BS like this, which will almost certainly happen again in the future.
    3. Any Ubisoft product you purchase, do so knowing that you will never receive quality support for that product.

    If any of these are untenable for you, steer clear of Ubisoft products. They have an amazing team of artists and programmers but the greedy few at the top have proven once again that they will poop on every diamond their team produces. Pull the bread out of the oven before it's done - whichever analogy you prefer, their priority is money, and if that happens to screw over long time loyal customers, then so be it.

  • Kurt718
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    I've had every AC and WatchDog game on multiple consoles. Some I've bought more than once, from XBOX 360, PS3, XBOX One, PS4, even the Nintendo Switch with their 2 (4; depending on how you look at it) releases. That being said; I'm disappointed that this is hill that Ubisoft has decided to die on. Fix the game or return the money. I've turn on the game periodically to see if by chance the saves returned, or at least a new patch that fixed the issue, but ofcourse they haven't. I'm scared to really invest any more time into this game. I see that even after the new so called patches and hot fixes people are still having the same issue. Leading me to believe more in my theory that this is an unfixable bug due to their new "cross console" feature. We may in fact be stuck here.

    Also; I just realized that I was a part of that 1st mission, "A Seers Solace", bug. I initially just thought I'm just not visiting the right hut. Or I was overlooking something, and pretty much turned the game off and went back to playing Miles Morales. didn't return to AC for almost a month and voilà the marker was there.

    It seems I was doomed to experience the worst from this game from the jump.

  • MaxOldwell
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    manually saved so many times for the past 6 hours of gameplay because it’s already happened where I’ve lost saves from auto and bam lost allll the multiple save slots I had AGAIN.... very annoying lol

  • MitchAshley87
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    This is like the fifth time that my game has crashed and I have lost my save data. Even though I have saved obsessively trying to avoid it from happening again, and again, and again. I’m at the point in the game where things have been slightly repetitive, so doing an entire area again (which I have done for four other areas now). I just can’t.

    I also spontaneously died 5 times today whilst walking through a field - full health to dead instantly, with no threats other than bugs.

    I was just at level 400 (plus 1 skill point I couldn’t spend so it was just permanently on my screen, and then another 3 mastery points).

    The thing that made my Xbox crash this time and causing me to lose my saved games... a message popped up saying “the Yule festival is ending in 48 hours” - which btw, is filled with glitches.... and is supposed to run until January is it not?

    The contracts at the black market are buggy, and often don’t complete even if a target is killed or saved. Then, I have like 400 opals to spend, because the items offered in the store are so limited and terrible I don’t want to waste them on something terrible... however I have checked the store every day for 2 weeks now and I am still waiting for something good to pop up.

    I guess that’s because all of the better gear has to be purchased by spending more money on a game that already costs $150. For the people that do get that gear, it makes their jomsvikings look better too, so they will always get recruited. Good marketing strategy, would have been amazing if the game wasn’t so frustratingly filled with bugs. I don’t even understand how Ubisoft thinks it’s ok to demand additional money for cosmetic upgrades/better weapons/ XP and Silver boosts, when the foundations of the game are broken. Like, maybe people would spend more if they were having a good experience. I very much doubt people are enjoying the extent of the glitches and bugs... but hey, at least some people can make it look a little prettier.

    Like. I have played something like 200 hours (Though I have lost about 40 of those so far), at the hardest difficulty. I have for the most part enjoyed playing. However this is just getting to be incredibly frustrating. The fact that these issues are known about, and the latest update was a “big bug fixing patch”, yet I’m still having to put up with something this major, is infuriating.... also, just to add, half of that time has probably been spent just trying to navigate the stupid climbing controls (jumping through a window is a mission in itself).

    I usually wouldn’t even message, however, it seems like the gamers are being ignored. It’s coming across like a complete money grab with the in app purchases, when the game itself is so broken. I am actually so angry. It’s making me want to stop playing entirely, and also never to buy another assassins creed again.

    I want to know what’s happening to my save games. Are they based in the cloud on servers? Because my game is constantly telling me that Ubisoft is not connected; and it’s definitely not my internet. I don’t understand how my saves revert and I lose HOURS of gameplay. Absolute joke at this point.

    Also... even this website doesn’t even work properly on my iPhone. Lol.

  • Asher_Duke
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    I just lost 12 hours of gameplay. It never auto saved despite the icon being there. I’m absolutely devastated. I sunk 12 hours of my life into that game and I will never get that back because of a [censored] bug.

  • guest-OMVpRQ0d
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    Ubisoft fix this [censored] this is the second time this has happened to me lost 10 hours of progress despite doing manual saves regularly because your Bellshill autosave dosent work the [censored] neve had this problem with any ac game. Tired of it [censored] is wrong with you developers

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    Twice I have had saved games appear to be deleted. I have reached out to Ubi tech support and they just close my ticket with no response or resolution. This is insane. Who the hell does that?

  • MarkAkaSpider
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    @inkfanatic This literally just happened to me. I came back from Vinland after completing the quest and now I'm back to square one in Oxenefordscire.

  • LM0101998
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    So, I played the game at release, finished it and installed it yesterday.
    Started a new game and the save was there. Started the game today and its gone !
    60 hours of gameplay GONE !
    Can you please address this in a new update and make a save slot system like in Origins ???

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    THANK YOU UBISOFT FOR RESETING MY 63 Hours+ GAME AT 87% im down for getting a refund. Good bye bayek outfit i got for Christmas and goodbye game!

    I don't even want to start a new game anymore.

  • CoreyArnett
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    So last night I began doing all of the mysteries in Hamtunscire. I made a manual save before starting each mystery and another one after completing it. After having completed six mysteries I noticed that Eivor now all of a sudden had his arm over his face permanently everywhere he went and the save game feature stopped working. I continued on doing the remainder of the mysteries as the save game icon was appearing leading me to believe that the autosave was still working. After completing all the mysteries I traveled to Ravensthorpe and slept and then tried to make a manual save. No go. So I shut everything down and reloaded the game and selected 'Continue' from the main menu. When the game loaded up I was in Hamtunscire but zero mysteries were completed. Over two hours of progress just lost. So I tried to load a manual save. They were all gone but there was a Cloud save in the list that was right around the time the Eivor behaviour got all glitchy. I was quite upset but figured I would start to do all the mysteries all over again. After completing the first mystery I tried to make a manual save and it worked. So, I checked the map to chose my next mystery to do and, to my astonishment, all of my progress was back and all the mysteries showed up as completed. What the [censored] is going on here?!? I am starting to get a really bad feeling that all 100 plus hours could disappear at any moment. If I make a manual save is it not being stored on my PS4? Or are the manual saves being stored in the Cloud? Very concerning issues. I Ubisoft gets their act together soon.

  • Xbladr
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    All done with this [censored]. I was 65 hours into the game it reset me back to 52. Done done done. This is not acceptable. I get maybe 1-2 hours a night to play. That's a whole week I just lost.

    Would love a refund as this game was ab endless repetitive cycle. Finally got to some story at the end that was better and then it goes and resets my save. No thanks

  • dmancevo
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    Same thing happened to me twice already!

  • Illwyna
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    I lost 3 hrs of progress from last night. On top of only having 12 arrows despite a fully upgraded quiver size, my 3 extra skills disappearing leaving me with 3 unusable skill points, the missing Big Fish types and being drunk every time I fast travel.

    Absolute last time I buy an Ubisoft game at launch. I have never played a game with so many problems.

  • Illwyna
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    @diogaralmeidara You would think so but it really doesnt feel like it. And I dont even mean that as hyperbole. How you can roll out a game with so many game stopping bugs that "suddenly" appear now that didnt during beta?

  • michPOLAND
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    I lost about 3-4 hours of gameplay, after freeze during manual save.
    Support only allows you to send requests about microtransactions and other payment related topics, for technical problems it is not possible

  • Kurt718
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    I honestly believe that the bug is unfixable. There is nothing Ubisoft can do about it, because it's tied into their save cross-platform/cross-console feature. They won't tell us that though, because they'd have to refund all of purchases across 2 titles. I'm sure whoever the brilliant mind was that came up with the "cross console saves" feature was fired!
    🤣 🤣 🤣

    The big mouthed-idiot. Most likely some R&D guy with no true idea of how "the magic" behind such a feat would work.

  • Reid65661286
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    I keep having a major issue where I keep loosing a lot a progress has happened multiple times loosing up to 5 hours worth of progress I keep saving a long the way and next time I log on it’s all gone

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