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  • Burnynat0r
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    It is part of larger trend which peaked with 'Abby' from the Last of Us 2 who was fairly grotesque, by any yardstick you measure with. (roided up women are as bad as roided up men, worse really)

    However, I am not sure that is the case here; let me explain. Viking times were pretty rough both physically and culturally. This is a case where I think a somewhat masculine woman may actually fit because they were very harsh times in climate, physical stress, etc. and only the very strong would survive. You can see this with most of the characters in the game they are a little 'rough around the edges' which is what I would expect.

    So it is hard to say if this is the very questionable industry move toward making masculinized women in general or a more appropriate thematic thing. The voice is troubling though either way...

  • dl_thunderr
    24 posts

    @dark-coco Lol. Cant understand these ppl too. If all they want is big boobs, they should go elsewhere i guess.

  • jfkflevoland
    10 posts

    @dark-coco And I think it for the best that you don't preach to people who are perfectly entitled to their opinion what they should and should not think. Or tell them that they should 'enjoy the game for what it is'. If someone doesn't enjoy it, they criticize it, that is how the world works.

  • MilkSkimmed
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    And I think it best that you don't preach to @dark-coco about what he can preach to other people about. You see, if he doesn't like what they're saying, he can criticize it - that's how the world works.

    See what I did there? Now get off your high-horse.

  • jfkflevoland
    10 posts

    @yshabanov Dark Coco is lecturing people what to think, I am telling them they shouldn't preach - NOT what they should or should not be thinking or to share their opinions on a forum. Maybe you should think about the difference between that before you get onto your high horse yourself.

  • M0xx1
    3 posts

    @yshabanov @jfkflevoland

    Yeah, get on your high horses pesants *climbs on Hati the giant wolf mount* 😝

  • Ehllfhire1
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    This post is deleted!
  • forcefrank
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    @nickucz Not at all, not compared to Odyssey. I play as the male Eivor and I played the same in Odyssey. Alexios had a tremendous personally and my wife swooned over his looks, hahahahah! Poor Eivor in Valhalla has zero (0) personally, so far, and neither one of us care for his looks, with a beard or without. We're hoping his personally somehow shines through as we know his looks will stay, unless I can find a plastic surgeon somewhere in England.

    I'm convinced that Ubi, and other AAA game companies make these characters to be as baseless and bland as possible due to the vast number of gender choices that are out there. I mean, there's already been an uproar over the whole "let the game chose the gender" when you first start it. It's another baffling dev choice that was made to have an option where depending on where you are in the story, that one or the other gender could somehow be "stronger". In my mind that's just dumb, pardon my bluntness, and should not have been a "thing".

  • forcefrank
    91 posts

    @slimgrin True, I really wanted this to not be true, but it looks like from a character graphics standpoint it's from the 90's. Until I tweaked the HDR Luminance setting in-game, the environments looked the same. Actually they still do in an evening or night session. Overall the game looks like it's outdated when compared to Odyssey, in my opinion, the best looking game ever made.

  • Burnynat0r
    4 posts

    @forcefrank You are right re: comparison to Odyssey. The game is just 'muddy' compared to Odyssey graphics wise. Not sure, again, if that was a conscious decision because of the gritty nature of the the environment but it doesn't translate well. It looks like a step backwards graphically. Odyssey took what Origins did graphically and made it even more amazing. Valhalla looks like it regressed at least 10 years graphically. *shrug*

  • longjohn119
    1368 posts

    I beg to differ ,,,,,

  • Dark-Coco
    17 posts

    @ehllfhire1 Way to go on the transphobia. [censored]... The Kassandra model is a desendant, you [censored]!
    @yshabanov All I said was that the OP post did not sit well with me because it sounded like they were complaining that some women are ugly. So what? A woman can't be ugly? Does she have to be pretty to suit your needs? And yeah, reading the comment below my first comment about how rough the Viking lifestyle was, sure, it makes sense that it would have a toll on everyone, women or otherwise, but it doesn't really matter now does it? This is all fiction. It's a video game. If a character is pretty and it's not "historical accurate", I really do not care...

  • forcefrank
    91 posts

    @burnynat0r Its kind of like what MS did with the new Halo. Gameplay I've seen so far looks like graphics from the original Halo. MS mentioned they did this for nastalgia reasons, seriously. It's 2020 and we really don't want to see 20 year old graphics, or at least I don't.

  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    Hi Dark Coco,

    For role playing purposes and because they have told us we can customise our characters, its probably better to have a slightly vanilla female that players can customise to their own preferences. This female Eivor is really at the extreme, she's really difficult for me personally to customise to the point that I can roleplay with her, her voice, face and body are very masculine.

    I will admit to being fonder of her now than at the start, I had to have a break from that voice and play as the male for a while but Im back with her now for other reasons.

    Ubisoft have such a great history with the amazing/feminine but strong women in their games, Id love to have been able to customise Cassandra and Aya but I think they might have dropped the ball on Eivor a bit. I have to say Id have loved her to have some boobs too, but I can live without them, Cassandra wasnt very boobilicius either. (Hope Im not offending anyone by saying that, Im female player by the way) 🙂

  • isidamn
    7 posts

    @nickucz AC's women look plain to me, that's why i picked Alexios lol.
    pre-release Eivor looked fine, remind me of Daenerys Targaryen, but final version just look plain 😕

  • Valdarious
    10 posts

    @nickucz I find that Ubi soft is spot on with the faces as I loved both Cassandra and I also find Eivor nice to look at but the body department is sorely waning. The only decent body i have seen in the game is the topless chic in the bathhouse as all others have no chest at all. Not asking for double d's but would be nice to see a high C cup from time to time.

  • Elearon
    42 posts

    @cell1e She was bitten in the neck by a wolf. Also, some women just have deep voices.

    That said, yeah, most of the women in this game look ugly as hell. Making women ugly in video games is the new trend. Perfectly okay to make the men attractive, though, no hypocrisy there.

    I do hope their next game lets us play someone more feminine. Like a female ninja who relies on dexterity instead of brute force, so she can have a more feminine design. I don't mind badass, [censored]-kicking, women but some women are feminine and they deserve some representation, too.

  • luket619
    1 posts

    @nickucz No not really. all the woman are like men not feminine at all . I got ac origins on the Black Friday sell it’s like night and day. the woman in that game look a lot better ! Which surprised me I thought Viking woman were supposed to be Beautiful because they just went pillaged and took the most Beautiful people all the Norwegian woman I’ve meet in real life are Beautiful.

  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    I dont think it was cause she was bitten in the neck by a wolf, male Eivor has a very soft pleasant voice and he was also bitten, also if the bite was deep enough to affect her vocal chords then her artery probably would have been compromised and she probably would have died.

    But yeah she's definitely one of the very rare women with deep voices as if shes smoked for 30 years.

    Im hoping the same as you that our next gal can be just a bit more feminine, like Aya maybe? 🙂

  • davidtsmith333
    67 posts

    @cell1e Yeah Cassandra was sexy as heck.

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