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  • Polyedra
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    @garbo3 ye, all or not at all.
    but like, well; this thing... i getting older too. got to 41 just the other week. I thought i was 40 xD haha.. ya, time goes and.. well, idc anymore.. i wana be alone, frankly. listen to music, dance, play games. Eivor's enough for me. she haz all i need in a woman xD stronk, beautiful, clever and witty, and also, perhaps the greatest trait of them all: she fictional. we have platonic relationship. 🙂 if woman not hit me perfect, she can be friend. i looking for friends, so. but like, the whole man/woman thing, as u get a bit older, is not all that important. Like u say: better be alone than in bad company. sadly, it very hard finding company. Best start: accept urself and love urself. I guess that y the "bad" guys always get the grill, cuz they do love themselves. very important. 🙂

  • Garbo3
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    @polyedra yes. When you reach certain age you look for something more. Is got to be the right one on no-one. At least for me.But I always been like that anyway.
    So after 14 year relationship for reasons won't explain I got single at 36. Then I left Spain and moved to England. Met my man almost 2 years ago in June when I was 43. So been single for many years ,as I said the right one or none.
    Back to topic Eivor is the kind of person I like. Strong minded, independent, intelligent ,sharp mind and with sense of humour. If I would date a person like that . Very Charismatic . I play using female version . Dont know male Eivor looks ,may check youtube to see how he looks like out of curiosity.
    Eivor is the prettiest woman in the game under my opinion. Let's see DLC.

  • Cell1e
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    Hi 😄

    I know its off topic but myself and my hubby found each other later in life as well, I wouldn't consider myself beautiful by any stretch but he loves me lumps and bumps and all and I think hes the most beautiful person in the world and love him lumps and bumps and all.

    However always being a very ordinary lass, whenever Id get the chance to customise a character Id go for the oppsite of myself, I do love customising characters and Im brunette so id always create blonds or redheads and curls because I have straight hair. In my fantasy world playing a game, I want to be something and someone 'other' to what I am in real life. I love that in games you can be whoever and whatever you wish, Im definitely not a feisty strong fighting girl but I love that in games I can BE that person. So Im really glad that in AC I can make my Eivor a little more like the heroic me I would love to be especially with the help of mods.

    I think its a little of 'to each his own' in games as in life. There is a lid for every pot be it big, small, rotund, slender, blond, redhead brunette...etc 🙂

  • beatricedias
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  • perikles2021
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    I found the women of Ubisoft games extremely ugly. I'm attracted to women and not men. But when I'm playing Ubisoft games, particularly AC series, it's so strange guys are handsome and women are in the best of cases that what can be too, handsome, not beautiful in any physical way. Just because of this fashion of not equality I decided not buy more. It's a game I want to enjoy everything Ugly or everything aesthetically nice, but not get angry with people that don't respect equality. If this is a decision of marketing or some complex that like handsome guys but afraid of beautiful women I don't know. But it is clearly obvious is not equality here for whatever reason. And I don't care if someone thinks I'm superficial all of us are. Some people just like saying they are not and then... it's so obvious it's shameful. I think it's nice to be respectful and talk the truth of things. Thankfully, there are many other companies than they don't have this issue going on, and the variety of the market is wide. There is a lot to choose from. It is clear to me next games under this company are going to be exploiting sexual masculinity and ugly women in the same game. To me is clear, and to many people became fairly obvious too.

  • Mordule
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    Why would someone title a topic about ugly women? How about all of brutish men? Why do women need to be "sexy"? Do you think Ivarr is sexy? I understand that there are graphical errors with hair and the weird neck texture and the stooped shoulders. Hmm.... They could look better. My point is WAKE THE [censored] UP!. Games like this aren't meant to satisfy your male idea of sexuality. Not all women resemble the one in your fantasy.

  • Freestepper
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    @mordule And why do you think we would want the women to be sexy? You don't think there is anything between sexy and masculine/brute? People always think like we want some anime doll characters or something. I would never want something like that. But no matter the setting, being viking warrior or whatever, a woman should always look like woman, which is not case of female Eivor. Look at Senua in Hellblade for example. Does she looks sexualized to you? Yet she looks like woman and warrior in the same time. But still woman at first sight. A woman can look like woman and even as fragile woman, but still being bad-[censored] warrior. Eivor looks like a boy.

  • perikles2021
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    Well, I think it's quite clear that when you give the choice to people they choose to look to beautiful or handsome models rather than ugly ones. For the same reason people would prefer good-looking models in their games. Ubisoft don't create beautiful women model because they won't or they are not able too. But they do it with the male models. There are some standard of beauty for most of the people. For example, nice muscles in man (because that's what female of our species like instinctively) and nice breast for female (because that's what male of our species like instinctively) to say an example. I don't think anyone said anything about brutish people before, nor a doll. You can have very big muscles and not be brutish at all. And you can also be very beautiful and not be like a doll at all. Those ideas are clearly not mine if that's where you were trying yo suggest. I just state the obvious previously about preference in beauty for both genres and some obvious contradictions in Ubisoft games about sex equality and good-looking models
    The other issue of why women need to be sexy? Why men need to be sexy? Well they don't. This issue about ugly women in Ubisoft games was probably born out of some bad intentions of some people, for whatever reasons. Handsome men everywhere and comments about handsome men in missions, but everything related with beautiful women has been like..."banned" or censored. But the opposite for men? Seriously? To me it's an issue of equality, In the game Hellblade Senua works amazingly well, in my opinion, because the game has a point to say by putting normal humans and not the standard beauty models in the game. This is not the case in Ubisoft games who clearly made a game where inequality is way beyond clear. I understand that that's where some people would like to live, but it's not going to be possible. As hard as it can be for some childish and selfish minds, like chauvinists. Just in this case it happened the other way around. Why should be male sexualized meanwhile women are not? Shouldn't we be going to equality of sex What are we playing? Are we going to be always being selfish and childish enough to offend one sex just because it suits us better, or we have a complex about other people more beautiful or handsome than us? And not only in the appearance, many of the dialogues in AC games are so focus in the power of the women in detriment of men dignity, that completely discriminates the men just because of their sex. Do we really have to be this childish toward the other sex? I'm a teacher and I've been always defending feminism, it's a very big issue. It still is in many countries. But the people themselves are always complaining about these things and at the same time supporting inequality. it's sounds weird to me to defend sexes, we should defend equality itself. Not playing ping pong with the rights and dignity of humans. Are we always going to be needing education of children because the grown-ups are always fighting only for their interests? It’s simply shameful how people want to shape their world out of their fears and not with the most primitive sense of reason and basic intelligence. The same people that defend one thing use to defend the opposite point when it suits them selfishly. I always wondered about this skill, I don't even know how this can be done. But it's the common pattern in humans.
    To me, it would be better a world in which we are not so superficial, but because that's simply not the case, due to 1. our instincts, 2. we are born more or less lucky in good-looking terms, 3 our little social intelligence of all of us today and 4. our intelligence is simply not enough to overcome these instincts, I prefer to encourage that we, (all sexes) should be treating all of us equally in terms of rights and dignity. So since today we are so superficial (just look our hypersexualized society), some staff at Ubisoft is choosing to treat humans with different dignity according to their sex. And I complaint about it. Sure, there will be people that would say things like, but if we killed so many Jews in the past why should we kill noon-Jews now. Well simply because it's both wrong and stupid. And fear and hate shouldn’t be governing our behaviours for the infinity. To all these people I would say that decency, common sense and the most basic intelligence will make a better world, but anyway it will be to no avail. Since chauvinist or hembrist people always look at their belly button due to a selfishness that has no remedy in their brain.
    But for the rest that we can change our mind. How about treating us equal? How about that? Is it so bad or weird? It is so scary because we are not the ones super handsome or super beautiful or super sexy. We are the ones asking for them, directly or indirectly. Look to what you chase every day and let’s see if honestly you can say you are not superficial. I would like to be asexual, that for sure. They are way cleverer than the rest just because they are not trapped in these superficial stupidities.

    In the particular cases of AC Oddysey and Vikings, the people that took high decisions in the developing of the game made clear that they want to see only ugly women and handsome guys around. And for these people and other similar to them will be natural come up with any excuse to treat people not equal and supporting and increasing the inequality between sexes because they are full of superficial minds like most of us, but also with full of contradictions about human rights and a sense of selfishness that always promotes the bad treatments of humans for self-interests. Literal slaves may be an issue of the past, but the minds that supported these kinds of treatments are very much alive today. Xenophobia, racism, chauvinism, hembrism, homophobia slavery, etc... they all have the same root, selfish minds. And the people that try to defend any of these shameful thoughts, little or big, are no better from one another. They are the seeds that made movements like Nazis possible. The only difference it's the context and time in which they live in, that make them more or less able to reach further with their selfish actions, born out of these selfish brains.
    When you think about it, there is no wonder why chauvinism, for example, exists. We as, humans tend to be so selfish that even when it’s clear that something is wrong we supported because it simply suits us better. Instead of being a little bit more... decent, let’s say. It's so easy to know what we don't like to be done to us, but we usually prefer to ignore this, and put excuses why being selfish in this or that occasion is right. But anyone with half brain knows very well what’s going on. Equality should be always present if we want a equal society to be growing. It's as simple as that. Still there will be people always people trying to justify that inequality is good in this case just because they always want to be the belly button of the universe. Well we are simply not. We are a society and we should try to learn to live not screwing each other lives.

    Conclusion give us a game we are all be treated equal, at least one that doesn't promote hate among  sexes. There is no such a thing like a Nazzi movement created in one day. Path like these are walked step by step. So please people of Ubisoft, since you have the ability to reach many lives with your games, don't put us walking to a path or inequality and hate. And all of these for putting ugly women and handsome men in a game? All big movements start with tiny steps. All big injustices start with tiny ones.

    Let's try to be decent and start treating each other as nice as we can. Today maybe not being superficial it may be too far to reach for our intelligence, but treating each other nicely is something other species with way less intelligence can do, so i don't think it should be that big challenge for human. It shouldn't be...

  • perikles2021
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    With all due respect, I never wanted the game to fulfill "only" my personal desires. The assumptions that you made are only that, your assumptions. I think your answer is for the person that open the thread. But in case you refer to the comments I posted too, I cannot understand any of your ideas being an answer, or make any sense, to anything related with what I wanted to share with my opinion. But thank you for your answer anyway.

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  • Freestepper
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    @perikles2021 Why over-complicating it? All i'm saying is that female character should look like a woman and not like a boy who's trying to be tough (female Eivor with the over-acted voice acting). She doesn't have to be sexy, she doesn't have to wear make-up or whatever, but she also can be lean without muscles that's making her bigger. When they make female character, then she should look like a freaking woman, it is that simple.

  • Rozzy2021
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    I don't get this argument that if you point out a female character is very obviously masculine in appearance you must want a character that looks like Lara Croft from early Tomb Raider. Female Eivor looks like a 17 year old boy who recently started juicing and it's really off-putting to some people, myself included. That voice is also cheesy, like when a woman puts on guy voice. The actress has a great voice IRL and you hear her natural voice sometimes but most of the time she sounds ridiculous. And those haircuts are just weird, like the head shaved up to the side. Where did they even get this idea that Norse women had such hair? Everything about female Eivor looks like the devs were deliberately trying to make her as masculine as possible as if a woman cannot be strong unless she ceases to be a woman and starts to morph into a man. Do better Ubisoft.

  • XBL_Laberbacke
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    @rozzy2021 No idea how far you are into the game but there's a reason for female Eivor being too masculine for your taste.

    Also, about this thread: This is a game and not, ahem, a nudie mag.

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