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  • SteveZ_Pun
    213 posts

    When the game was loaded i have only savegames from 15.01. The gear from Yule Fest is lost and 270 hour progress lost.
    How to get this again cause xmas event is finishd?
    I always have 10 or more saves but only some are correct. Problem is this save are from a new begin.
    My progress 77%,level was 400 plus maybe 100 masterpoints - all gone.
    My town was full upgraded also everything gone. My next mission was go back to norway but it shows me missons for Sciropescire.
    Eivor was in pants and some full upgraded gear is downgraded and i miss all other gear i already found and upgraded(Thane,Mentore,etc.). I played 270 hour and my save is at 99hour.
    All money,Tungsten,fabric,etc i farmed are lost and i had many...really many.

    If i know i get the gear from Ultimate-Pack at Reda-Shop i never buy Ultimate,i feel really cheated. If stuff is included in a pack it should be only for owner from this pack. Or buyable in this shop.
    I fight me through many bugs alone and now all is gone. Wish i can write what i think but then is here everything censored and i maybe banned.
    Sorry for my english.
    This game isnt very bad but...........
    Why the stuff didnt use some good things from Origins or Odyssey - weapon change etc.
    Sometimes many crashes,blue screens, then i play weeks with not 1 crash.
    Is there a chance to get my old savegame?? No,of course......
    I am normal patience with new games, bugs happen but this is a damn joke.
    The microtransaction in this game is worst i ever seen...diamond runes in all pieces is mistake, delete runes from only some gear,new gear again with diamond runes. I think its easy to add them without.
    Complete Package for 29 Euro bugged and can not upgraded,no one test it before???
    First thing is to sell gear and not to work on bugs, shame on you.
    The gear have nothing to do with vikings,looks damn ugly. Ok some maybe like it but i hat it,loks more like final fantasy,WOW,etc.. The NPC have nice gear.
    Iam really dissapointed from this game in many things. There was a chance to make a good game but Ubi ruin it.

  • O_Griobhtha
    7 posts


    Alright ... I win this round!!

    Ubisoft ... what the HELL have you done???

    I'm at 140+ hours, go to play game today.
    Get start up options screen...

    Now ... NO F'ING SAVE GAME??!! Only have New Game option.

    You need to fix this immediately!

  • Jvillan17
    2 posts


    Im a huge AC Valhalla fan, I wouldn’t be on this forum tonight writing about this glitch if I didn’t care about this game. I enjoy this game a lot but there is just such an irritating breaking the game glitch. Since the second to last update there is a saving glitch where if the Ubisoft cloud server fails to connect it doesn’t save your game. Mind you, I just played 5 total hours of the River Severn River Raid. I completed the whole area of the map. Just for the game NOT to save I watched myself save it three different times with a time stamp of 10:23PM. Mind you I’ve been saving the game as I made progress through the River Raid, and none of it saved. I’m so irritated. This is a glitch that needs to get fixed ASAP. I feel like it’s occurring even more now since the latest update. I’ll provide more information below of things that I’ve tried to get around this.

    Gaming Console: Xbox Series X
    Troubleshoot 1: I open AC Valhalla and then I close the app/game, so there is a fresh new start before playing. Most the time this works, but recently it has not.

    Troubleshoot 2: I create two multiple saves just in case purposes. Sometimes the game likes the second new save. But when I close the app out and come back it overrides the latest save with the cloud auto save. That becomes an issue when the game doesn’t save previously. I can save the game with the time stamp of 10:23 PM but when I start the game again and it didn’t save it will override that last save and all my progress is lost.

    Troubleshoot 3: I hover over the community pictures on the game map to see if the Ubisoft server is connected. If it’s not connected, I immediately stop playing. Save. I restart the game.

    Troubleshooting Answers: I have none! I truly don’t. There is no getting around this glitch. If the server isn’t connecting then it’s not going to save. I love this game but stuff like this makes it so hard to enjoy the game especially I gotta play 5 hours all over again. 5 hours of my life I can get back. I could’ve been doing other things. As a consumers, just please do us the justice and fix this Saving Glitch/Bug as soon as possible? To be honest I don’t even want to play the river raids anymore because of that glitch. I don’t even want to play it because you can’t use your raven and you can’t “ask for a song” while river raiding. It’s so dang quiet. I love this game but again, I can’t see myself buying the dlc or continuing on with Valhalla anymore if my saved progress won’t be saved due to the Ubisoft Sever Error.

    Please don’t delete this post. Please answer this issue. 

    Sincerely, an exhaust AC Valhalla fan.


  • B00MSIE
    373 posts


    Can’t agree more with you. I also really like this game and can live (but prefer not to) with most of the bugs. But the fact I must constantly check if I am online and did not loose my savegames is ridiculous. Every day I start the game in horror because I am afraid this is the day all my savegames are gone.

    Although the Ubisoft guys (who do their best, I really respect that) react in this thread, it is not even in the acknowledged bugs post???

  • Herotz33
    4 posts

    @b00msie I've played every Assassin's Creed since the first and this is the only one I've given up on cause the lack of saving is game breaking.

    I feel like this is the 1980s with cartridges that cant save and you have to keep the system on to finish the game LOL

    Cyberpunk with all the glitches still let me finish it 5 times. the lost progress really took out interest. May take awhile to go back unless they give us a 5000% percent XP boost.

  • hobbinguy
    11 posts

    @herotz33 I stopped playing a month or so ago because I can't play a game if I might lose hours of progress. I just don't have enough time in my life.

  • hobbinguy
    11 posts

    @jvillan17 Do these troubleshooting tips "work"? Have you lost saves when you know you're connected to Ubisoft?

  • darr78
    1 posts


    1. Which platform do you play on? = Xbox series x
    2. If playing on Xbox Series X, are you using the "quick resume" feature with Valhalla? = Yes
    3. What is the extent of your progression loss? (An approximate value in hours would be helpful) = about 5 hours
    4. Do you share your console / PC with anyone else who plays the game? = No
    5. Did you experience any crashes, freezes or error messages prior to your progression being lost? = No
    6. Has this issue happened only once, or multiple times? = two Times
    7. What was the last quest, world event or activity that you completed before your progress was lost? = I had to return to the Lincolnshire quest where the boy is crying at the tree after playing up to the end of Jotunheim (minus only 3 wealth and 1 mystery) and a few order members in between
    8. When last saving your game, did you create a new save slot, or overwrite an existing one? = I usually rely on autosaves but make occasional manual saves. I had last played via remote play on a tablet.
    9. Are you mainly relying on autosaves, or making regular manual saves = see above

    And on a personal note, as someone that's played every AC game except Odyssey and Unity and gottena platinum trophy in many, it's really frustrating that [censored] like this so often leaves a sour taste on a great game. I've been [censored] on by lost saves for decades and for some reason, I keep coming back. I have no idea how that happens. This will be the last one I buy new for a while though. The last time AC broke me like this was a bug in a side quest that kept me from 100% and a platinum trophy in AC3. And that was one of the least good AC games. F**k

  • Herotz33
    4 posts

    @hobbinguy exactly. I don't have the time to waste on games that waste my time. Will wait this out and I'm hoping they give us the option to XP boost and power boost all the way cause I really dont want to grind all that again.

  • evilashchris
    1 posts

    This has happened twice to me, lost about four hours each time so I stopped playing.

    I started playing Fenyx instead, which has done the exact same thing and lost about three hours.

    It's not just an [censored] Creed problem, it's Ubi's save system clearly.

  • hobbinguy
    11 posts

    @jvillan17 Do these troubleshooting tips "work"? Have you lost saves when you know you're connected to Ubisoft?

  • Carch
    14 posts


    First of all, thank you for gathering data on this. I must admit that I am shocked that this bug was first reported in November and it still hasn't been fixed.

    I experienced the problem for the third time today, and as far as I'm concerned, third strike and you're out. I have actually had save problems more than three times, but some of the other times the save files magically reappeared if I quit out of the game completely or restarted my console. Today was the third time that the save files vanished and never reappeared. Valhalla is uninstalled until I can confirm that this problem is fixed.

    • What platform do you play on?
      • Xbox Series X
    • If playing on next-gen consoles, were you using the Quick Resume feature on Xbox or the Switcher feature on PS5?
      • Sometimes I use Quick Resume, sometimes I don't. I can't say for sure if every time I've had the problem I was using Quick Resume. When I am downloading other games to try them out, I have to quit out of Valhalla completely to avoid the Xbox throttling my download rate to 20% of capacity.
    • What is the extent of your progression loss? (An approximate value in hours would be helpful)
      • I mostly play in one hour increments. Every time I quit playing, I do a quick save and a normal save, rotating through four normal save files. Before today, I only ever lost an hour or so of progress. Today I lost three hours, meaning that save files from three different play sessions vanished.
    • Do you share your console / PC with anyone else who plays Valhalla?
      • I do not share my console, and I only play Valhalla on my Xbox.
    • Has this loss of progress / saves only happened once, or multiple times?
      • Multiple times.
    • What was the last quest, world event, or activity that you completed before your progress was lost?
      • Various. In today's instance, I was riding around picking up treasures and doing world quests. The last time I had saved, I had returned home to upgrade armor and sell trinkets. After my saves were lost, I was riding somewhere in the middle of the area I had been clearing.
    • Upon last saving your game, did you create a new save or overwrite an old one?
      • As mentioned, I do a quick save and a normal save. The normal save overwrites an earlier one, and I rotate through four files. I don't want to make a new save every time, because I'd run out of save slots pretty quickly.
    • Are you mainly relying on autosave or making regular manual saves?
      • Regular manual saves.

    I'm convinced that this issue is related to the cloud save feature. I wish there was a way we could just turn that off. I have no use for it, because I only ever play the game on my Xbox at home.

    Please get this fixed. I am having a lot of fun with the game, but I'm not going to play it while it is deleting my save files.

  • Carch
    14 posts
    In the meantime, please make sure to use the manual save feature as often as possible, and consider using multiple save slots. Per the advice in the Known Issues list, please be sure to save before suspending or switch away from the game to minimise the risk of losing progression when resuming play, if using the Quick Resume / Switcher options on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 respectively.

    I just want to reaffirm that this is not helpful advice. The problem is not having enough backup saves. All of my backup saves are getting deleted. I use four save slots, and I rotate between them as I save, as a precaution against corrupted save files. Decades of playing games has made me very paranoid about save files. The last time I lost my Valhalla save files all of those saves disappeared.

    Short of backing up your saves, I don't think there is any workaround for this. Even then I don't know if backup saves would work, because the Ubisoft Cloud Monster might just come back and eat up any saves it doesn't recognize.

    Something is deleting saves without player confirmation, which is about the worst sin you can commit dealing with manual saves that a player has carefully created to get themselves back to a known state. Whatever is doing it, the game, the cloud, gremlins in the network, manual saves should not be deleted without confirmation. Ever.

  • lucek000
    6 posts

    Are you playing on Xbox One? If not, what platform are you playing on? Series S
    Did you experience a crash before you lost progress? If so, did you receive any error message or code? Nope
    Has this only happened once? 2 times, stopped playing and tried to refund-of course didnt get my money back
    If not, has it ever happened at the same part in your game? No, first time after 6h, second time after 18h
    Are you losing progress every time you load into your game? No, it's totally random

    I hate you ubisoft for no fixing it since november and block refunds.

  • Leszlo_
    1 posts

    I was about to finish the Kingmaker quest and tried to manually save right after the wedding. It kept loading until the game just crashed and the whole progress of the mission got lost. No auto - save was found whatsoever. Really made me disappointed, now I have to do all and some exploring from before of that again.

  • AngrySix7
    2 posts

    All progress in the game from today and yesterday (the 19th and 20th) has disappeared from my save files. Only thing I have left it the achievements.

  • Chaulkie39
    5 posts

    @lucek000 what customers need to do ... PUSH BACK UNINSTALL THE [censored] GAME .. THE LONGER WE PLAY THE MORE HELP UBISOFT GETS TO DEVELOPE THIS [censored] AND TAKE YOUR $$$

  • D4RKL1NGza
    1 posts

    Good day,
    Been playing on Series X. Did the latest update and yesterday I was playing, took a break and watched some Youtube on the xbox app. Went back to the game and it didn't quick resume. Booted the game up and suddenly I lost 30 hours of progress. My last save was registered as 16 February.
    I honestly feel like deleting this game now. My will to continue died with my lost progress.

    Are there any fixes for this?

  • MetalheadMartin
    2 posts

    A world event wouldn’t start so I manually saved before quitting the game. Saved at 24h gameplay.
    quit and returned back to game, last save was at 21h gameplay. Lost loot and 3 hours of my time. Not the first time I lost progress due to this error. I’ve lost about 5 hours of my time due to the saving failures. 🤬 I want a loot reimbursement pack or I’m done with Ubisoft.

  • Order227Jim
    2 posts

    Also lost a day and a half of playing. All of last Saturday from lunch through to late Sunday evening. The game crashed so I went to bed, loaded the game on Monday to discover that the last save was Saturday 12:09pm. I made loads of manual saves as well as a few new saves. All gone. Can't bring myself to restart playing until I know this is fixed. Is this just a series X thing or is it affecting all consoles?

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